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Superpowers Explained In Layman Terms

Priya Johnson
Our favorite superheroes appear almost invincible, due to their extraordinary superpowers. While Captain Marvel mostly draws her power from the Sun, Thor draws his from thunder.

Black Panther

Black panther or T’Challa, the first black superhero consumes a vibranium-mutated herb potion that gives him great strength.

His sleek, black, superhero suit that remains hidden in his necklace is also lined with vibranium. It absorbs and stores kinetic energy, and gives him great speed, agility, and strength.

Iron Man

Iron Man gets his supernatural ability from his red and gold, iron suit.

This high-tech suit stored inside his body, gives him the power to zoom into space and is armored with all kinds of power weapons. But, Iron Man’s greatest superpower is his intelligence.


Ant-Man can change his size at will (small and large), with the help of scientifically designed ‘pym particles’, that are kept in his belt. 

He also has the unique superpower to go subatomic and enter the molecular realm (in between atoms). He also possesses the power to communicate with ants and uses them to take him places.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel has the amazing ability to absorb, transform, manipulate, and even generate energy.

She can draw energy from any heat, light, or power source and can also sense cosmic danger way in advance.


This female superhero has similar superpowers like Ant-Man, with the same ability to shrink and enlarge to different sizes at will.

She does have a pair of wings, which enables her to fly independently. She also has the ability to blast bio-electric energy from her stinger.


Known for his super-physical strength, Thor is the God of thunder, who draws energy from thunder and channelizes it through his mighty hammer. This hammer enables him to fly and crush his opponents.

When the hammer was destroyed, Thor used Stormbreaker, an equally powerful axe to destroy his enemies.


Hulk is the big, green superhero who loves to smash everything with his super strength. He is known for his super-powerful ‘jump’.

In a single jump he can travel scores of miles, and can even jump in and out of the atmosphere. Despite his huge stature, lightening speed is also one of his amazing attributes.
Each superhero has a unique set of powers and abilities that he or she brings to the table, however, each of them have their own set of weaknesses as well.