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Oscar-Winner Sandra Bullock's Greatest Roles

Priya Johnson
Hollywood’s leading actress and America’s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock has charmed audiences with outstanding performances throughout her three-decade long career. Ocean’s 8 and Bird Box, both released in 2018 are her latest work.

The Blind Side (2009)

Based on a true story, Blind Side landed Bullock the Oscar of her career (2010) and also the Golden Globe. She played the role of a sub-urban mother who adopts a homeless boy.

She was awarded best performance for actress in a leading role, although many may argue it wasn’t her finest performance.

Crash (2004)

Oscar winner for best picture, this movie showcased Bullock’s exceptional performance as a wife of a prejudiced District Attorney.

Bullock earned herself an Oscar nomination, although many were disappointed she didn’t snag an Oscar for her stellar performance.

Gravity (2013)

In this sci-fi thriller, Bullock plays the role of an astronaut in space and does a phenomenal job. She earned Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for her performance in the film.

Besides the supporting role of her co-star George Clooney, Bullock carried the film to its realm of success all by her outstanding solo performance.

Speed (1994)

This fast-paced, action thriller was the biggest break of Sandra Bullock’s career. Her phenomenal performance in this film spearheaded her fame and made her an audience favorite.

The charming actress played the role of a bus passenger, who takes control of a runaway bus and saves it from a terrorist bomb explosion.

The Proposal (2009)

This is yet another popularly-loved movie played by the legendary star, in which she once again entertains the audience with her exemplary performance.

She plays the role of a ruthless editor-in-chief facing deportation to Canada, who gets her assistant to marry her on a contractual basis, but truly falls in love with him in the process.

Miss Congeniality (2000)

This movie proved her versatility as an actor. In this film, she plays the role of an undercover FBI agent, posing as a beauty pageant contestant. Her exemplary performance earned her a Golden Globe nomination.

While You Were Sleeping (1995)

Sandra Bullock’s romantic comedy movies have also earned universal acclamation. Her role in this film gave her the first Golden Globe nomination of her career. She played the role of a toll booth operator, who saves a man's life and enters herself into another level of complication.

The Heat (2013)

This buddy cop movie showcases another dimension of Bullock’s acting diversity. She pairs up with Melissa McCarthy and does a splendid job in this hilarious movie.

Hope Floats (1998)

Another feather in her hat, Bullock is applauded for her performance as a wife who learns of the infidelity of her husband. The level of poignancy that she imparts to the movie is remarkable.