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Top Actresses of the 1980s

Manali Oak
The decade of the 1980s belonged to many brilliant actresses that starred in the popular films of that period. Here is a quick look at the top actresses of the 1980s. Read on.
Acting that was originally considered a man's profession, was eventually taken up by women who emerged successful in film and television careers and made a mark in their profession. Female talent has since then been showcased in films, theater and on television.
The era of the 1980s witnessed the development of color television and large screens. With the popularity of television in the masses, films earned a mass appeal. Here is a look at some of the top actresses of the 1980s.

Marlee Matlin

Born on August 24, 1965 in Illinois, Marlee Matlin is an Academy award-winning American actress.
The Golden Globe Award that she won in 1986 for the film 'Children of a Lesser God' brought her international acclaim. She made her debut aged seven in a children's theater version of the Wizard of Oz.
Marlee Matlin was one of those very few actresses who won an Oscar for her debut performance. Till date, she is the youngest winner in the Best Actress category of Oscar. Ironically, this brilliant and very popular actress is deaf. But her success story stands as an example of a courageous struggle against difficulties.

Phoebe Cates

Born on July 16, 1963, in the New York City, USA, Cates attended the Professional Children's School and the Julliard School. She was featured in 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High', an American teen-comedy film and caught attention for her topless scene in the film. Reportedly, she was aged 17 when she did some nude scenes in the film 'Paradise'.
She appeared on the front pages of many teen magazines and is popular among the youngsters for her roles in the Gremlins films and the film 'Drop Dead Fred'.

Yuki Saito

Born on September 10, 1966 in Japan, Yuki Saito is a songwriter, singer and actress. She also writes essays and poetry. In 1984, while in school, she won the third Miss Magazine title in the Grand Prix contest. The year 1985 marked the beginning of her career in singing. The same year also witnessed her role in a TV series called 'Sukeban Deka'.
She gained immense popularity for her lead role in the NHK morning TV novel series 'Hane Konma'. She has been playing various roles on stage, television and films. She is married with a son and continues to be a recognized actress of her country.

Charlotte Lewis

She is an English actress born in London on August 7, 1967. Her debut in films was her role in the film 'Pirates' in 1986. During the same year, she played a lead role in 'The Golden Child'. In the 1990s, her name appeared on the list of nine best bodies, in the Shape magazine.
She was featured on the front page of Playboy in 1993. Her initial years in the film career brought her an early success but her career could not attain enormous success.

Mia Sara

Mia Sarapocciello was born on June 19, 1967 in Brooklyn Heights, New York. She graduated from St. Ann's School and is the bearer of a Private Pilot license. One of her initial important roles is the one in which she was cast opposite Tom Cruise in 'Legend'.
However, she earned recognition for her role in the 1986 film, 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'. Her role in the film 'Timecop' won her the Saturn Award for the best actress in a supporting role. This American actress using the stage name Mia Sara is one of the famous actresses of the 1980s.
This was just a glimpse of the talents of the 1980s. These were some names that earned a place of pride in the minds of the masses. The 1980s can be called one of the most important periods of international cinema.