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Things Reality TV Teaches You

Yohan Adrianwalla
TV is all about entertainment. A method to get away from our real lives. Today, reality TV has taken over. These are not completely scripted. Once you moved on from the cheesy lines and attention seeking behavior of actors, there are a few things we can learn from these shows.
The hidden camera TV show 'Candid Camera', where people are shown reacting to pranks, is supposedly the first reality TV show. In today's day and age, there is a flood of reality TV shows all over.
When everyone performs the same simple tasks, there is no way to stand out. Face your fears and move away from the status quo; you are bound to be noticed.
No matter whether it is shame, guilt, fear, or simply a doubt in your abilities, always be confident. It shows and will ensure you don't hold yourself back. It also helps accept the result, knowing you gave it your best shot.
In today's day and age, with the ease of communication, making friends has become simpler than ever before. No matter whether at work or at home, all human beings need to rely on others in one form or another. But make sure you choose wisely and know who you can depend on.
Always listen to the advice of people more experienced, whether you use it or not. Accept constructive criticism with humility, specially from people who are judging the result. It will give you the advantage of looking at the situation from different perspectives. Also, be careful about whose advice you act on.
The first step is to create a plan. If nothing else, at least start with where you are and where you want to be. If possible, fill in a few steps you would take in that direction. Do not be disappointed if, at any stage, things do not work out the way you want. You can always find another way.
Know the consequences of your actions beforehand. Make sure you will be able to face them personally, before you perform the action. Once again, never lose hope, no matter what the result.
No matter how meticulously you plan every single step you take, there will always be unexpected surprises. Learn to take them in your stride, and work with or around them.
More often than not, our eyes are bigger than our wallets. We make uninformed, spur-of-the-moment decisions, which we end up regretting. Take your time to invest your hard-earned money after measuring the risks carefully. Always remember, most of the time, quality is better than quantity.
Do not rush to achieve a goal. Some things take longer than others to materialize, and very often, the longer it takes, the better the result.