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7 Good Anime Like Bleach

Sai Kardile
Ichigo Kurosaki, a fictional character in Bleach, is a 15-year-old boy who can see ghosts and is blithely indifferent to them. If we had been invested with the same spirit-sighting power like him and told someone, they would have surely fainted. Ichigo is a brave young lad who fights evil spirits without breaking a sweat. We present to you in this story.
Did You Know?
Ichigo Kurosaki and Marco, the blond-haired and sleepy-eyed commander of pirates from One Piece, share the same voice actor named Masakazu Morita.
Ichigo, as mentioned earlier, is a high school kiddo who can see ghosts and entities of similar nature that are devised to scare the living lights of the ordinary, weak-hearted teenagers but not him, for he is not your average teenager.
So, one fine day, a petite Soul Reaper called Kuchiki Rukia pays a surprise visit to Ichigo, and is shocked by Ichigo's ability to see her. Just as she was about to congratulate or say something on his unique power, a soul of a bad nature called Hollow drops unannounced and attacks Ichigo.
Rukia, in a bid to protect Ichigo and his family, transfers her fancy shinigami powers to Ichigo to help him fight the Hollow, like on a temporary basis, but Ichigo unwittingly sucks out all of her powers, leaving her without even an iota of it, damn!
Bleach teaches us a very important lesson―too much of altruism can get your petite derrière in real mess. Haha. So basically, Bleach is bad guys, good guys, comedy, some romance, and action served as a whole.
Given below is a selection of anime like Bleach that are equally appetizing for all you avaricious anime aficionados out there.
1. Blood+

Saya Otonashi is again an average teenage girl (average people sure do have leg up on brilliant students as they are most likely to be furnished with real fancy powers and cool supernatural stuff) leading a peaceful life with her parents.
However, one day, the complacency of her pacific life is terribly shaken after she is attacked by a Chiropteran (imagine a bat on steroids). It is then borne in on her that the fate of the whole human race depends on her as only she has the power to defeat Chiropterans.
She along with her family and allies set out on an exterminating journey, on the course of which she recollects the memories of her tumultuous past.
2. Bakemonogatari

We all know that spotting ghosts, spirits, apparition, et al is a natural phenomenon for Japanese teenagers, and if any teenager is found to be without this unique ability, he will be instantly considered as talentless. Koyomi Araragi is our shining spirit spotter who has also survived a vampire attack.
One day, his classmate, a purple-haired, feeble-looking girl named Hitagi Senjogahara, drops into Koyomi's arms, without causing him to break his bones; this is because she is immune to the effects of gravity, to put it simply, she is weightless.
Her weightlessness was brought on by a fight with a crab spirit. Koyomi, like a gentleman, offers his help to regain her weight. Throughout the series, Koyomi takes it upon him to cure girls from their supernatural oddities. Good boy, isn't he?
3. Buso Renkin

Kazuki Muto, a 16-year-old boy, gets killed while trying to save his sister and a mysterious cute girl from a monster. Tokiko Tsumura, the mysterious girl, is actually an alchemist warrior who gets impressed by Kazuki's valor and plants a kakugane (an incredible alchemical widget that forms a Buso Renkin) to resuscitate him.
The Buso Renkin is apparently the only weapon that can wipe out the Homunculus monsters. Kazuki and Tokiko with their unique Buso Renkins vow to fight the evil aforementioned monsters.
4. One Piece

It all starts with Gol D Roger's quarry of treasure. Right before his public execution, he reveals that his hoarded wealth, the One Piece is up for grabs. This naturally spurs on the pirate community, and pirates all around the world begin their journey to the Grand Line to seek treasure.
The protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy is a kid with big dreams; he wants to follow in the footsteps of his idol, claim the One Piece, and rule the pirate world.
Monkey D. Luffy, like other anime protagonists, is a special one―he has a rubberized body that he gets after accidentally chewing on the Devil's fruit (his rubber body allows him to throw punches even from a distance). With the company of skilled pirates and thieves, Monkey D. Luffy overcomes opponents and moves ahead in search of the One Piece.
5. Black Lagoon

Okajima Rokuro is leading a very uninspiring life. He is maltreated like other low-salary Japanese businessmen; in short, he is living a drab life. One fine day, he is in for a surprise as his bosses send him on an assignment to the tropical seas of eastern China to deliver some secret disc.
But his happy breather soon turns into a nightmare as he is captured by mercenaries of the Lagoon Company. A certain female mercenary also takes a shining to Rokuro and decides to keep him as a hostage. However, as time elapses, Rokuro realizes the affable nature of his abductors and decide to join hands with them.
He is now enjoying his life. Watch this anime to know the further events in the life of the protagonist.
6. My-HiME

Tokiha Mai is another representative of the seemingly ordinary but secretly talented group of teenagers. After her parents die, the responsibility of the younger indisposed brother, Takumi falls on her shoulders.
Mai and Takumi manage to get admission in the elite school of Fuuka Gakuen and hope to live a normal school life. But, destiny has other plans for Mai as she is now told that she possess powers of HiME (Highly-advanced Materializing Equipment) that she must employ to protect the school from Orphans, nasty monsters.
7. Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo is a blend of contemporary art and historical setting. The story revolves around Mugen, a ferocious warrior, Jin, a drifter ronin (also there is no love lost between Mugen and Jin), and, Fuu, a scatterbrained waitress.
Mugen and Jin in an attempt to swank off their combat techniques, inadvertently kill the magistrate's son and get a death sentence for the same. However, Fuu helps them escape their execution and asks the overzealous fighters to help her find a samurai who smells of sunflowers. We hope with this important olfactory cue, they find the samurai.