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What Your Movie Preference Says About You

Meghna Wani
You like sci-fi movies more than horror, while your friend is more fond of superhero movies! Why do we have preferences? And what do these movie preferences reveal about us?
An everlasting quote from the movie 'The Usual Suspects'
The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.
Movies - a window to escape into the unseen, unheard, and 'unexperienced' wonders. There are different types of movies, some of them become legends, and then there are the rest, that just come and go.
Different people like different movies! Why? What is that particular thing about movies that makes you associate with them? The answer is pretty simple. You tend to like the movies you like, because they show you the things that you want to do or achieve in life. They reflect you and your own perspective towards life.
In many instances, it happens that people's choice for movies changes according to their situations in real life. If a person is nursing a broken heart, then he/she may want to watch movies like The Notebook or P.S. I Love You, and not 21 Jump Street.
Of course, there will be various other reasons too for liking a movie. For example, you might like a particular actor, and so, you love watching his/her movies. Most of us also have a preference for a particular genre.

Movie Preference and You

If You Like

Amour, Much Ado About Nothing, Flipped, Café de Flore, The Vow, Love Loves Coincidences, Safe Haven, Remember Me, Like Crazy, One Day, The First Time, Hope Springs, Delicacy, Waiting for Forever.

You Are: Romantic and Dreamy

You long for peace, serenity, happiness, a nice home, and a true lover, while being one yourself. Be it picnics by the rivulet, strolling on a beach at sunset, or sitting through a back-to-back movie marathon, you've been there, done that.
You are sentimental, imaginative, and often like to see the world through your own rose-tinted glasses. These are signs of a die-hard romantic individual!

If You Like

Dumb & Dumber, American Pie, My Boss's Daughter, Bruce Almighty, Talkin' Dirty After Dark, Grown Ups, The To Do List, We're the Millers, InAPPropriate Comedy, She's the Man.

You Are: Chirpy and Happy-go-lucky

You seem to reject negativity, embrace positivity and smiles all the time. You are perennially perky, and are bubbling over with breathless enthusiasm. It's not that the heaviness of life doesn't weigh you down, it's just that you don't want to see the darkness and light a candle, and that candle is your incessant smile!

If You Like

Maximus Decimus Meridius from Gladiator, Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Ellis Boyd 'Red' Redding from The Shawshank Redemption, Captain America: The First Avenger, and the Superhero movies that are dedicated to protect the public.

You Are: Loyal and Dedicated

You idolize all the dressed-up crime fighters and the masked paladins. You are a deep-rooted loyal individual. Period. Be it devotion to a person, group, country, or religion, you are rock-solid. Joining the armed forces is your dream. And if you are not in the military, you still love being a loyal and dedicated employee of whichever vocation you belong to.

If You Like

Citizen Kane, Jerry Maguire, The Godfather I and II, It's a Wonderful Life, Network, The Insider, Wall Street, Modern Times, The Devil Wears Prada, One, Two, Three.

You Are: Ambitious and Career-driven

You are the one who is going to stand up for what you believe in, no matter what the cost. You also believe in being a team player. You always keep your ego aside for the goodwill of others. You are able to take up any task and complete it, and are an optimistic. Try to utilize your life well, earn a few bucks, and spend them wisely.

If You Like

The Princess Diaries, Grease, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Ballroom, Miss Congeniality, Mean Girls, Revenge of the Nerds, Real Genius, WarGames, American Splendor, X-Men.

You Are: A Geek or a Nerd

If you are frumpy, with glasses as big as a magnifying glass, and poor or no makeup sense - you are tagged as a geek. And a nerd is someone who is studious, intelligent, and an expert of a subject. Both of them are thought to be clumsy.
But in reality, they are not. They are just cast aside by our cursory society, who like made-up people in sly boots. We would say, just be confident and ask the world to bring it on.

If You Like

Pacific Rim, Avatar, The Purge, After Earth, Europa Report, Prometheus, Dredd, Chronicle, Beyond the Black Rainbow, Iron Sky, Total Recall.

