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How to Get a Talent Agent

Suketu Mehta
Agents will provide you with the necessary wings for you to get a flying start in Hollywood. Read on to understand the ways to get an agent who will help you get that, one elusive breakthrough...
The basic job of an agent is to get the client's work noticed by the right people. An agent will fix up meetings various casting directors, producers, or executives, who could give you work that will do justice to your talent. He also acts as your representative while interacting with people regarding your work. Having a good agent is a must if you intend to make it big in any popular field.

Getting a Talent Agent

To get a talent agent, you can search the web for various talent agencies. A talent agent covers a host of professions, such as models, character actors, child actors, singers, and even dancers. Zero in on the agent according to your specialty and other various criteria. Check on the agent's credentials before you finalize the decision.
You will have to mail your resume, along with a picture, for the agent to get an understanding of the talent you possess, and the kind of work you are looking for. In case you have an upcoming performance, invite agents to the performance.
If you are able to impress them, your job is a lot easier. Keep approaching different agents even if you meet with rejection in your initial attempts.


The easiest way to get an agent is by letting them know about you. For this to happen, you should start displaying your talent wherever possible. Short films, street plays, theater, or even random videos on YouTube can help in getting you noticed. Once the agent is convinced of the potential you possess, he will surely find you out, instead of the other way round.


The best way to get a modelling agent is to get composite cards or zed cards. These act like business cards for a model, and also help in getting work. It should have about 4 to 5 of your pictures printed on 5x7 cards. Hire a good photographer to shoot these pictures, so that you are portrayed well. Get pictures in different poses and different costumes, like casuals, swimwear, business gear, or even sportswear.
After you have got the comp cards in place, you should look for various agencies. Mail your comp cards to the agencies along with a cover letter. Do not write a thesis on the cover letter; instead, keep the writing crisp and concise, as agents receive a lot of these mails, and do not have time to read long stories. Mention your contact details on the letter for them to get back to you.


It is very difficult to write a screenplay, but it is even more difficult to get it produced. That's where an agent comes in. If you are looking for someone who will help you get your screenplay produced, you should ideally refer to the Hollywood Creative Directory (HCD) or the America Writer's Guild website.
You will get a list of agents from these locations, which are regularly updated. Choose agents who are specialized in the genre you screenplay is about. Also, shortlisting agencies which have just started is not a bad option, as they may not have a lot of clients at hand. Once you have figured out the agencies you want to approach, make a query letter.
This should be short, concise, and should have a brief introduction about yourself along with a short description of your screenplay, and your contact details.
Beware of bogus or fake agencies, and do a thorough background check before you finalize one. Normally agents are paid a percentage of what clients earn on every performance. However, go through the contract properly before you sign it, to avoid any confusion on the remuneration and duties of the agent. All the best!