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Top 10 Disney Heroes of All Time

Vinay Dev
Over the decades, Disney has given us numerous characters whom we have loved watching again and again. This story lists the most impressive heroes Disney movies have portrayed over time.
Did You Know?
Beauty and the Beast has been frequently named as the greatest animated movie of all time.

Disney is famous for giving us many memorable movies. We remember them having enjoyed them since our childhood. The earlier movies were all based on old fairy tales. This changed over time, as all the material ran out and they had to create their own stories with new characters.
This changed over time, as all the material ran out and they had to create their own stories with new characters. They have been successful with this, and as such, have given us a whole lot of heroes and villains to remember and adore.
Walt Disney was very particular with what was being portrayed, as he knew that these movies will leave an impression on young minds. Thus, most of the earlier heroes were ideal heroes. However, as times changed, the heroes started getting grayer, even though Disney's gray is still pretty white.
But it was fresh to see the depth given to such characters. They were not out-and-out heroes, and this was what made them identifiable. Some of the very worthy heroes are mentioned in the following.

Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph

What do you say about a guy who is programmed to do bad, but wants to be good in life? The movie played with the theme of seizing your destiny and doing some good, because you are in charge.
Ralph does that, and more. He is completely hilarious, and you can feel his frustration and empathize with him. He is sick of being called the bad guy all the time, and even fed up because he is treated like one.
Why is he a top 10 hero?
Because he uses his hammerhands to do good; to literally mend a broken child's heart. He also gave up his medal for the little girl's happiness. Full marks, Ralph!


No one trumps Wall.E. No one. Some of his source code has mutated into feelings, wishful thinking for companionship, and an obsessive collection of human artifacts, which he finds interesting.
He then embarks on an interstellar adventure with his robotic love EVE. He saves mankind, and also the little plant that is an evidence that life is again sustainable on Earth.
Why is he a top 10 hero?
He sings, dances, and does those weird things with his eyes. He romances, and saves a plant from technology, far outstripping his. He sacrifices himself to save people without any qualms whatsoever.
Oh yeah, he also space-dances with his girlfriend in space, using a fire extinguisher.
Wall.E - Romantic. Environmentalist. Rescuer of humanity. Space-robot. Waste compactor.

Bob Parr from The Incredibles

Bob Parr is the classic super guy―loves his abilities, the fame that comes out of catching the bad guys, the feeling of being important, and of doing good in society. He is exiled to a dreadfully banal suburban life, because the normal people are insecure about the supers.
He sometimes moonlights as a vigilante to get the feeling of doing good. He screws up when he is led into a trap by his nemesis, and gets out only with the help of his family.
Why is he a top 10 hero?
Seriously? Why not Woody or even Buzz? Why Bob Parr?!
Because he is the superhero with flaws. And probably the most identifiable ones. He lies to his wife, and dreams about glamor and heroism, something that everyone wishes for. He does get back to the ground though, but not before learning a valuable lesson and doing good.

Marlin from Finding Nemo

Every parent screws up at least one time while bringing up their children, and so did Marlin. But he endeavors to put things right, as he tries to find his son by crossing the most treacherous of waters and meeting the most lethal of sea creatures. He learns a lot from the journey, and by the time he finds Nemo, he is a changed man.
Why is he a top 10 hero?
Marlin is a good father in the end. He gives up the safety and security of the reef to go look for his son in treacherous waters. He meets new people and learns new things about parenting and the world itself. He learns to care for his son more, and despite his small size, he endeavors to protect his son, against all odds.

Sulley from Monsters, Inc.

Sulley is a reluctant overachiever who is immensely successful in what he does. He scares people for a living, and generates a lot of power for his universe. But he does have a soft side, that is revealed when he befriends a human toddler, who he names Boo. Sulley also returns Boo to her home, fighting a lot of evil on the way.
Why is he a top 10 hero?
Because he figured out that laughs are 10 times more efficient than screams―even in a monster world―and solves the energy crisis. Also, for taking care of the adorable toddler, who comes to dote on the successful monster. And, for being a good friend and busting all the cynicism Mike holds about humans.


The proverbial perennial underdog who is looked down upon by everyone on the streets of Arabia. He steals food to sustain himself, and gives up his portion to other hungry children. He is ambitious and dreams of becoming a prince. A reminder that he is not living in a democracy, but a monarchy where the dream is pretty kaput before even the launch.
He does find a genie and does get the princess in the end.

Why is he a top 10 hero?
Because he believes in himself and is a nice guy, even if he steals. He never intends any harm to anyone. He even frees the genie, using up his last wish!

Beast from The Beauty and the Beast

The beast is cursed to live as a hideous monster isolated in his castle because of a show of arrogance. He becomes bitter and cruel. This is changed when Belle visits him and melts his heart. He learns to become human again. He learns to love, to forgive, and also fight for the person he loves.
Why is he a top 10 hero?
Objectively looking, the Beast is a kind of a douchebag at the start, but like everyone who has been through really bad situations, he is that person because of circumstances. He chooses to be a good man and becomes that in the end. The evil he fights is not the angry villagers, but inside him.

Russell from Up

The overenthusiastic wilderness explorer had to be included in this list. His penchant for accumulating badges to become the ultimate wilderness explorer is very adorable. As a kid, he does not look beyond the task, but when he does see the big picture with Mr. Fredricksen, he turns out to be quite the resourceful hero.
Why is he a top 10 hero?
Why not Mr. Frederiksen?
Because Mr, Fredricksen may be the conventional hero, and he is quite old. In old age, he starts to give up on life's ambitions in the sorrow of his loss of love. Russell provides this love and enthusiasm which had been missing from Fredricksen's life. Sometimes, the hero can just provide and be heroic.


With a story similar to the Beast's, Quasimodo is a deformed man with a bizarre appearance. He is told by his guardian that he will never be accepted in society and will always be an outcast.
He believes that bullshit, but after falling for a beautiful gypsy girl named Esmeralda, he changes his opinion. He saves her from a life-threatening danger, and bears no grudge against anyone in the end.
Why is he a top 10 hero?
Because he, with WALL.E is the most deserving. At least WALL.E gets the girl in the end. Quasimodo saves the girl from getting killed, and not just that, he loves Esmeralda. But when he realizes that Esmeralda is in love with Phoebus, he lets her go. True hero.

Bagheera and Baloo

Bagheera is the panther who swears to protect Mowgli with Baloo. I want to put them both together because they are as good as one and play an important part in bringing up Mowgli. Bagheera is the protective shrewd and smart father, while Baloo is the fun and enjoyable father to Mowgli.
Why is he a top 10 hero?
Because they took in a human child and brought him up as their own. They cared for him and doted on him. They also protected him from Shere Khan. In the end, they decide what is right, and let Mowgli reunite with the humans. A very touching gesture indeed.
This list of the 10 best Disney heroes of all time is in no particular order. If you are a big fan of any other Disney character, feel free to create AMP Stories on the same.