You Are: Sci-fion and a Techie

You like to see into the future. You like to see the extremes. Like flying cars, warping space, and all the hunks of metal in the galaxy. You like the way in which the natives of the moon 'Pandora' connect to each other with long sweeping tails. Exotic lifeforms and highly-colored neon plants that can only exist in these films, are your fantasy.

If You Like

Sinister, The Cabin in the Woods, Dark Shadows, Silent Hill: Revelation, Resident Evil: Retribution, The Woman in Black, The Pact, The Divide, The Possession, House at the End of the Street.

You Are: Fearless and Gutsy

You love being scared out of your wits, and are fascinated by the spooks. You like adventure, but in television screens. An abandoned house, sudden whiff of air, ghostly hands coming out of nowhere, drop-dead silence, and all this ending in the person getting possessed and climbing the walls on all 4 limbs... eerie? But a perfect idea of relaxation for you..

If You Like

Clash of the Titans, The Last Airbender, Gulliver's Travels, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, The Adventures of Tintin, Sanctum, Oz the Great and Powerful, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

You Are: An Adventurer and Explorer

You have a burning desire to span the world. You like to undertake anything that has a hazardous stint to it, and like to explore the unusual. You are not afraid of renting a boat and ferrying down to the Bermuda Triangle, just to realize that midway, you are caught by some tiny people. That's what you want out of life. Excitement!

If You Like

Sherlock Holmes, Bad Boys, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The X-Files: I Want to Believe, Minority Report, Seven, Gone Baby Gone, Rear Window, Bladerunner, Heat, The Silence of the Lambs.

You Are: Curious and Analytical

You like to scour places far and dark, looking out for answers. You like to find out what lies beneath the surface, are inquisitive, and won't easily believe a person on face value. You won't stop questioning, and always looking to use new ideas. Your life is not dull and boring, but a never-ending adventure where you keep discovering new possibilities.

If You Like

Lincoln, The Candidate, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Contender, The Man, Wag the Dog, Nixon, The Best Man, The War Room, Meet John Doe, Dave, Charlie Wilson's War.

You Are: Politics Admirer

You are a kind of person who likes those fish that swim against a current. You rejoice in watching movies that show the rise and fall of politicians, or a senate with no hope of actually winning the elections. You are hungry for power, and want to bring about a change in the institution.

If You Like

The King's Speech, The Social Network, A Prophet, The Artist, Up in the Air, Zero Dark Thirty, The Secret in Their Eyes, The Fighter, A Serious Man, Of Gods and Men, Melancholia.

You Are: Off-beat and a Critic Lover

You like drama... be it of any kind. You like to see reality, and like to think and see beyond the obvious. Be it the hunt for the Al Qaeda leader who was hunted down after a decade of searching, or the collision of the Earth with another planet; you want to know all that is off-beat.

If You Like

The Ten Commandments, Stigmata, Dogma, Water, The Passion of the Christ, The Last Temptation of Christ, The Da Vinci Code, Priest, Life of Brian, Little Buddha, The Life and Death of Jesus Christ.

You Are: Devoted and Religious

You are one who tries to search for something religious even in films. You are careful about your deeds, and obey all the rules. You accept traditional beliefs, and show respect to God. You are not a rebel in any form, but are easy to approach and docile.

If You Like

A Beautiful Mind, This Boy's Life, Kramer vs. Kramer, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Accidental Tourist, When a Man Loves a Woman, Leap of Faith.

You Are: A Healer

You love offering new perspectives to people without any selfish intentions. You like breathing new life into people's lives who are on the verge of a breakdown, coping with addictions, trying to forget the remnants of an abusive childhood, or wrestling a dysfunctional relationship. A real-life 'word-therapist' is what we can call you.

If You Like

Cast Away, Life of Pi, 127 Hours, Buried, The Way Back, Into the Wild, Rescue Dawn, Touching the Void, Quest for Fire, Rabbit-Proof Fence and Open Water.

You Are: A Survivor

You are someone who is ready to do anything to survive, be it enduring tremendous amount of pain or displaying exorbitant amount of patience to survive on an isolated beach for 4 years talking to a volleyball.
Now that you've deciphered what your movie preference says about you, it's time for you to catch a DVD of your favorite movie and sit back with a bucket of popcorn. Perfect weekend!