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The 10 Greatest Disney Villains of All Time

Vinay Dev
Most Disney characters are well-known all over the world. But do the villains get their fair share of limelight? This story lists some of the best villains from the Disney movies.
Did You Know?
The character Queen Grimhilde from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was listed #10 on the American Film Institute's 10 Greatest Cinematic Villains of All Time. Disney villains are doomed, in every frickin' movie.
Because the good always wins in the end. That's a nice lesson for the kids, but it is a valid reason for creating very lousy villains? They have till the climax of the movie to do whatever evil they like, before they die (mostly fall into a depth-less chasm).
But some creators have gone the distance in making them truly evil, so that the little screen time they do get, they make sure they creep into the underpants of the kids who watch them. They turn out to be good villains, unlike the rest of their brethren, who usually suck.
Here, we list out the villains who almost got the heroes killed, whether it was because of an elaborate plan, outright attack, or an unfortunate incident! Check them out.
Shere Khan from The Jungle Book
This guy is seriously bitter. He is a cripple, and is obsessed with the idea of Mowgli for dinner. He does not stop scheming, and thinks it is his right to eat Mowgli. It is only because of the combined caring of Bagheera and Baloo that Mowgli is kept safe.

Shere Khan seriously needs to get a life. Or a hobby.
Jafar from Aladdin
Like how Shere Khan is obsessed with Mowgli, this guy is obsessed with power and Jasmine. He is a sorcerer, but apparently uses his brains and non-existent charm to usurp the throne. What a complete waste of magical education and skills.
He fails to get Jasmine, and is thwarted in the attempt to become the Rajah, even with the most powerful genie backing him.

One word. Loser.
The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland
I love this villain. How can you not love her? She is fat, cuddly, and enjoys her life and power. She also has one solution to all her problems. Cut off the head of the person causing it. So simple and profound.
The tea is not made well? Off with their heads!
Someone tripped on the way to kiss your hand? Off with their head!
A harmless girl enters your kingdom? Off with her head!
A group of soldiers fail to sever Alice's head? Off with their heads!

She has all the loopholes covered. Anyone who fails to get her a severed head―his head is severed. Totalitarian genius.
Sid Phillips from Toy Story
UGH. I had a neighbor who had more toys than i did. I tried not to hate him, but then I saw what he did with his toys. He took off his sister's Barbie doll's clothes and put them on his G.I. Joes. And, most of his G.I. Joes had an arm or leg missing.
Sid Phillip is like that. What makes it worse is that the toys in Toy Story can actually talk and have a life.

So, what Sid Phillips does with his toys is what Frankenstein did with his monster. The WORST!
Queen Grimhilde from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
The ORIGINAL villain. She is very good at what she does, and what she does is pretty much underground in the fires of hell. She is vain and downright motivated to become the fairest of them all.
Her Google-like mirror aggregates the beauty of all the women in her kingdom, and alerts her about a superior beauty. You know what she does? She gives a box to an assassin, in which she wants the heart of Snow White brought to her.
Apparently, she has got the means to genetically test the heart to confirm whether it is the heart of Snow White, or probably Google-mirror does it for her.
"Mirror mirror on the wall, is this the heart of that Snow-white-bitch-doll?"
When the assassin fails, she becomes an ugly old woman, and tries to poison Snow White herself. Very ambitious, and to the point. Why don't they do that in beauty pageants? It would make the selection so much easier...
Scar from The Lion King
One of the few worthy villains Disney came out with, Scar has it all―brains, willingness to kill, thirst for power, and as his name says, a bad-ass scar. Bodily, he is not as strong as his brother Mufasa. Also, he does not have any brotherly feelings towards him, and only cares about becoming the king.
He kills him without compunction, and even tells his jackal minions to kill his cub nephew―no matter how cuddly he is.

Disney did good work on this guy. Why? The dialog "Long live the king!" as he kills Mufasa is probably the most cold-hearted thing any Disney villain has ever done.
Maleficent from The Sleeping Beauty
She is a victim of circumstance. Although she is evil, the three good fairies were kind of bitchy to her―not letting her see the newborn princess, and all that. Cursing the small child was going a bit too far, and seeing to it that Aurora's curse is completed, talks about her evil tenacity.
But the three 'good' fairies put the whole town into a deep slumber until eternity. Why? Just because their lovely sweet princess is in an endless sleep, that's why! Of course, protect the princess by giving the same bad affliction she has to everyone nearby! Because that is good!
Maleficent also turns into a bad-ass dragon in the end to fight the handsome prince. Then she dies, obviously. Because, it's a Disney movie.

Then the prince goes and kisses Aurora while she is in a coma. She cannot even say "Too much tongue, Phillip!" How romantic!
Ursula from The Little Mermaid
Another impressive villain, Ursula plots to rule all the oceans on the planet. All the water in the world is not enough to dampen her plans to become the queen.
She is pretty much a postmenopausal manipulative bitch. It also helps when the protagonist (Ariel) is a dumb teenager. The king has all the muscles on his body and not much in his head.

She almost gets the throne, but you know how Disney is―the good wins, always―even when it is a bimbo called Ariel.
Randall Boggs from Monsters, Inc.
This guy, we realize, is truly evil. He is ultra competitive and is really creepy, literally. After the sequel 'Monsters University', we realize the reason for all the bitterness.
He also comes up with a really evil plan to solve the energy crisis―a torture chair to collect much more screams.

The screams are going to be that of the children! Truly evil...
Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians
Nice name. Nice fur coat. Nice hairstyle too. Chic. Classy. Trashy.

She is obsessed with fur coats, and gets the idea of slaughtering all the dalmatian puppies of her employee, Anita. She wants to slaughter puppies to get a spotted fur coat. Puppies. Small cuddly fur balls, who look at you with their innocent eyes!
She wants to kill puppies. Puppies.


These were some of the nastiest villains that Disney have brought to life.