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Picture-perfect Modeling Poses

Smita Pandit
The fashion industry is teeming with wannabe models and it is essential that you stand out from the crowd. You should present yourself differently and appear more attractive by posing in the right way. Success will no longer evade you if you have mastered the art of posing.
Every fashion photographer aims at bringing out the best in the model to get the perfect shot. While the makeup artists identify the model's best features and accentuate them, an experienced photographer has the task of capturing the shot that showcases the beauty of the model or the product that is being advertised.
This involves getting the model to strike the pose that will best convey the idea or story the photographer wants to convey and getting the shot at the right split second of time.
Since the photographer knows what the client may want and may already have certain ideas regarding the placement of the visual elements in his/her mind, models can rely on the opinion of the photographer regarding the poses. But wouldn't it be better if you had an insight on ways to highlight your best features through creative modeling poses on your own!

Posing Tips

Listen to the photographer

The first thing is to keep an open mind. Listen to the photographer during the photo shoot. The photographer has a clear idea about the mood that must be captured, so communicate with him/her.
Your facial expressions as well as poses should be able to reveal that specific mood. You must learn how to move in front of the camera. Try to be expressive. Avoid the poses that don't suit you.
Fashion industry has always been brimming with talent and you could learn from the way famous fashion models pose. Fashion changes with time and an aspiring model should be aware of the latest fashion trends. You can read fashion magazines to get tips on posing like professional models.
You will come across a lot of information while surfing the Internet and magazines, but you need to know what looks good on you. You could be posing for products ranging from apparel, accessories or even an idea. So do keep the theme of the photo shoot in mind while you pose.
Practice makes a man perfect, so stand in front of a full-length mirror and practice all kinds of poses. There are no standard poses that may make every fashion model look attractive. You have to learn how to move your body in different asymmetrical poses.
You must religiously work on your facial expressions. Whether it is a portrait, full-body shot, lifestyle pose or a movement pose, you must be willing to listen to the photographer and give it your best shot.

For Female Models

Be confident

Breathe and stay relaxed. The photographer may have certain ideas regarding the look he/she wants to capture. Ask for his/her opinion and pose so that he/she may be able to capture that particular picture-perfect look.
If a full body shot is being taken, be careful about your posture. Keep your back straight and flex your abdominal muscles.

Try different angles

Symmetry is certainly a no-no when it comes to posing. Learn about the angles that flatter your features.
Concentrate on your pose rather than getting worked up in front of the camera. Don't panic, assure yourself that you are looking perfect. Make sure that you don't blink too often.
You might have to sit or stand while posing. If you have to sit down, you can cross your legs. Tilt your head, work with your eyes. Cross your arms if required. You could also use your perfectly manicured hands to cup your face.
A beautiful smile does help but you don't need to flash your pearly whites all the time. For instance, you might need to give a sultry look and a smile would definitely not go with the catty look. So, try out all kinds of facial expressions from a smirk to a pout or the blank look. Let there be an element of mystery.

For Male Models

Look muscular, but not bulky

Male models need to work out to get in shape. They should look muscular but not bulky.
It's essential to have a great body along with sex appeal and attitude. If you think that having chiseled features is all you need, you need to think again. Every fashion model must work on their facial expressions. Look like a Greek God if that's how the photographer wants you to look. It will be your attitude that counts the most.
There are different poses you can try. You can fold your arms and place them behind your head. Lower the chin and look away from the camera. Male models could express with their eyes, tilt their head or use their muscular body. You could look straight, while one of the arms is bent and placed at the hip. Pose in a way that accentuates your best features.
Cross your arms and legs, place your hands on your hips, look away from the camera, do whatever it takes to get the right look. Don't look at the camera always. If you are standing, lean on one foot and shift your weight. You might need to look sexy, flirtatious or cheerful.
So, make sure that your face as well as body reflects that specific mood. Since the photographer is looking through the lens, he/she is in a better position to tell you about the poses that work well for you. So listen to the photographer and pose as per the needs of the photo shoot.
If you wish to be a successful fashion model, you must master the art of posing. If you practice different poses, you will soon be able to pose effortlessly. The most important aspect of modeling is to look natural. So stay relaxed during the photo shoot and listen to the photographer. Don't be afraid to try different poses.