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Top 10 Chinese Martial Arts Movies

Pragya T
One of the best action sequences can be seen in the martial arts movies. Here is the list of top Chinese martial arts movies, which you got to see.
There are many classic martial arts movies, where we get to see ancient China and the old kung fu styles of that time. There are also some very funny Jackie Chan movies where you can see gun and kung fu action. Martial arts movies have greatly contributed to action genre, and when it comes to pure action they are the best.

10 Best Chinese Martial Arts Movies

The Chinese Connection (1972): This film stars Bruce Lee and is also known as Fist of Fury. In this movie Chen Zhen (Bruce Lee) returns to China, learns about the death of his teacher and ongoing continual racial harassment by the Japanese population. Chen confronts the situation with his mastery in martial arts, while investigating about his teacher's murder.
Enter the Dragon (1973): This movie starring Bruce Lee is a true classic movie when it comes to action, but storyline wise it's okay. Anyway, this was the last film that Bruce Lee ever made. In this movie, Lee who is a martial arts expert is recruited to infiltrate a drug operation.
Magnificent Butcher (1979): This movie starts Sammo Hung as Butcher Wing, who gets into trouble with other kung-fu school rival known as Five Dragons. He is accused of raping the head of the school's goddaugher and killing his son. Now Ko, who is the head of the Five Dragons is chasing Butcher Wing for revenge.
Drunken Master (1979): This movie stars Jackie Chan, and is one of the most entertaining movie. If you like this movie then also watch The Legend of Drunken Master which was made in 1994. In this movie two young students of a drunken master learn his style of kung fu to fight an evil kung fu master and his gang.
Snake in the Monkey's Shadow (1979): This movie stars John Cheung. In this movie you will see kung fu of snake style, monkey style, and drunken style. This move has a good storyline and you will be entertained throughout the movie with the amazing kung fu style.
The Shaolin Temple (1982): This movie stars Jet Li and is based on a true story from Shaolin folklore. In this movie one of the slave worker's son escapes to the Shaolin Temple to learn kung fu, and kill the traitor who killed his father. The monks at the temple help him in the process to save the true emperor.
Supercop (1992): This movie is super-hilarious and stars Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh. In this movie Jackie Chan who is a police officer is sent on a mission to mainland China to break up a drug smuggling ring.
Iron Monkey (1993): This movie shows how a doctor fights the corrupt authorities as a masked hero, while other martial artist is sent to hunt him down.
Fist of Legend (1994): This movie is a remake of Bruce Lee's 'The Chinese Connection'. This movie stars Jet Li, who comes back to Shanghai to find his teacher dead, same old story. Anyway, the movie has some amazing martial arts sequences.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000): This is one of the internationally-acclaimed movie. It has stunning landscapes, it has amazing fights, and great acting too! This movie starts Michelle Yeoh, Chow Yun-Fat, and Ziyi Zhang. If you like this movie then watch House of the Flying Daggers, which stars Ziyi Zhang.
If you like Jackie Chan and Jet Li, then check out the movie The Forbidden Kingdom, it is awesome and has amazing fight sequences, plus a great storyline too. But, if you like hardcore action movies then check out Ong Bak, and for great action with great story watch the Kill Bill series.