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The Witcher on Netflix: 8 actors fans would prefer over Henry Cavill

Alex Mars
When Henry Cavill was revealed as an lead actor for the series "The Witcher" from Netflix, the fans loaded the internet with their dream-actors for the role.
When it became known that in the series “The Witcher” by Netflix, Henry Cavill will play the main role, the fans had questions. Namely: why? Okay, ok, Cavill is not the worst choice in the world. But he did not appear in the dreamcasts that people composed, begging Netflix to pay attention and choose someone who would be a bit like Geralt.
Even on that preliminary screen that was presented to the public, Cavill looks more like Reyegar Targaryen than Geralt of Rivia. And yes - in books he is more elf-like. But not so much. So, here is a list of actors who were ignored or could not be invited, but who would please fans rather than provoke a WTF reaction?

8. Mads Mikkelsen

One of the top dreamcasts for the role of Geralt was originally Mads Mikkelsen. Being the same age as Geralt, he probably would have looked like a witcher. He is not as bulky as the game Geralt, but a little makeup - and he would become truly awesome.
Not to mention the fact that he is famous enough to draw the attention of viewers to the series. But some claimed that although Mikkelsen is a very cool actor, he is not quite Geralt. True and fair - but still Mikkelsen looks more like him than Cavill. And his name was called most often before the official announcement of the role actor.

7. Anson Mount

Anson Mount lit up in the Western television series Hell on Wheels. Looking at his beard and gray hair in the show, it is impossible not to think about how he would make a funky Geralt.
Not as famous as Mikkelsen, he appeared less often in dreamcasts, but every time someone posted a picture of him with a question: “Do you think this guy will make a cool Geralt?”, The answer was unanimous: “Yes” .
However, at that time he was still filming somewhere, because the people were sure that it would be unrealistic to add “The Witcher” there with his schedule. Looks like they were right.

6. Nikolai Koster-Valdau

Another super-famous name that appeared in the Dreamcasts is Nikolai Koster-Valdau. Recently, he has starred everywhere in leading roles, from romantic comedies to fantasy, his most notable character is Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones.
And since the final season is about to be released, fans hoped that he would be free to play Geralt. He is tall, muscular and mature enough to be gray-haired and decorated with scars, like Geralt. It is unlikely that there would be many dissatisfied with this casting.
He also showed himself to be a rather diverse actor, and therefore Geralt would have turned out to be interesting. Alas, we will never know.

5. Clive Standen

Staden is best known for his role as Rollo, Ragnar’s brother in the TV series The Vikings, but recently he also starred in the television version Hostage: The Beginning. Like Mount, he was rarely mentioned, but each time the people reacted with enthusiasm, agreeing that Geralt would have come out excellent.
It looks more like a game Geralt than a book, which, as they say, is not suitable for the series. Most likely, that's why he flew by. Nevertheless, the choice would have been very worthy if he had been conjured over in the makeup and costume department.

4. Travis Fimmel

Another star in the Vikings series featured in the Dreamcasts is Travis Fimmel. The same case as in Standen, although the brothers played rivals in the Vikings. Fimmel is tall, muscular and charming enough to play Geralt. True, he is quite young, but smooth skin is easy to hide through makeup.
Hopefully they will take a ton for Cavill. Not everyone approved Fimmel for the role of Geralt; the reaction was rather mixed. But it is safe to say that he would play well. He was not written off immediately.

3. Tom Hardy

Like Travis Fimmel, Tom Hardy looks young for Geralt, but everyone nominated and put forward his candidacy. Apparently, the secret lies in the muscles and beard. Of course, Hardy would not have been the result that would have enthralled all the fans, but it is unlikely that he would have got the “WTF ?!” reaction, like Cavill.
At least he would have a chance. In the end, he, like most of the actors on this list, managed to break into several Dreamcasts for the role of Geralt long before the series from Netflix was announced.

2. Viggo Mortensen

Mortensen is older than the others, but Geralt is not a boy - he has gray hair and a scarred face, so age is not an obstacle. Basically, the people represented a cross between his hero in The Lord of the Rings and the usual everyday look.
Thanks to the role of Aragorn, Mortensen convincingly proved that he is capable of playing fantasy roles in a cool way, so we can only speculate: if he were approved for the role of Geralt, there would be few dissatisfied.
It ideally combines beauty and rudeness, and although Geralt’s appearance is not described in detail in the books, it is assumed that they are similar. In the end, the witcher has seen a lot and fought a lot, but continues to enjoy success among women.

1. Gerard Butler

Finally, a dubious, but many times put forward candidate. We can only assume that the fans would be happy for him: Gerard Butler. The Scottish actor was on the list due to his appearance, age and, let's be honest, a beard.
He is tall and broad-shouldered, and probably Geralt would have turned out of him even without makeup and scars, so the recommendation is fair. But it no longer makes sense to wishful thinking because the role has sailed away to Henry Cavill. And who knows? Maybe he will be cool. But it seems that Internet users are pretty much in doubt.