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11 Things All Movie Lovers Can Relate To

Tanaya Navalkar
Most of us love watching movies. But for the movie fanatics, movies are a part of their very existence. They eat, drink, sleep, and talk movies! It is a kind of escape route from their daily mundane life into another world, be it for a short while.

Things a Movie Lover Can Understand

Weekends for you are 'movie marathon' days

Come weekend and your movie marathon begins. You prefer spending the weekend at home, watching 4 - 5 movies back-to-back, rather than partying or going for an outing, even if it means watching some old ones again.

You know all the movie dialogs

Why so serious? Let's put a smile on that face. Your life is full of drama, so much so, that even your dialogs are inspired by the movies you watch. You know all of them on the tip of your tongue, and never miss a chance to insert one charming dialog into an appropriate situation.

You can watch movies alone

You're completely fine with the idea of going to a theater and watching a movie alone. Also, you like that there's no one to disturb you through the movie. It is an experience in its own kind.

You always guess the movie name

Whether you're playing charades or movie trivia, you're always successful in guessing the name of the movie, however complicated the clues may be. Which is why your friends always pick you first in their team.

You store your movies separately

You have external hard disks and DVDs dedicated to your movie collection only, with separate folders for different genres. Probably the most organized thing in your life! (smirk)

You're the Encyclopedia of movies

Your friends consider you as the encyclopedia of movies. All thanks to IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, which are the most visited and bookmarked sites on your computer. You often find yourself recommending movies to your friends, whether it's action, drama, romcom, or based on animals.

You prefer watching first day first show

As a movie buff, it has become a ritual for you to watch the first show on the first day of the release itself, stretching it to the end of the day, but not more than that. And if it happens to be your favorite actor's movie, then the word 'wait' does not exist in your dictionary.

You secretly wish you were a film critic

Earning some bucks for watching a film? You wish! It has been your dream since forever to get paid for watching a movie, or someone inviting you for movie premieres. Because, a great man once said, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life".

You defend your favorite movie and actors like family

You've had the most heated debates and discussions with people who criticized your favorite movie or actor. You don't just watch the movie; you notice ethereal meanings and the hidden message in the film, along with the direction, editing, location, acting, and dialog delivery.

You hate being disturbed through the movie

You hate it when a person disturbs the whole theater with his loud talks, even if there may be a gap of 30 seconds between dialogs. And you won't even think twice before giving him a piece of your mind.

That feeling when you meet another movie buff - ecstatic!

If you come across someone who is as crazy about movies as you, then you know you both are going to become best buddies. You feel like you've finally found your 'movie soulmate' who understands your love for movies. You can discuss everything about movies with them at any time of the day, without being criticized.