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Iconic Scary Movie Posters Recreated in Fuzzy Felt

Every big budget blockbuster requires an iconic poster. These posters are designed to capture the essence of the film at a glance but not give too much away.
What if you took away the big budget and bought it right back to basics with a bit of simple crafting and a steady hand? Would a movie poster recreated in fuzzy felt still capture the essence of the film? Let's find out.


Often touted as the perfect movie poster, the original artwork for this 1979 classic (created by Steve Frankfurt & Philip Gips) sets the tone perfectly.

A Clockwork Orange

Probably Stanley Kubrick's finest cinematic achievement, the classic poster (created by Philip Castle) is as haunting and bizarre as the film itself.


The original artwork for this 70's classic wasn't intended for use as a poster at all, but for the novel's cover. But filmmakers loved Roger Kastel's work so much, they used it for the movie poster too.

Jurassic Park

Poster for the Steven Spielberg classic was minimalist for a reason. The seasoned director didn't want to present the dinosaurs of the film until the film released, leading to the creation from Sandy Collora.

The Shining

Another Stanley Kubrick masterpiece, it was only right that the poster be created by a master. Saul Bass created the movie poster, but there were many rejections before arriving at the poster we know and love.

The Silence of the Lambs

Even in the horror genre, there aren't many posters as creepy as this. Created by Dawn Baillie, the poster is haunting and reflective of the paralysis terror can induce.

The Terminator

Possibly Arnold Schwarzenegger's most iconic role, the poster for 'The Terminator' defined the action genre of 1980's. With it's overt masculinity, this brutalist piece of art had it all.

 Amy Hunt