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Top 10 Most Popular Bald Actors of All Time

Sai Kardile
They might be follically challenged, but their very presence can pose a big challenge to others on screen. Their glabrous, shiny skulls are gush worthy and just sexy. Here's a list of top 10 most popular bald actors of all time.

Did You Know?

Actresses like Demi Moore, Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett have hacked their tresses off for their characters in movies.
Being fuzz-less, today, spells style and confidence. A head with tuft doesn't necessitate a man's sex appeal. There are men who deem their hair as some cardinal virtue of manliness and would move heaven and earth to save its elimination from their skulls.
But, there are welcome aberrants, who welcomed hair loss with open arms as a natural phenomenon and let nature run its course. So while some faint-hearted whine about losing their hair, there are some who are cashing on it, quite elegantly and unabashedly.
We present to you the top 10 sexiest bald Hollywood stars who dazzle us with their smooth and shiny heads.

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis might not be that follically endowed, but that has never hinted that he is past his prime. He is one prolific stallion who has been sporting the mane-less look even before 'going bald' was thought hot.
His swashbuckling action sequences and perfectly timed witty jibes, make him one hot bare head. Bruce Willis in movies like Die Hard 4 & 5, The Expendables 2, Unbreakable, 12 Monkeys, etc., shows how bald is bold and beautiful.

Samuel Jackson

He has donned over a dozen wigs for his character portrayals. Be it dreadlocks for Caveman's Valentine  to cornrows in Formula 51  to his iconic Jheri curl hairdo in Pulp Fiction, his head has been adorned by every possible hairstyle invented by humankind. 
But, what remains special about this unusual actor is the fact that he loves his bare head and Snakes on a Plane, Unthinkable, Lakeview Terrace, Iron Man 1 & 2, etc., are ample testament to it.

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel's head boasts of no shiny tresses but muscles! He's tough, he's hot, and he's bald. A man with a drool worthy body coupled with a sexy, bald head, Vin Diesel bid adieu to his hair at a young age. 
Having starred in action movies like Chronicles of Riddick, The Pacifier, XXX, The Fast and The Furious series, etc., this shiny skull formally specializes in knocking skulls and swooning girls.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

You can't imagine 'The Rock' with his head full of hair! Though he shaved off lock, stock, and, barrel only a few years ago, baldness and Dwayne Johnson go pretty well with each other.
Known for performing high octane action both in and out of the ring, this football player-turned-wrestler-turned-actor, has graced movies like Snitch, G.I Joe, Fast and Furious 5 & 6, Pain and Gain, Empire State, etc., with his bald head.

Ben Kingsley

If there's someone who can pull characters of both Jekyll and Hyde in nature, it's unquestionably, Ben Kingsley. From playing the benevolent Mahatma Gandhi in Gandhi  to a menacing sociopath in Sexy Beast, Sir Ben shines seamlessly, and so does his bald head. 
One genius of an actor, Sir Ben is a man with all the gravitas you might expect of a versatile actor. His shaved head look in movies like Death and the Maiden, Elegy, You Kill Me, Prince of Persia, House of Sand and Fog, etc., is impressive and commanding.

Patrick Stewart

One of the most likable bald figures in the movie business, Patrick Stewart went prematurely bald in his late teens. But baldness never not got into the way of his popularity, on the contrary, it made him more noticeable.
Thanks to his royal semblance, sonorous voice, and, bald head, of course, Patrick Stewart has entertained us with the Star Trek series and X-Men series.

Jason Statham

Our transporter guy, Jason Statham has one hell of a strong, masculine constitution and that quasi bald head is cherry on the top. Fearless and hairless, this smokin' hot English actor's head is more of a sophisticated version of fuzz on peach, with little more fuzz, of course. 
With that plum-in-the-mouth accent, rugged looks and unrestrained daredevilry, Jason is 'the bald badass' and has cranked up the heat with movies like The Italian Job, Crank, Death Race, The Expendables, Parker, Redemption, Killer Elite, etc.

LL Cool J

Ladies Love Cool James, he's got that in his name! He may not be hirsute but he's a hot rapper, singer, and actor. His smooth and shiny top radiates bright in movies like Halloween H20, Deep Blue Sea, Last Holiday, etc.

Billy Zane

The blissfully bald Billy Zane is our next hot pick. His attenuated hairline was never a cause of worry for him. He is quite comfortable with his barren scalp and his well-defined facial features only augment to his bald beauty. He totally rocks the hairless look in movies like Magic Man, Landspeed, Blood of Redemption, etc.

Stanley Tucci

Making a bald statement with a sexy smile is Stanley Tucci. Stanley taught us one thing- you don't need a mop of hair to look stylish. There's a certain debonair charm about this bald headed actor that makes him a likable figure among the ladies. He stuns us with his performance and good looking head alike in movies like The Fifth Estate, Transformers, Burlesque, Gambit, etc.
What is really inspiring is that despite living overtly scrutinized lives, these hot men from Hollywood have never shied away from accepting their baldness. 
They give strong message 'to be comfortable in one's own skin' to all those who are spending prodigally on hair treatments or transplants.