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Top 10 Feel Good Movies

Rohini Mohan
We all enjoy watching movies, but there are some that we don't mind watching a couple of times more. Here are the best top 10 feel good movies.
So often it happens, that we just want to watch a movie which doesn't require us to get bogged down with emotions. Movies that make us laugh and cry just because they are so well-made and hilarious!
For a fact, when you get back home from a tough day at office or school, all you want to do is to relax and enjoy a few laughs. It gets better when you can watch good movies with your pals either in a theater or at home. The following are the top movies according to me. I have watched them, god knows how many times over, and still they never fail to make me feel happy.
Of course this list is too short, there are other movies such as Sister Act, Beverly Hills Cop, Ninja Kid, Dr. Dolittle, Ice age, Finding Nemo, Madagascar....the list is never ending. Nonetheless, do check the list out.

#1 - Wizard of Oz

Noted as the most-watched movie ever to be made, the Wizard of Oz has remained a splendid classic of never-ending imagination. Based on the novel by L. Frank Baum's 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz', this story has entertained children and adults alike. The song "Over the Rainbow" being one of its soundtracks, is yet another timeless masterpiece.

#2 - Gods Must be Crazy

Made in 1980, this movie was set in Botswana and South Africa. It is a story of an African bushmen's tribal family and how one man tries his best to get rid of a Coco-Cola bottle for the entire tribe, as they deem it to be evil.
Initially, when they see the bottle they believe it to be a gift from god, but soon the other members of the family begin to get possessive and fights occur over the sacred object. This hilarious story also has a romantic twist between a scientist and school teacher. This movie is a classic and is a must-see for all age groups.

#3 - Forest Gump

Based on the novel 'Forest Gump' by Winston Groom, this is a comedy drama that has its hilarious as well as some really heart-rendering moments. It's about this man called 'Forest' who is played by actor Tom Hanks. Forest happens to be a not so smart man, in common man's terms.
In spite what others may think about him, Forest is exceptionally bright in his own unconventional ways. He goes on to fight in the Vietnam war where he saves many lives. For the bravery displayed under fire, he is honored by the President of the United States himself.
This story cannot be justified in words and has to be seen in order for the viewer to truly appreciate the characters as well as the storyline.

#4 - Mrs. Doubtfire

An epic comedy of the 20th century played by the great Robbie Williams. The story revolves around Daniel the husband, who is having marital problems with his wife Miranda, who somehow dislikes Daniel's childish sense of humor.
They get separated and Daniel finds out that Miranda has met someone else. Daniel enacts an alter ego by dressing up as an old nanny (Mrs. Doubtfire), and takes up the job of babysitting his 3 kids, who now stay with their mother. It's an absolutely mind-boggling comic role.
This movie has won acclaim in every possible arena of cinematic excellence. It won the Academy Award for Best Makeup as well.

#5 - Home Alone

This movie had 4 parts with the actor Macaulay Culkin playing the role in the first 3 parts. Kevin is an 8 year old boy who feels ignored by his rather unusual and busy family. The entire collection of 'Home Alone' series was a humongous hit worldwide. The story revolves around a huge family that has many adult members and children.
 They are an average well-to-do upper-middle-class family. The family plans a vacation and in the process of packing, they forget Kevin at home and realize this tiny fact when they are all aboard on a plane to Paris.
He takes this opportunity to have as much fun as possible but soon realizes that there are thieves on the prowl. He makes dramatic efforts to keep the thieves away by making his own contraptions.
Ironically, his contraptions cause severe damage to the two thieves and thus the plot goes on. Until of course they get caught by the cops. Home Alone is one of my favorite movies ever!

#6 - One Fine Day

One Fine Day is a feel-good movie and the story is about how two individuals fall in love. They both are divorced and have two kids of their own. The couples are played by George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer. The kids get along well and they can sense a chemistry between their parents. This story is really sweet and makes you laugh at the funny instances.

#7 - Notting Hill

Probably one of the romantic masterworks of modern times. This story is about how a famous American actress played by Julia Roberts, falls in love with an English bookstore owner, played by Hugh Grant. There is also an eccentric and funny roommate who lives with Hugh Grant.
The world get news of this brewing romance and that comes as a shock to the lovers. His family urges him to go to US in order to get her back. It is a very romantic as well as a hilarious movie and is a must-see.

#8 - You've Got Mail

This story will melt even the stone-hearted. The movie is based on a bookstore owner played by Meg Ryan whose business has come under threat because of a bigger and swankier bookstore, which is owned by Tom Hanks.
There is a mutual dislike between the two, until the guy finds out that the girl he has fallen in love with online, is the same girl who owns the store! He does not disclose his real identity until the very end. You'll have to see the movie to know how wonderfully well-made it actually is.

#9 - 50 First Dates

This is one of Adam Sandler's (Henry Roth) best movies. The girl (Lucy Whitmore) is played by Drew Barrymore, who suffers from Goldfield Syndrome, wherein she does not remember the previous day and has been stuck on the day when she met with an accident. That day was her father's birthday and she does not remember anything else.
The story revolves around how the guy takes the girl out for 50 dates and each time he has to start all over again. This movie is really funny and has a very sweet and considerate romantic twist to it.

#10 - The Harry Potter Series

The world has never seen another like of this. The story takes you to a magical world based in England, where witches and wizards live. The story revolves around an 11 year old boy Harry Potter, who realizes that he is not weird and is in fact a wizard.
His parents were members of the Order of the Phoenix or Dumbledore's Army and they were brutally murdered by Voldemort, the dark lord of their world. Harry realizes that he needs to destroy the dark lord in order to save his world from evil.
This movie has been adapted from 7 books and 8 movies, since the last book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has a second part to it.
These were the top ten movies that always made me feel great, but the list doesn't give justice to how good these movies truly are as well as the several other feel good movies out there in the world of cinema.