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What Your Ringtone Says About You

Dhanashree Patane
Ever thought your choice of ringtone could make others analyze your personality? So, every time your phone buzzes, know that it is going to reveal a lot about yourself, than just alert you. Here is an interesting compilation of what your ringtone says about you.

It's raining ringtones!

According to Consect, a market analysis firm, more than half the number of cell phone users in America, aged between 15-30 years, have downloaded a ringtone at least once.
May be your mom says you lazy, your boyfriend says you cute, your favorite color says you are cool, and your car says you are a ... umm ... slow learner. So, you see, everything in my life says something about you. And as if the madness of all these was not enough, add to this, the new interpreter of your personality-'your ringtone'.
In all these years, we think this new trend of analyzing people by their choices, like in food, color, dressing, cars, and even the kind of laugh they have, has become popular.
That's what we mean by people judging you by the ringtone. However, it is true that this trend becomes more associated to one's thoughts and values, interests, and social outlook. So, keeping aside the fun element of this trend, we could say, it adds value to your personality.

Phone Ringtones and Your Personality

What does your ringtone make you look like? Does it make you interesting, boring, or does it define you as funny or hip? We have enlisted some of the most common styles of ringtones, and what they say about a person, in the following.

♬ Default/Standard Ringtones

Too lazy? Too stingy? Not really. If you have set a normal or default ringtone on your phone, it is perhaps because you are playing it safe. You do not want your image to be interpreted. Such people are calm, slow, and too ignorant for their own good.
On the other side, they may also be highly strung; like people who do not want anyone to know about their personality. (We know it, however-introvert, maybe?)

♬ Antique Telephone Sounds

In this world of smartphones and advanced technology, it is hard to believe some people still use traditional land-line ringtones; such people are old-fashioned. They may portray an 'anti-technology' spirit! They are too lazy or too busy to welcome new and latest technology in their lives.

♬ Camouflage Ringtones

Walking toes, clapping hands, whispering, sneezing, typing, and other such (creative) sounds are known as camouflage ringtones. People using these as ringtones are considered to have a creative edge and a humorous side to their personality.

♬ Jingle Bells/'Christmas-y' Ringtones/Holiday Tones

Many people have festive tones set on their phones; this is a good move if it is indeed the festive month, and you may get your brownie points. Such people enjoy even the smallest happiness in life, and are upbeat. However, if the ringtone plays beyond the holiday season, it only defines the person to be lazy.

♬ R&B/Hip-hop

Do we have any guesses? We need not. Without a doubt, we know this person is under the age of 30! Such ringtones are chosen by people with an adrenaline rush. They are young, cool, and funky. They hate to be trapped; they love their urban coolness and the city lights! They live life on a fast track, and just the way they drive, rest assured it defines speed.

♬ Animal/Bird Sounds

Animal lover? Maybe. Seldom will you find a phone screeching with an animal voice. Even if it does, rest assured that it is going to freak out most people around you. You may have a serious love for animals. Personality-wise, you are young and loving at heart. But in rest of the cases, you want to surprise people and display your wit (read 'stupidity')!

♬ Recorded Voices

Self-obsessed; are we? Even if you have recorded your toddler's first laugh or your boyfriend's confession about love, having a recorded voice as ringtone definitely is 'not happening'. It may portray you as family-oriented. But listening to recorded voices for long time may get annoying glances from people. It also defines you as pompous and self-oriented.

♬ Silent/Vibration Mode

Playing it safe again? Yes. People who keep their phones on silent and/or on the vibration mode, may come across as safe gamers. They do not want to be judged by others.
On the flip side, such people are reliable and belong to the silent-but-strong type. They have a classical personality, and believe in enjoying the finer and intellectual things in life. (Word for the wise: You really need to loosen up a little. Try playing a beautiful melody on the phone, once in a while).

♬ Classical Ringtones

People with love for classical ringtones may come across as smart individuals, who have a taste for the finer things in life. They may be highly intelligent and elite, with higher pursuits and goals.

♬ Country/Soft Rock

Probably, all the girls out there would love to be with a man with this ringtone. People with country or soft rock music on their ringers, are perhaps soft and romantic at heart. They have the kind of attitude that says, 'I am here to make the world happy'. They are avid givers and are charitable.

♬ Customized Ringtones

So, you have taken all the efforts to customize and create a ringtone? Well, that makes you a good entrepreneur. Such people have a unique persona, and are willing to take on new challenges in life.

♬ TV Shows Themes

What are you? A 12-year-old kid? Yes. That is the kind of look most people playing a telly show ringtone get. It shows they are immature. They may also come across as insensitive and clumsy.

♬ Jazz

People who love jazz ringtones may come across as explorers. They have a high spirit, and are eager to know more, but are low on patience. They have a strong willpower, and are confident and independent in their approach towards life.

♬ Movie Clip Ringtones

People with a ringtone that talks about movies is very rare, and they may get confusing looks from people around, however, they are most well-liked by others. Most of them are romantics, and are said to have good leadership skills.

♬ Obscene Ringtones

People with ringtones that contain bad words or obscene remarks, clearly need help. They are anti-social beings, perhaps, with no respect and mannerisms of any sort.
At the end of it all, know that nothing can define you truly, and your personality and traits are not dependent on the ringtone you choose, or the food you eat. So, do not let such trends prompt you to judge a person. Go by your instincts, they never misguide.