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Major Characters from Sanrio and Their Description

Sai Kardile
They were your best childhood pals, you grew with them, rolled on the floor for that exclusive Little Twin Stars lunch box and insisted your mother to bake apple pie like Hello Kitty's mama. Here's presenting some major characters from Sanrio with their description.

Did You Know?

Hello Kitty is not a cat but a little girl who has a pet cat of her own, called Charmmy Kitty!
Sanrio characters are truly an outpouring of cuteness. Those anthropomorphic cartoons with sparkly eyes and smiling mouths have been a very important part of our childhood.
Such strong was their influence that, at one point, they were almost everywhere and on everything we could lay our hands on! Right from pencil cases to bed sheets to jewelry to T-shirts, they invaded our homes through goodies and merchandise.
Their omnipresence shouts out loud their popularity across all age groups; Hello Kitty is quite a fashion explosion with adult women, and you thought only little girls couldn't get enough of her. FYI, we even know some guys who secretly adore her, now talk about that.
So, where did this all come from? Who came up with Hello Kitty and other equally cute and adorable menagerie of characters? The answer is Sanrio. Shintaro Tsuji, the founder of Sanrio, originally started it as a silk company, which wasn't even called Sanrio, as we know it today.
He was an astute businessman who realized the potential of cute motifs on merchandise sale and commissioned cartoonists to design characters for the company's merchandise. That was it. In 1973, the company got a name, and ever since has been smothering the world with cuteness by the name of 'Sanrio'.
Mr. Tsuji must have really been a child at heart because, it only takes a child to understand and appreciate simple and cute things around. Over the years, Sanrio has created a slew of cartoon characters that rule our imagination and rouse up that little starry-eyed kid who is just waiting to be spoiled. Find out about your favorite Sanrio character in the following list-

Hello Kitty

We don't know where to begin from? Owning a Hello Kitty stationery item almost seems like a birthright now, you got to have it and flaunt it, overtly. For starters, Hello Kitty is not her real name but Kitty White.
Kitty is this merry-little-mouthless-girl who wears a red bow on her right ear and lives with her parents, grandparents, twin sister, and her adorable pet―Charmmy Kitty. She was born on November 1, in suburban London, and is always prettily garbed in her signature red overalls.
She loves reading, traveling, making new friends, and loves eating delicious pies (without a piehole, however) made by Mary White, Kitty's loving mama.

My Melody

My Melody is Sanrio's rabbit version of Little Red Riding Hood, whose hood has been under many color makeovers. Born on January 18, My Melody, like Hello Kitty, appears on a number of merchandise and video games and is widely liked by women of all ages.
Originally without a mouth, she got herself one in anime series Onegai My Melody, where she plays the protagonist. Her nickname in the series is My Melo, and she is always determined to save the world from the Spirit of Dark Power and flies around with her pink umbrella. 


My Melody's friendly rival, Kuromi is another favorite from the land of Sanrio. She's an edgy and unruly character who wears a black jester's hat with a cute pink skull, which sometimes turns into bright fuchsia pink, and has a sinister tail, which happens to be her weak point.
It's Kuromi who is more girly than My Melody and has fondness for cute guys. Reading romance novels and savoring on shallots are some of her hobbies. 

Little Twin Stars

Those cherubic colored hair little characters are so cute! There are many kidults who will readily pay a king's ransom if given a chance to slip into that quixotic world of Little Twin Stars. The brother-sister duo of Kiki and Lala are Sanrio's happiness ambassadors who love spreading joy to everyone they meet.
They were introduced in 1975, and celebrate their birthday on December, 24.


Just as weird things drop into our laps, it also slinks its way into the life of this spiky-haired penguin, Badtz-Maru. Badtz-Maru lives in Gorgeoustown and has baby alligator as his 'watchdog' called Pochi, and a Panda friend in a tutu, called Pandaba.
His sleepy eyes and permanent scowl seem to express his anguish of how-am-i-putting-up-with-this-hokum, nonetheless, we like him. And so his trademark taunting gesture of pulling down one eye and sticking his tongue out.
Badtz-Maru may seem cranky and selfish, but deep down, he is a good penguin. He celebrates his birthday on 1st April which is April Fool's Day, say what? 


Pochacco looks like a casual doodle out of a drawing book. He has floppy ears, striking white complexion, and like Hello Kitty, no mouth. His athletic proneness is seen by the way he garbs up.
Pochacco is a dog with a sensible head on, he is playful, loves his sleep and soccer, eats his favorite banana-flavored ice cream, and also shares a passion for espionage. Pochacco gets to celebrate his birthday once in every four years as he was born on February 29.


Pompompurin is a bonhomie golden retriever who wears a brown beret on top of his head. Pompompurin lives a covetous life; he eats his favorite pudding, hangs out with his buddies―a hamster, a mouse and a bird―and sleeps for hours without anyone waking him up for school.
Pompompurin has a potential of becoming the next Jimmy Choo as he shares a penchant for collecting shoes and sandals. 


As the name aptly suggests, Bonbonribbon has a soft spot for ribbons and has them on almost every part of her body. She has a big stippled one on her head (which she designed on her own!), one on her right foot, left paw, ears, and tail. She aspires to be a fashion designer like her mother and likes to sing and dance.

Dear Daniel

Dimensions of relations change as we grow old. We evidenced Kitty's and Dear Daniel's playful camaraderie as they played and cavorted together. But today, Dear Daniel is Hello Kitty's adoring boyfriend who is smart, has traveled around the world and aims to make it big as a photographer or a celebrity.
Dear Daniel has makings of a good dancer, as he can do some mind-blowing ballet and hip hop.


Cinnamoroll is a chubby white puppy with blue eyes and ample pink blush on cheeks. His fluffy and curly tail looks like a cinnamon roll, hence the name. He has long ears that help him to fly around the town.
Cinnamoroll wafted down from the sky to cafe Cinnamon after he caught a whiff of cinnamon rolls. He has been a mascot of the cafe ever since, and likes to have fun and adventure with his usual bunch of buddies- Espresso, Mocha, Cappuccino, Milk, Coco, Nuts, and Chiffon. 
These characters from Sanrio wield great influence on us not merely as consumers, but also as viewers. From theme parks to restaurants to hospitals to being ambassadors, Sanrio characters are going places and continue to captivate people across all ages.