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How to Become an Actress

Rujuta Borkar
Wondering how to become an actress and turn your childhood dream into a reality? Well aren't you lucky, we have just the information for you.
Have you always dreamed of becoming an actress? Imagined being wrapped in the glitz, the glamor... constantly thought about that feeling of pure and raw energy coursing through you when you deliver a dialog? Or felt the exhilaration that you would, when the spot lights focus on your face?
The definitive moment when the director says 'Action!' and you walk slowly and surely over to where the suave lead waits for you... Sigh! If only all this could come true.
Well, who says it can't? Just follow our lead on how to become an actress, and soon enough you'll be prepared to enthrall the world with your performances.
Let's get one thing straight right now, becoming an actress is not easy. It cannot happen with the click of a finger. It requires hard work and a lot of talent. Many girls dream of being spotted at a mall by an agent, who then goes on to hire them and they become great actresses.
First of all, agents do not keep scrounging the streets all the time for talent, and two, (surprise, surprise!) that is not the only route to become an actress. There isn't any point depending on fate in that manner. Instead, we should focus on things that are in our own hands. The following are some tips that you can follow in order to become an actress.

Get Perfect

If you want to become an actress with no experience, it won't work. You have to know your craft to perfection. If you aren't confident of acting, do everything you can to become perfect first.
Take acting and dance classes. Maybe even voice modulation or speech classes.
If you don't have the money to spend for classes, then try borrowing acting tapes from your local library. Read as many books as you can on acting as well. Learn the different types of acting.


Practice whenever you get the opportunity. Stand in front of the mirror and study yourself. A better option is to record yourself and then view the footage to know what your strengths and weaknesses are so that you can hone or improve them respectively.
Practice with a group if possible. This will allow you to learn important skills about sharing space with other actors and how to play off their dialogs.

Become Active

Start to put yourself out there. Take part in community plays, school theatrics, etc. There is a chance someone might notice you. Or that you might meet people who can help you with your career. And the best thing is that it will help you to develop your acting skills.

Brush Up on Dialogs

Learn and prepare several monologues. Perfect these dialogs and the technique you will use to deliver them. Sometimes at auditions, the producers might ask you to exhibit something.
At this time, having a monologue ready will help. It will show them that you were well prepared and your versatility will be seen through the dialogs.

Focus on Appearance

Learn to focus on your appearance. Try not to be shabby and unkempt. It is not necessary to look glamorous and put on a layer of make up every time you leave the house, but make sure that you look good. Eat well and keep fit. Highlight your good features. This will give you confidence and style.

Prepare a Portfolio

Get a portfolio shot with maximum focus on head shots. This is what will help the producers remember you. The best option is to have your resume printed on the back of the head shots. This will help the producers in knowing everything about you.

Prepare a Resume

Make sure that you prepare a resume that you update regularly. It should mention your education, acting experience, and credentials, along with rewards received and your contact information. It is necessary that you carry this on all your auditions. This will help the producers to know you better and lend you a very professional appeal.

Acting Records

Make a collection of all the acting gigs that you have done. This will help you to showcase your versatility as far as acting is concerned.
At an audition when there are so many others vying for the part, your montage of acting might help to distinguish you from the rest. Keep it handy and it might just turn out to be the key in starting your career.


Networking and building contacts is crucial for this field. More often than not, one will get a job through contacts in this field. That is why you need to learn to get noticed and staying in the limelight.
Find out where your chances of getting a job are maximum, and if possible, move there. Try to get to know people of that field and tell them to keep you updated if any opportunity makes way.

Hire an Agent

If possible, hire an agent. This goes a long way because there is someone else who is managing your career for you. He will help you in making contacts and tell you about all the auditions that are to happen. Some agencies do not accept actors for auditions, unless they come through an agent.


Visit as many auditions as you can. Even if it is not something that you are interested in, go for it. This will help you to become comfortable with the audition process on the whole.
Other than this reason, auditions are the only way to get noticed and up your chances for a gig. Yes, it's not an easy process and even though we have all the pointers on how to become one, fate plays an equally important role as well. But perfecting ourselves is what we can do and we shouldn't shy from that. So how about it then? Ready to become an actress?