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9 Reasons You Should Date a Person Who Loves Movies

Tanaya Navalkar
If you're in a relationship with a person who loves movies, it has its own unique perks. You can never get bored, as you'll always have something to do together. If such a person exists in your life, hold on to him or her for life, because they will add the romance, drama, and thrill to your life, and make it an interesting one.

Why You Should Date a Cinephile

Need date ideas - Movies!

Movie lovers never run out of ideas for dates; they'll always make it special for you. They might end up taking you to a movie-themed restaurant; something you might not have experienced before.
If you're not in the mood to go out, they'll snuggle in with a laptop and put on a lighthearted movie or a thriller, along with some wine and pizza. Moreover, they'll also prefer watching horror or thrillers over romcoms any day with you.

Most talked about topic

Whether on a date or casual hangout, one of the best conversation starters is movies, be it a Disney or a Christopher Nolan movie! They're all ears whenever you talk about camera techniques, direction, cast, acting, cinematography, editing. That's because it's food for their soul.

They know to make conversations interesting

They very well know how to keep the relationship going.
They always look out for a chance to slip in a charming, witty, or wise dialog from a movie in between conversations, which will only make you fall in love with them more. If you want to impress them, try this out, or make movie references.

They notice little details

These cinephiles are great observers. They'll point out astute details and mistakes that you would've overlooked even if you've seen the movie five times.
You'll be amazed how detailed the conversation can get. And don't be surprised if they notice small details about you too. Chances are, even you might be unaware of such details!

They're good at remembering dates

Thanks to movie releases, premiers, and other events related to movies, they're good at remembering dates, especially the ones based on true-life events. You won't have to worry about your partner forgetting your birthday, anniversary, or any other important occasion.

They feel what they see

They don't just watch movies; they feel them. They may sometimes get emotional since they really feel and connect with the characters in the movie.
There are some movies that teach you a lot about life and how to deal with different situations. Being a cinephile, your partner will try and reflect that in your relationship, to make your bond stronger.

They won't compare you to movie characters

They're aware of the fact that perfect stories and Prince Charming are limited to movies only.
They very well know that the person they're dating is not any Megan Fox or Gerard Butler, and would want you to be yourself. Although they fancy their favorite actors and characters, they know how to separate reel life from real life.

They know how to appreciate and give credits

Cinephiles understand how important it is to appreciate and give credits to someone who truly deserves it. They're aware of the fact as to how much effort is required in making one movie.
They know that a Steven Spielberg movie can be made only by him, or Leonardo DiCaprio's can be pulled off by him and no one else. So, sit back and relax, you'll definitely get the credits that you deserve for your efforts.

They're good debaters

They love debating and arguing if you speak anything against their favorite movies or actors. You'll fight over movie ratings as per IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes.
Sometimes, they'll talk about them so intensely and with all their heart, that it might make you change your opinion or even inspire you to some extent. However, make sure you don't take it overboard, unless you want to divorce or break up with your movie fanatic partner!