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Who Would Win the Grand Battle Between Hulk and Wolverine?

Vinay Dev
This Story brings two of the most famous superheroes ever created to fight - The Hulk and Wolverine! Read the sections ahead to know who wins this grand battle.

Did You Know?

Wolverine has survived after being crushed under a steamroller, ripped into two pieces, and has even survived a full-blown atomic blast.
This face-off is the stuff of all-out brawling fantasies. You think you enjoy wrestling, boxing, and UFC? Imagine an 8-foot tall, green monster, fueled by pure gamma-radiated anger, trying to kill a 5-foot 6-inch pocket monster, fueled by berserker rage, who just doesn't die.
It does not help that both of them have ultra-fast healing capabilities. The Hulk has been known to be at the center of a nuclear blast, and still survived. Wolverine has been decapitated, ripped into two, and still survived. Bullet-wounds are tiny nicks to both, and dismemberment of an organ is the least of their concerns.
Then there are anger issues. Hulk, as we know, is too angry and wants to smash everything he sees. The Wolverine, because he's been through a lot in his past, has got a lot of bottled-up rage. So, really, they do not need a lot of prodding to start fighting actually.

Hulk Vs. Wolverine


  1. Wolverine is the classic Wolverine with adamantium-laced skeleton.
  2. The Hulk is the classic Hulk.
  3. The Hulk does not know about Wolverine's healing abilities.
  4. Wolverine does not know that the Hulk is Bruce Banner.


Age: Approx. 220 years
Height: 161.5 cm (5'3")
Weight: 412 lb (187 kg)
  • Smokes cigars
  • Adamantium indestructible skeleton
  • Healing and regeneration capabilities
  • Claws
  • Short fuse
  • Keen senses
  • Mutton-chop sideburns
  • Expert martial artist
  • Polyglot
  • Calls everyone 'bub'

The Hulk

Age: 45 years
Height: 244 cm (8')
Weight: 1038 lb (471 kg)
  • Can jump great distances
  • Wears purple shorts
  • Can destroy mountains
  • Cannot be mind-controlled
  • Limited vocabulary
  • Oversized muscles
  • Green-colored skin and blood
  • Ultra-fast healing
  • Can last very long
  • Skilled slugger

Preliminary Comparison

Strength: The Hulk outclasses Wolverine in strength. Even though Wolverine is strong enough to lift Hulk and throw him, the green monster is more than a match for the tiny guy.
Stamina: This is a very close characteristic for both of them. Because of Wolverine's accelerated healing, he has got near unlimited stamina. The Hulk, as long as he is angry, has unlimited amounts of energy at his disposal.
Durability: Both are incredibly durable. Even major injuries like dismemberment are quickly healed and only enrages, these heroes to fight harder.
Fighting Skills: Although the Hulk has advanced fighting skills, Wolverine is more than a match for him in this department. Wolverine has mastered 15 martial arts, and is extremely proficient in espionage and advanced weaponry.

Scenario One: Rage-fest!

The Hulk gets angrier and angrier as he keeps fighting.

Wolverine has a typical characteristic that gives him animal-like intense anger called berserker's rage when he is pushed to his limits.
Some would think that Wolverine's superior fighting skills will help, but they do not. The Hulk will get angrier and angrier, and will beat Wolverine to pulp. This is after 3 - 4 hours of non-stop fighting, where Wolverine gives the Hulk deep gashes which heal in a moment and make the Hulk greener with rage.
Possible Outcome: Until Wolverine is beaten to pulp, this is a stalemate. But if you go beyond that, the pulp will regenerate to become whole, and Wolverine's superior tracking abilities will lead him to Hulk.
Then it forks into two possibilities. One where the Hulk is Hulk, and the fight starts again, and the other where the Hulk has cooled down to Bruce Banner, and is resting.

In the second case, Wolverine will not kill Bruce, but will question him why he smells like the green monster, giving him time to convert back into Hulk, and the fight starts again.

Scenario Two: The Hulk Claps

Wolverine is known for his extra-sensitive senses. Even whispering has been known to be very unpleasant to him.

The Hulk is very well-known for his Thunderclap move, where he generates a loud shock-wave that has been shown to level entire structures.
This shock-wave might be enough to overload Wolverine's senses and nearly kill him, as his brain will suffer intense damage. His regenerative properties will repair the brain in the meantime, but after he recovers, it is unlikely he will remember who the Hulk is.
The comics and movies have demonstrated how Wolverine loses his memory after brain damage.

Possible Outcome: Wolverine forgets about the Hulk, and the Hulk goes on to live a happy, full-of-rage life.

The Verdict

It is to be noted that both the characters cannot kill the other person. Both have admitted that they cannot kill the other person even if they wanted to. It is just not possible with the wondrous healing abilities both have.
If however, we do let go of the assumption that Wolverine does not know that the Hulk is Bruce Banner, he can track down Banner and kill him. But this is strictly theoretical, since Wolverine strictly abides by the rules of Bushido, and only kills when absolutely necessary.

This face-off is an outright stalemate.