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Setup a Professional Music Production Studio at Home

Rima Sengupta
This is about one of the popular home setup studios in North Kolkata, Sky Recording Studios, started by Pushpendu Bhattacharjee in 2015. Also, it is helping artists to be featured on digital platforms. The studio is working well among the youth.
He is one of the best music producers of Kolkata, producing music from Hiphop, House, Pop and many more. He says " My studio is more focussed on Single and Duo artists and we finish up a song in just 4 hours".
The studio offers a low rate for artists having less budget and artists are pretty happy with the output which is no less than a professional studio.
Sky Records a label which has already released 6 artists for free and also have promised to release music of every artist who will work with this studio.
So, the people of Kolkata can check this studio and surely their work will amaze you.