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Laika Lalonde is in 'Love by Accident'

Canadian actress Laika Lalonde is thrilled to play Shirley in the upcoming film 'Love by Accident'.
laika lalonde
Laika has taken a roundabout route to acting, bouncing from one industry to another in an attempt to find her passion. She studied fashion design and marketing, enjoyed a brief stint in the music industry, and even once took a semester of art history. The idea of acting remains in the back of her mind, dismissed out of hand due to lack of confidence.
In 2014, Lalonde chose to stop letting fear rule her life and started chasing her dream. She went back to school, this time pursuing an MFA in acting from the New York Film Academy. Two years later she graduated and headed to Montreal, where her career began in earnest.
During her time in Montreal, Lalonde has appeared in several short films and TV movies, including the film Twisted. In 2019, Lalonde had the pleasure of working on 'Love by Accident', which releases through the Hallmark Channel and Netflix in early 2020.
Lalonde plays Shirley, Matthew's mother appearing in several flashbacks in the movie. Lalonde enjoyed playing alongside Henderson Wade (Matthew) and Getenesh Berhe (Daphne) to create this film, and is excited to be part of more movies as her career grows. Don't miss her performance here at any cost.