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How to Act Like an Anime Character

Aastha Dogra
Youngsters often dress like anime characters to look different and cool. If this is on your mind too, read the following information for tips on how to act like an anime character...
Gone are the days when youngsters used to follow the latest fashion while dressing. Gone are the days when they invented their own styles and dressed to ascertain their individuality. Today, youngsters want to dress up like their favorite animation characters!
They want to take their liking for an anime character to another level all together, by dressing like them! So, if you too have a fascination for a particular anime character and want to showcase the same through your mannerisms and clothes, here are some fun tips which you will definitely find very interesting. Have a look...

Tip # 1

Choose an anime character whose looks and personality appeal to you. Sakura, Sora, Bishoujo, Sana, Aelita, Yuki Nagato, Yuri, Gaara, Hentai, Otaku, Lala Ru, Modern Katara, Heero Yuy - there are endless anime characters for you to choose from.
Select the one with whom you identify or whose beliefs/actions you agree with. You can even create your own anime character, build a story around him, give him qualities and personality, and start acting like him!

Tip # 2

Once you are sure of the character you want to act like, have a good look at the kind of clothes it wears. Search the Internet and look at your chosen character's images to get a fairly good idea of his dressing style. Find similar clothes and start wearing them yourself from now on. Before acting like the character, you should first of all look like it.

Tip # 3

If wearing the same clothes seems too far fetched to you, there are a number of other things that you can do to look like an anime.
For instance, wear shirts, tops, and t-shirts which have Asian designs on them. Or, wear kimono like tops. Another thing you can do is to wear lots of accessories, such as chains and belts. In short, do anything that makes you stand out, but at the same time, do not overdo things, otherwise it can make you look absurd. You can get a few piercings done too.
In the end, whatever clothes that you choose to wear, see to it that they say something about you, your personality, and are not just about the anime character that you are imitating.

Tip # 4

Style your hair in a unique manner. Give it colors, such as pink, green and blue. A good idea would be to have streaks in these colors. Curl your hair, grow them a bit, keep them messed or style them in a classy way, do whatever it takes to change your appearance.
If you want to give an edgy look, carry a toy weapon, such as an assault rifle or a kunai as well. Wear a back pack in bright colors like red and green. If you do this, no one will be able to miss you, even in a group.

Tip # 5

Work on your looks and body. Have you noticed that most of the anime characters have shapely bodies and good skin. So, you too aim for the same. Exercise and tone yourself up.
Lose unwanted fats from your body by eating healthy and giving up on junk food. This will give a healthy glow to your skin too. If your skin is not in the best of conditions, as teen acne is a very common problem, use some good quality make up to get an even skin tone.
Eye shadows, eyeliners, mascara, lipsticks and glitter, all these beauty products will further enhance your look. And do not think that these beauty products are meant only for girls. Some of them can be creatively used by boys as well, to give themselves a unique look.

Tip # 6

Finally, act like the character that you have chosen. Imbibe their qualities in your behavior. Anime characters can be anything - quiet, strong, flamboyant, weird, freaks, relaxed, positive, dark, etc.
Start acting like your favorite character, at the same time, do not lose your individuality completely. Also, if the character you are imitating has some purpose in life, find a similar one for yourself and make efforts to achieve your goals.

Tip # 7

As your character has a particular way of talking, behaving, walking and being, remember to be consistent in your gestures and behavior patterns too. It will lend a kind of "authenticity" to your act.
Secondly, build a group around yourself, with fellow anime followers, who have a similar aim in life as yours i.e. to look and act like an anime. As people who imitate anime characters are often ridiculed and made fun of by others, being in a group will keep you safe.
We hope that with these tips you will be able to imitate your favorite one to the core. It would pay to remember though, that you are doing this just for fun. Do not start believing that you are the character!!! Remember, you are only acting it out for kicks and it is your own unique personality which is the real you!