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Top 5 Steampunk Anime Movies

Raksha Kulkarni
With the steampunk genre gaining in popularity, steampunk anime is not going to be left far behind. This story puts up a list of the top 5 steampunk anime movies which you may want to check out.

The Costliest Steampunk Anime!

Steamboy is the costliest steampunk anime film to date―it cost USD 26 million to produce it. Also, it took around ten years to completed this film.
It's no secret that steampunk is the latest in thing among anime fans, and there's no reason why it shouldn't be so! It mixes up past eras with futuristic elements, sort of concocting a dreamy science fiction filled world.
There might be many who have not seen a lot of anime; however, steampunk anime can change that for such people. It might actually get you hooked on to this new genre.

We suggest a few top steampunk anime movies to begin with, hoping you enjoy the best of both worlds.

Top Steampunk Anime Movies


Directed by: Katsuhiro Otomo
Release Date: July 17, 2004
Run Time: 126 minutes

Synopsis: As mentioned earlier, being the most expensive film of this sub-genre, it depicts some great steampunk and science fiction scenes. It is a story about a young inventor named Ray, who hails from Britain. The story unfolds in the mid-19th century.
As the first World Expo is fast approaching, Ray gets a surprise at his doorstep. It is an invention called the "Steam Ball", which has many hidden powers too. His happiness is short-lived as the men of the O'hara Foundation are looking for him. All they want is the "Steam Ball" for some felonious uses.
Look out for some great steam automotive chase sequences. Unfortunately, they are successful in kidnapping Ray and the ball. Watch the protagonists struggle to get out of that deadly conflict makes for an enthralling watch.


Directed by: Rintaro
Release Date: May 26, 2001
Run Time: 113 minutes

Synopsis: It is a perfect post-apocalyptic story which shows the future of mankind if it doesn't respect the environment. The story of a young boy and his uncle (a private detective) will surely appeal to the steampunk side of you.
The story is set in the far future where man and robots live together. Unfortunately not in peace, because robots are supposed to be more than servants for humans. The real twist comes when the boy meets Tima, a robot. It doesn't end there. They are kidnapped by the son of the unofficial ruler of Metropolis. Watch this thrilling anime story.


Directed by: Hayao Miyazaki
Release Date: August 2, 1986
Run Time: 126 minutes

Synopsis: This extravagant adventure anime film kick-starts with Pazu, training to be an expert engineer, encountering Sheeta, who was in the airship along with her kidnapper, a secret agent working for the government, named Muska.
Air pirate Dola and her sons attack the airship because they are searching for a glowing pendant that Sheeta is wearing. A battle ensues wherein she falls from the airship but is slowed by the pendant mid-fall. As she is floating, she meets Pazu.
As the story moves forward, they realize that both their goals are the same; they are searching for a floating castle called Laputa along with uncovering the mystery behind the pendant around Sheeta's neck.
However, as with all stories, their task isn't easy. They have to combat greedy air pirates, secret agents, and other obstacles as they trudge ahead. Watch this adventure anime to know how the two find Laputa in the end.


Directed by: Hayao Miyazaki
Release Date: September 5, 2004 (Venice)
Run Time: 119 minutes

Synopsis: Sophie, a quiet and responsible 18-year-old young girl, is on her way to meet her younger sister, Lettie, when she bumps into Howl, a mysterious yet powerful wizard, after which her life goes through a series of upheavals.
She falls head over heels in love with Howl, but she doesn't know that the 'Witch of the Waste' harbors the same feelings for Howl too. The vindictive witch casts a spell on Sophie, changing her life for worse. So, she climbs aboard Howl's flying castle making an entry into the world of magic, desperately seeking a way out to break the spell.
Does she succeed in her quest? What are the other obstacles that she encounters in her way? Watch this adventuresome anime to find out.


Directed by: Hayao Miyazaki
Release Date: March 11, 1984
Run Time: 117 minutes

Synopsis: Thousands of years go, an apocalyptic war broke out that caused major demolition to the human civilization, paving the way for the birth of a vast toxic jungle. Only a seaside kingdom, known as the Valley Of The Wind, survived with humans.
The people of this kingdom face constant trouble from mighty insects called Ohmu. So to bring matters to rest, Princess Nausicaä leads from the front in order to combat these toxic insects that are spreading on Earth.
This brave princess, ably supported by her people, strives against all odds to restore the balance and bond between the Earth and humans. Watch this anime to witness the courageous fight put up by Nausicaä and her comrades.
While the list covers only anime movies where steampunk is the central theme of the story, there are many anime TV series that have imbibed steampunk elements as a necessary part.
So once you watch the movies, we suggest that you also check some popular series such as Samurai 7, D.Gray-man, Future Boy Conan, Simoun, Steam Detectives, Last Exile, Fullmetal Alchemist, etc. Enjoy this fascinating, fun-filled world of steampunk anime.