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Tips on Becoming an Actress

Kashmira Lad
'Lights, camera, action!' Are these the three magic words you have always been dreaming about? Read on for tips to become an actress, which can prepare you to face the film industry with confidence.
As Emily pulled out her beautiful evening dress and slipped on a pair of Jimmy Choo's, she rushed out towards the porch glancing a worried look at the watch. She was afraid of being behind her schedule for the Awards night. This was her moment of glamor and fame, and she did not want to miss even a single minute.
As the car drew closer towards the entrance, Emily hopped out being blinded by flashbulbs. She missed her footing and tumbled to the ground. When she got up embarrassed, she looked around and realized she was in her bedroom. Sighing, Emily pulled back the bed sheets over her realizing it was nothing more than just a dream!
Has acting always been your passion? Does watching Hollywood flicks stir your soul? Do you always wish you could emulate your favorite leading lady? Do you have that burning desire to be renowned all around the world?
Well, acting is not only a fantastic career, it is one that can propel you to great heights of fame and popularity. In fact, being a leading Hollywood actress and getting recognition for one's talent is something every wannabe dreams about.
There are times when women or men cannot handle the dizzying heights of success which sometimes even has a negative impact on their personal life. But, becoming an actress is no easy task if you don't have a godfather in the film industry.
Unless of course, you are the daughter of Hollywood's snootiest and richest couple! For those women, who are struggling to get their first break, here are some tips on becoming an actress.

Essential Tips to Become a Successful Actress

Well, we all know that being an actress may not always require acting skills! However, being trained in this department will help you feel confident and learn the tricks of the trade. There are many institutes that offer courses in honing a person's acting skills.
Enrolling yourself in such a course will help you to go through the basic process. In this manner, you can learn about memorizing dialogs and facing the camera with confidence. Such institutes also teach about various camera angles.
For example, if a dialog has to be emoted looking directly into the camera, there are various angles an actress needs to experiment with, to look her best and deliver the dialog accordingly. An acting institute may not teach all the nitty gritties, but surely any auditions that follow will showcase you in a confident light.
A portfolio is a must for any actor. Hire a professional fashion photographer and get some snazzy shots. Try a variety of looks. A fashion portfolio is required at the beginning level for those who wish for a career in acting.
Close up, full length, and ¾ view shots are the basic requirement. Keep your costumes or clothing ready. Try a glamorous diva look, a casual look, and even one that only focuses on your facial expressions. You never know which look can impress the next casting director.
Learning a sport activity or a skill can also help you to bag a role. You can join a Latin American dance class and perfect your moves on the floor. In this manner, you have an added skill. Dancing will also keep your body in perfect shape.
Get an agent and be a little aggressive while on the hunt for the auditions. You have to think about the competition out there, and ensure you keep trying and circulate your photographs among agencies. Follow a strict fitness routine. Maintain a healthy diet to have a well-toned body.
Always make sure you are in touch with the right agencies, and audition as frequently as possible. Do not be disheartened when a first break seems difficult. You need to try till you get that very important chance. Once you bag the first role, give it your best shot and there would be no looking back.