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20 Weird Things You Wouldn't Believe Were Actually Auctioned

Buzzle Staff
You may have heard of cars, houses, and jewelry being auctioned, of course, but in recent times, people have gone one step further to prove that anything and everything can be auctioned. This story enlists 20 weird things you wouldn't believe were actually auctioned.
Incredibly Weird!
A group of four Australian men actually auctioned themselves off on eBay to spend a memorable weekend with them, with the promise of snacks, drinks, and the works. Believe it or not, the ending bid was AUD 1,300!
Traditionally, an auction is a kind of trading activity, where goods are purchased and sold. Unlike a traditional sale though, the goods here are sold by offering them up for a bid. The initial amount is disclosed, higher bids are taken, and the item is sold to the highest bidder.
The concept is several centuries old, and is quite commonly used in situations wherein debtors cannot repay the borrowed amount, due to which their property is confiscated and auctioned.
In recent years, the process of auction seems to have become a lame fascination, with people putting up strange items to be auctioned off. Surprisingly, some of these items have actually been bought by prospective bidders! Well, looks like there certainly are plenty of weirdos out there. Here, are some of the weirdest things that were auctioned.

Weird Celebrity Auction Items

Abraham Lincoln's Hair

Post Abraham Lincoln's assassination, on April 14, 1865, a few locks of his hair had been removed and a lock of the hair was sold at an auction in January 2015, for more than USD 25,000.

JD Salinger's Toilet

An unwashed flush toilet (commode) of author JD Salinger was put up for auction on eBay, around August 2010. The bidding started at USD 1 million!

Queen Elizabeth's Royal Wedding Cake

Unbelievably, a slice of fruitcake from the Royal Wedding of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, Philip Mountbatten, in the year 1947, was sold at OFC Auctions in July 2013. The initial bid was GBP 560, and it was consequently raised up to GBP 1,917!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Breath

Yes, you read it right. A jar of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's exhaled breath was apparently auctioned for USD 340 in August 2010. Whatever next?

Elvis Presley's Stained Underwear

A stained underwear of 'the King of Rock and Roll', Elvis Presley, was actually put up for auction at USD 8,000 in September 2012, though it reportedly failed to sell. Talk about hygiene!

Britney Spears's Hair and Chewing Gum

Renowned singer Britney Spears shaved off her head, after which her hair was put up for auction on eBay in February 2007, reportedly for more than a million dollars. Weird, still believable, to an extent. As if that was not all, the chewing gum that the pop singer chewed and spat was apparently auctioned in May 2004 for an unbelievable USD 14,000!

Winston Churchill's Denture

Winston Churchill's gold-plated dentures were auctioned for a cool GBP 15,200 in July 2010, at Norfolk, by a British citizen in Gloucestershire.

Justin Timberlake's Toast

Whoever heard of this? A fan actually purchased Justin Timberlake's half-eaten French toast around October 2010 for a astonishing USD 3,000.

Jennifer Lawrence's Sports Bra

Jennifer Lawrence's sports bra from the movie Silver Linings Playbook was auctioned in March 2013 at USD 3,400.

Justin Bieber's Locks

Another celebrity, like Britney Spears, who had his smooth locks auctioned in March 2011 for more than USD 40,000!

Scarlett Johannson's Tissue

This definitely has to be in the list of bizarre auctions. Scarlett Johannson blew her nose on a tissue on 'The Tonight Show', and the soiled tissue was actually put up for auction in December 2008 for more than USD 5,000.

Michael Jackson's Underwear

We've got another hygiene issue here. Though Elvis Presley's underwear got no bidders, Michael Jackson certainly got lucky. The pop star's soiled underwear was sold in September 2008 at an incredible ... wait ... hold on to your seats ... USD 1 million!!

Albert Einstein's Letter

The famous scientist had apparently penned down a letter, wherein he challenged the idea of God. The letter was auctioned in October 2012 at a starting bid of USD 3 million.

Other Weird Things That Were Auctioned

New Zealand

This is truly bizarre. An Australian citizen actually tried to auction the country of New Zealand in May 2006!! Shockingly, the auction earned bids and reached around AUD 3,000, when eBay terminated the same on the grounds of policy infringement.

The Violin That Played When the Titanic Sank

The legendary movie 'Titanic' had a violinist play soothing tones on his violin to calm the passengers of the unfortunate ship. Believe it or not, this incident had actually taken place on the original, ill-fated vessel, and the violin had been auctioned in Britain, in October 2013, for around GBP 900,000!

A Black Watermelon

A black jumbo 'Densuke' watermelon, weighing 17 pounds, feasible to be grown only on the island of Hokkaido, Japan, was auctioned at an incredible USD 6,100, in June 2013!!

Skeleton With a Tuxedo

The skeleton of a man wearing a tuxedo was auctioned for USD 950, along with another female skeleton carrying the Bible, in Pennsylvania, in September 2012. Creepy has a new meaning.

Serial Killer's Finger Nails

In 1979, Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris murdered at least five people while roaming along the coast of South California. Shockingly, Roy Norris's fingernails have been auctioned in May 2013 on eBay for a mere USD 10. They were taped behind a Christmas card, along with an autographed note from Roy Norris, and a black-inked print of his thumb.

Illinois Cornflake

Yes, you read it right. In March 2008, a cornflake whose shaped resembled the State of Illinois was actually auctioned at USD 1,350.

Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A 10-year old grilled cheese sandwich reportedly had an impression of Virgin Mary on it. The sandwich was auctioned in November 2004 at an impressive USD 28,000 by an online casino.
There is virtually no end to the strange and bizarre stuff people try to auction off. While auctioning for and collecting antiques can be considered a fascination, whatever do people find in buying hair and teeth and personal garments, for many thousands of dollars?
One can only lament at the fact that hard-earned money is being spent in bidding for unnecessary items, while there are so many worthy organizations that need help. That said, nobody will really be able to stop such items from getting auctioned, right?