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Top 10 Anime Characters

If you are an anime fan, you will find many of your favorites listed in the top 10 anime characters list mentioned in this story.
Aparna Jadhav
As all of us know that anime is the Japanese art of animation which is based on creating characters that look similar to real people. Even though these characters are cartoons, they have unique similarities to young boys and girls.
One of the major forms of anime is known as manga, which has a large following throughout the world. Some of the characters have become so well-known because of global broadcasting, that they have huge fan clubs to their name. For this reason, we have compiled a short list of the top anime characters.

Characters You'll Fall In Love With

# 1: Doraemon

Doraemon is a fantastic example of a lovable anime character. This is because kids love him and learn a lot from him. In their fantasy land, who wouldn't want a robotic cat with all the possible fancy gadgets and magical powers to help you get out of every problem. Other than being a hero for Nobita, Doraemon is hero for every kid who would love to have a friend.

#2: Astro Boy

Another guy who tops our list, would be none other than, the extra talented icon of postwar in Japan, Astro Boy! With a mission to maintain peace on earth, this flying robot has the power to translate 60 languages and helps anyone in need. Astro Boy would surely be my favorite hero in the anime world.

#3: Goku

Inspired by the Chinese epic "Journey to the West," Goku, is a superhuman monkey warrior with a very pure heart. He comes from the planet of Vegeta and uses the kamehameha energy to fight his enemies. His strength and his weakness, both are his tail.

#4: Luffy

This is a tough anime hero, who can fight his way through his enemies by simply bouncing back and forth. You won't know where you got the blow from as this rubber hero, Luffy packs a hard punch!

#5: Pikachu

Pikachu, one of every kid's favorite, is the central character of the series Pokemon. He has the ability to store electricity in his cheeks. Pikachu is considered to be an icon for the Japanese animation, and is loved by almost all kids.

#6: Sazae-san

She has been a favorite of many since 1969. Unlike the fighting and punching, which the other superhuman characters on this list do, Sazae-san, is a calm housewife living with her family. Her character is a humorous and light hearted person, who often finds herself in funny situations to entertain her audience.

#7: Arsene Lupin III

Turning back to gangsters and fight clubs, Lupin is one such heroic character, who is always being chased by an Inspector Zenigata from the ICPO. But Lupin and his gang always get away as he plays "hard to get" every time the inspector is close to capturing him.

#8: Light Yagami

Also known as Kira, this intelligent, athletic, and popular young man has no aim in life until he finds the Death Note dropped by Shinigami Ryuk by sheer chance. It has a great story that goes along with this mysterious manga anime.

#9: Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha is a highly skilled ninja and a part of the clan which is allied to a village of Konohagakure. The goal of this character, was to destroy his entire clan by killing his brother.

#10: Mai-Hime

Mai was orphaned at an early age and tries to be a strong role model for her younger brother. As beautiful as she is, she is determined to fight danger which makes her one of the most versatile characters.
With these characters, I am sure you found some of your favorites in the list. If you think you want to add some more, feel free to create an AMP story as there are many other anime characters, who are surely worth a mention.