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Top Musicals for Kids

Arjun Kulkarni
A good musical can produce a stirring of emotions within anyone like no other. The effect can be just as good in a kid too.
Most schools encourage their students to participate in drama and musicals. Schools are increasingly seeing it as a way to expand the creativity of children and encourage them to take up this form of art.
It is largely being accepted now, that the acting skills of budding actors can be better honed with an early start. Hence, there is a rush to know some of the Broadway acts that your child can perform. While there are still others who believe that showing their kids some of the classic musicals might spark their interest in the field of drama and Broadway.

Sound of Music

When it comes to musicals, it must take someone pretty silly to overlook what was perhaps one of the greatest and most famous musicals of all time. This movie is about a governess, Maria, who is hired by a Captain Von Trapp to take care of his seven, high-spirited children and educate them.
What follows are perhaps some of the most enduring bunch of songs of all time. This makes it one of the best Christmas and Easter musicals owing to their strong 'family-ties' message.

The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is again one of those timeless musicals which people will never tire of seeing. The movie is also a school favorite, perfect for small children to perform and is well loved by the audiences. This musical is about a girl named Dorothy who gets whisked away from home by a tornado and lands in a place called Oz and finds new friends there.


This musical tells you the story of a young girl named Annie who lives in an orphanage. Young, red-haired Annie dreams of escaping from the orphanage, which is run by a strict matron and live a better life. She eventually wins over the love of a billionaire who agrees to adopt her.

Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain is another wonderful blast from the past, which people continue to adore and look back at the time when such musicals ruled the roost. This movie is a funny story with some wonderful songs and is one of the most enduring musicals of all time.

Barbie of Swan Lake

The musical Barbie of Swan Lake is about a girl named Odette, who is transformed by an evil wizard into a swan. It is a wonderful fairytale and is one of the cutest and short musicals loved by kids.

High School Musical Series

Who can forget the High School Musical series from the Disney stable? The series took the world by storm not too long ago and were 'the' thing for any school kid. The series tell a story about Troy and Gabrielle and how they fall in love with each other while at high school.
We're sure that after watching these movies, your little one would surely love to perform the song and dance routines in them too.