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Things to Consider Before Shooting a Video

Mukulika Mukherjee
Have you been looking for some useful tips on how to make a video that is truly remarkable? Worry not, for here's help. Just go through this story before you start shooting one, and get ready for compliments galore!
A video is all about capturing objects in motion. With the advent of latest technology, shooting a video has become as easy as 1-2-3! Also, video broadcasting sites such as YouTube, which provide us with the opportunity to share videos with the world, have inspired people like never before.
Now, everyone wants to make a video, upload it on the Net, and share it with friends. To cash in on this trend, cell phones of every make, come with an inbuilt camera that can record videos.
While anyone can shoot a video, it requires skill to shoot a good video. In the subsequent part of the story, you'll find a few tips on how to make your video really stand out and what you should take into account before shooting a video. Enjoy!

What to Consider Before Shooting a Video

The complete process of making a video can be divided into three major steps:
  • Preparing for the shoot
  • Shooting the video
  • Editing the video

Remember that each step is important, with its own set of rules that you should attempt to follow as far as possible. Here we'll have a look at what all things you need to know in order to make a good movie or video.

Preparing for the Shoot

So you are all set to shoot your first video, eh? To begin with, decide on a goal or an objective for shooting the video i.e., what you would like to do with it. Depending on whether you would like to keep the video all to yourself and your family or share it with the world on sites such as YouTube, your video needs to be handled a bit differently. Also, if you are planning to send a message across through your video, then you need to plan on how to go about it.

Choosing a Camera

When it comes to preparation of a video shoot, which is the very first thing that comes to your mind? Yes, you're right. It's the camera! If you are an amateur in movie making and don't have a good camera, it isn't necessary that you run to buy one. Instead, you can see if you can arrange for one.
What is important here is to find a camera as per your requirement. Depending on whether you wish to make a video just for fun or to convey a message to a larger audience through a short movie, you should choose a camera accordingly.
This is because you can try making a movie even using a good quality cell phone camera but you definitely won't have much options when it comes to settings, if using such a camera. A digital camcorder will best serve your purpose, but then again, it all depends on what your budget is.

Setting up a Budget

The budget refers to the approximate amount that you can or are willing to spend for making the video. Your budget should include everything from the cost of traveling to the desired location to arranging for lighting and sound effects, if necessary. It is important that you plan your budget effectively for a hassle free video shooting experience.

Choosing the Subject

Once you have a budget in mind and a camera in your hands, you are ready to shoot your first video. "But what do I shoot?", I hear you say. Well, that's entirely on you to decide but remember it should be something that arouses interest. For your first video shoot, you can choose something that you enjoy shooting.
It can be anything, from everyday objects to wildlife to myriad aspects of nature. If real people inspire you, then making a documentary video would be a great idea too.
No matter what your subject, it really helps to keep in mind that it is your imagination and the way you look at things, that matter at the end of it all. Different people have different perspectives and making a video is all about putting forth your own.

Shooting the Video

Now that you are aware of what to do before you start shooting a video, let's have a quick look at what things to consider while you're at it.

Setting up the Lights

The first thing that you need to pay attention to, during shooting the video, is the lighting. Lighting has the potential to make or break a video and this is the reason why it becomes all the more important to choose the perfect lighting.
During the making of a video, remember that the subject should be facing the main source of light, termed as the key source. When indoors, it is highly recommended that you use the three point lighting which means one key light in front of the subject and two fillers from the two sides.
Remember that it is best to shoot in bright light for a better quality video. While shooting outdoors during the day, set your frame such that the subject is directly facing the sun which acts as the main source of light.

Choosing a Background

The background is an important part of photographs and videos. Even the most perfect shoot can be spoiled by a not-so-perfect background. Before you click on the record button, make sure that there aren't any unpleasant objects in the background. Also, focusing on the subject and keeping the camera steady, can help.

Focusing the Camera

The focus of the lens is another major factor when it comes to both, still photography as well as video recording. For best quality videos, it is recommended that you manually focus your camera lens on the subject instead of using the 'auto focus' option on your camera. Start with focusing on a particular point on the subject.
When making a video of people, you can choose to focus on the eyes. One thing that needs to be mentioned here is the Rule of the Thirds, which states that considering the frame is divided into three equal parts horizontally, the eyes of the subject should be in the first 1/3 part.
Turning the image stabilization setting in your camera on, can help maintain the focus on the subject.

Zooming In and Out

The zoom feature on your camera should be utilized to bring out details in the subject or the background. However, refrain from using the zoom too often. Also, if you are using a simple cell phone camera, using the zoom might cause pixels to show up in the video, resulting in a blurred view.

Recording Sounds

Sound is another important thing to consider while recording a video. You must take care to ensure that the desired sounds reach the recording device while those that are not, are eliminated. Also, be careful not to speak while recording your video as your own voice, if accidentally captured by the camera, can be very difficult to mask later on.

Editing the Video

Editing of the video is nothing but making required changes in the footage you have shot, using specially designed software. If you have ever used Windows Movie Maker to create movies from a series of pictures and with a few sound clips thrown in,
then you must be familiar with what a timeline is: it is where you arrange your photos in the order you wish them to appear in the movie. Similarly, a video editing software too has a timeline and you need to place your video on the timeline to begin editing.
If you wish to join individual videos together to tell a story, place them on the timeline such that they appear coherent. In this case, you can choose from transition options that create different effects during the transition between consecutive clips on the timeline.
If it is a silent video, adding some relevant background music to it can make it a little more interesting to watch.
This was about some of the basic things you need to consider for shooting a video. Now that you know how to make a video, you can go ahead and create one. However, make it a point to show it to your family and friends and ask them for their feedback. This will help you improve by learning from your mistakes. I hope these tips help you make your vacations even more fun as you capture fun moments with your loved ones. Happy shooting!