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Pros and Cons of Being a Tall Girl

Sharmistha Sarkar
Being a tall woman is a unique experience in itself in the sense that you can naturally look down upon others around you ;). However, there are also the disadvantages of having to 'stand tall' all the time. We will tell you about the good, bad, better, worse of being a tall girl.

Another reason to walk tall

Being tall is an advantage, especially in business. People will always remember you. And if you're in a crowd, you'll always have some clean air to breathe.
- Julia Child
Quite a few tall girls opine that they are sneered at and bullied by others because of their tall frames. The only reason for this is they are perceived to be different from the rest. However, one should know that being tall is not something to be mocked upon. In fact, it's something only a few people are blessed with.
Tall people definitely have many perks as against the short ones. They are great at sports like basketball or tennis because they have a better reach for heights. They are also better at running as their long legs enable them to take longer paces and steps.
They get better job opportunities because certain jobs simply seem to have been carved out for them (modeling, sportsperson, military). They are great at social interactions, marketing and appear strong and confident. They develop leadership skills since childhood as their friends see them as a higher authority and always look up to them.
This boosts their self-esteem and helps them to be more successful in life. The high IQ (hypothesized) that's probably associated with sharper brains in tall people is also an added benefit. As a result, people remember them in their private life and in business.

Pros of being a tall girl

♦ Tall girls can reach for things in the closet, bookshelf, kitchen cabinet and other places without needing a ladder, stepping stool or someone's help.
♦ Due to their height, they can eat a lot more food than short girls without worrying about weight issues.

♦ They always get a good view of screens in movie theaters, concerts and plays. They don't need to look at the back of others' heads, but others have to invariably see theirs.
♦ Pushing the stroller through the mall is like a cakewalk because of their long arms.

♦ Wearing heels is not mandatory for them and even if they do, they look gorgeous.
♦ In a crowded place, they can see over everyone's head and figure out which direction would be the best to get through.

♦ Tall girls never have a problem in wearing long dresses because they are perfectly tailored for them and do not require hemming.
♦ Their long legs make them look attractive in clothes like skirts, maxi dresses, mini dresses and ALL other outfits.
♦ With little or no training at all, they can excel in sports like basketball, softball, volleyball or swimming, and in activities like dancing, modeling, rock climbing, road cycling, high jumping.

♦ Catching attention of others is easy for them because of their height. Strangers look up at them with wonder and admiration.
♦ They are treated with a little more reverence and respect, and are taken seriously.

♦ They need not have to worry about how fat they are as their height balances it all.

Cons of being a tall girl

♦ Short guys often feel uncomfortable standing with you and may pass rude comments.

♦ Clothes are another problem. Tall girls have longer arms and legs, for which their shirts or jeans are always either short or do not fit well. They need to search a lot for getting the right-size clothes.

♦ Look for shoes of their size is never hassle-free.
♦ They find it difficult relaxing in a bathtub as it is a miniscule size for them.

♦ Running into things that are of low or average height like tree branches, chandelier, hanging light fixtures and others is a problem.
♦ Standing next to their short peers is awkward for them. Listening and talking to short people is also cumbersome, because of the face to ear distance.

♦ People tend to constantly bother them with petty complaints and strange looks while walking in the crowd.

♦ They cannot take a group selfie without cutting off heads or bending.
♦ Sleeping comfortably in twin-sized beds is another issue due to their long feet hanging off the edges.

♦ They have to bend while hugging short friends, or while entering through an entrance of a building.

♦ They are always instructed to stand at the back while taking pictures.
♦ Sitting comfortably at the back seat of a car, in an airplane, or at a workstation is difficult for them as it hurts their knees.

♦ Tall girls are always asked how tall they are, and whether they play sports.
There are pros and cons to everything. So instead of dwelling on the negatives, we should focus on things that make us unique, wonderful and tall despite the height.