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Helpful Advice to Make the Perfect Modeling Portfolio

Buzzle Staff
A perfect modeling portfolio will be the first stepping stone towards being a successful model. You just need to get everything right. From the number of photos to the size of your portfolio, from the different shots to be included, to other important tips, we have covered everything for you.

Modeling Resume

It should include your height, weight, age, measurements, previous work, eye color, hair color, dress size, and shoe size.
You have got the looks and attitude to make it big in the glamorous world of modeling. And now it's time to begin with this wonderful journey. But the modeling world can be grueling too, so you need to be equipped with the best. A professional modeling portfolio is your first step in the modeling industry. And you don't want to falter at this step.
Making the perfect portfolio will give your modeling career a boost, and help you land plum assignments. Presentation is very important, and you need to be able to portray your best through your portfolio. Remember, your portfolio can make or break your career.
No worries though, we are here with some helpful advice. This information guides you on how to make the perfect modeling portfolio, how to put it together, how to choose the right pictures, picture size, and a lot more.

Professional Guidance

✪ In case you have already enrolled or signed up with a modeling agency, well and good. If not, at least talk to them. You can ask them to recommend a photographer or a makeup artist to you. It will also help you make the right contacts.
Do not blindly join an agency, especially if they are charging you. Reputed modeling agencies groom you for free, and charge a certain commission from your modeling assignments.
✪ You can even talk to some established models for further assistance. Once you have decided the photographer, talk to him in advance.
✪ Getting your photos clicked by a professional will make a lot of difference to your portfolio. Do not compromise, their fees are high, but it will be worth it.

Be Prepared

✪ Once the date of your photo shoot has been finalized, start preparing for it. Talk to the photographer about makeup, clothes, and hair. While some arrange for everything, others ask you to get it done on your own.

✪ Get a professional makeup artist to do your makeup. Talk to her beforehand and finalize the looks. Keep your clothes and accessories ready.

Practice it Right!

✪ Browse through fashion magazines, to understand different poses. Practice them regularly in front of your mirror.
✪ This will help you to understand which ones suit you better. Study how your face looks in different angles and lights. Make sure that your hands, especially the fingers are not in any awkward position.

Enjoy Your Photo Shoot

✪ Avoid alcohol or fried food, the day before your shoot. You should be fresh, confidant, and in your best shape on the day of the shoot. Sleep well, and wake up early.
✪ Reach the venue early. Being punctual and polite will help you in the long run. Enjoy your photo shoot, and don't forget to thank the photographer.

✪ Ask him when you should collect your photos. The real work of putting together the portfolio starts now.

Be Critical

✪ Now comes the most important task. If the shoot has been done by a professional, chances are less that some of your photographs are not good. Still, look through them and choose only the best ones.

✪ Be very critical, take the opinion of an experienced model, and ask your friends and family. Pick only the best photographs for your portfolio.

Important Guidelines

✪ Choose a portfolio book that looks professional. 9×12 and 11×14 are the most popular sizes. Choose at least an 8.5×11 pages' book, if you will be doing print work, since the tear sheets are sized 8.5×11.
✪ Quality trumps quantity, all the time. Choose only 6 -12 photos. If you are going for some specific modeling, you can have photos of that specific type. Put the best ones on the right side of your book, and others on the left.
✪ Shots to be included are the beauty shot, full-length fashion shot, smiling shot, editorial shots, lingerie shots (not compulsory), black and white shots, and Polaroids.
✪ Remember, your portfolio should showcase your ability to carry different looks, and characters with equal ease. Include photographs in natural and studio lighting.
✪ Include some black and white photos, and a no-makeup photo too.

✪ As you start working, update your portfolio. Include tear sheets when you start doing print work.