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Underrated Horror Movies

Ratnashri Dutta
Horror is a particularly populous genre in the history of film-making, and some gems of the genre have been forgotten, even though they were of a comparable, sometimes even better, quality than movies considered classics of the genre. Here is a list of just such forgotten gems...
You must have undoubtedly heard of The Exorcist, Paranormal Activity, The Omen, etc., and I am sure some of you must have watched these movies several times. But have you seen movies like "Alice, Sweet Alice", "Nomads", or "Fallen"? If yes, superb, you probably don't need my help in pointing out these movies at all. If not, make it a point of watching them. These are the sort of movies that, despite their quality content, never really managed to generate favorable public perception.

Movies that Need their Deserved Credit

The list given are the horror movies that did not create much hype, but are definitely worth watching.


One of the best of these movies is 'May'. This is the story of a sad and lonely girl of the titular name, who desperately searches for a friend that will love her and care about her, regardless of how weird she is. Later in her life she does meet a man, Adam, and she falls in love with him because of his hand. But, she was never destined to find love or friendship.


Imagine what it would be like if all the things that you drew on a piece of paper start coming to life in your dreams? This is what happened with 11-years-old Anna. When she finds this out, she tries to make good use of it to help a disabled boy, who is just her imagination. But instead of helping, things only start getting out of hand.

The Strangers

Another underrated movie is 'The Strangers'. What was supposed to be a beautiful romantic night turns into the couple's worst nightmare when their house is visited by a group of lunatics who terrorize them, and make their life hell.

The Mist

After a violent thunderstorm, a strange mist engulfs the entire town, and people trapped in the mist are killed mysteriously. A father and his son are trapped, and must find a way out. They not only have to get out from the deadly mist, but also have to save themselves from being used as human sacrifices.


Here's another good scary movie to watch. This a remake of the Spanish horror film REC with slight changes here and there. It all starts with the bite of a dog, which spreads a virus in human blood, turning them into blood-thirty savages.
Here are some more horror gems that, for some reason or the other, failed to impress the audience.
  • Event Horizon
  • In Dreams
  • Pet Cemetery
  • Wrong Turn 2: Dead End
  • Otis
  • Carriers
  • The Signal

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  • Night of the Creeps
  • Trick 'r Treat
  • Silent Hill
  • The Asphyx
  • Night of the Creeps
  • Nomads
  • Alice, Sweet Alice
  • In the Mouth of Madness
  • In Dreams
  • Candyman