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What Will ‘Shrek 5’ Be About?

With a new film and new writer, DreamWorks promised to reinvent the characters and storyline for “Shrek 5.”
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What can we expect from the 5th installment of “Shrek”?

The world has been waiting anxiously for the latest installment of “Shrek.” Despite the interest, DreamWorks has been very coy about sharing much information on the newest film. So what’s going on, and what can we expect from "Shrek 5" when it eventually comes out?

Here’s what we know so far.

The 2001 story of a misanthropic ogre who learns to love in the midst of sacrifice was popular with critics and regular viewers. Shrek was an unlikely hero, but a welcome one.

The success of the original film spawned three more, theme park rides, two television specials, a Broadway musical, and a spin-off. There are also eight short films in the franchise.

Dreamworks found itself in hot water

Many critics believe that the financial success of the first film inspired the franchise to do too much too quickly. Later films never hit the high of the first and destroyed DreamWorks’ previously untarnished reputation for animated excellence. It was difficult to imagine that DreamWorks could ever continue with Shrek.

“Shrek” had a five-chapter plan from the beginning

The final chapter aimed to be a prequel detailing how Shrek came to live in his swamp.

Chris Meledandri, the producer of “Despicable Me” and “Minions,” is onboard to oversee “Shrek 5.”

Michael McCullers, with writing credits on the “Austin Powers” movies, has finished the script and development has started.

What about Donkey?

Some suggest that Shrek and Donkey might not be the stars in the newest chapter, while others have gone as far as to suggest we might see the death of a major character.

What we do know is that the original cast, including Mike Meyers, Eddie Murphy, Antonio Banderas, and Cameron Diaz, were called back to provide their voice talent for the new film.

We’re still hopeful

Later films started exploring Shrek’s children, and it would be interesting to see them grow up. Since Shrek fans have grown up, adding adult themes might be a real plot winner.

We would also love to see powerful women in the Shrek world. Maybe a story that further emphasizes Fiona as a masterful defender of the weak rather than a maiden who needs rescuing.

“Shrek 5” is DreamWorks’ final chance to revive the series

The original Shrek has had a lasting influence on pop culture. "Shrek 5" is DreamWorks’ last chance to revive the series and recapture the magic. Doing so will take originality and a sense of humor.

One thing is for sure: people are going to go see this film. Whether it will charm or bomb is a mystery as uncertain as the plot.