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Funny Zombie Movies

Rahul Thadani
Finding humor in zombie movies is a relatively new genre, and it reflects the evolution of the nature of the classic genre of zombies. Read on to know some of the best exponents of that...
Zombie movies have been long-standing favorites amongst horror movie buffs all around the world. That being said, funny movies about zombies is a genre that has evolved quite recently. This combines the apocalyptic horror of zombie movies with subtle humor. Watching these movies will provoke a strange sense of conflicting emotions within you, but you have to commend and congratulate the makers of these movies for that very reason.
Depicting a world that is taken over by bloodthirsty zombies and a few helpless and desperate survivors is a formula that has been around for many decades, but not many are able to get it right. To add a blend of humor and sarcasm to this background is even harder, and this is what makes the best ones stand out. For those of you looking for some thrills intertwined with laughter, here are some hilarious gems that you can treat yourself to.

Laughs and Chills


This is definitely a contender for the funniest zombie movie ever made. This is an American movie that released in 2009, and it stars Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, and Emma Stone. The movie tells the tale of 'Columbus', a nerd and loser before the zombie 'mad human being' apocalypse struck.
During his travels he talks about the hilarious rules that helped him survive, and he also encounters some interesting characters who are looking for a sanctuary.

Shaun of the Dead

Termed as a romantic comedy horror movie, this 2004 British movie has a little bit of everything. It stars the hilarious duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as two roommates who suddenly find themselves in the middle of a zombie plague. The lead character, Shaun, also has to deal with some terrible problems in his love life while combating the maddened zombies.

Night of the Creeps

No list of funny zombie movies will be complete without the mention of this cult classic. This movie was released in 1986, and it stars Tom Atkins and Jason Lively. The movie is a homage to the B-grade movies that have flooded the silver screen since a long time.
The plot revolves around a mangled tale of how a possessed alien combines his genes with a crazed mental patient and then enters the mind of a teenage boy who becomes the zombie. It may sound complicated, but it is ridiculously hilarious.

My Boyfriend's Back

This is a 1993 movie that did not do too well soon upon its release, but over time has become the perfect example of this genre. The movie tells the tale of a teenage boy who gets shot and killed during a robbery. The fun begins when he comes back from the dead for a date with the girl he is in love with, only to find that his body is disintegrating and that he has an insatiable hunger for human flesh.


This is a Canadian film, and received very positive reviews. The movie presents an alternate reality, where radiation from space has turned the dead into zombies. An enterprising company creates collars for these zombies, which allows humans to control the creatures and turn them into slaves. The film takes an interesting twist when Fido, a slave zombie, goes out of control and kills a neighbor.


This is a 1992 film made by Peter Jackson, the director of the famous Lord of the Rings trilogy. This movie also holds the record for featuring the most fake blood in a movie, so you know what to expect. The movie is about a young man's mother, who gets bitten by a Sumatran rat-monkey, and her violent rampages that follow. The young man tries hard to cover up his zombie mother's killings, but this is ultimately in vain.

I Was a Teenage Zombie

This is another cult classic, released in 1987. Though the movie did not have a very large budget and starred some relatively unknown actors, it did very well worldwide. The movie takes a hilarious twist when a drug dealer turns into a zombie, and this throws the lives of some teenage boys looking to buy some marijuana into turmoil.

Idle Hands

This 1999 movie stars Devon Sawa as a lazy teenager, and it tells the tale of how his hand gets possessed and goes on a killing spree even after it has been cut off. Ridiculous and insightful at the same time, this movie was a homage to the famous saying 'Idle hands are the devils workshop'.

Dead & Breakfast

This is a hilarious 2004 comedy, and it tells the tale of a group of travelers who land up at a seedy bed and breakfast. A series of mysterious deaths makes everyone suspicious, and when one of them opens an ancient cursed box, an evil spirit called the 'Kuman Thong' turns everyone into zombies.

Zombie Strippers

This is a 2008 movie that is set in a futuristic dystopian society. A secret experiment by the Government to reanimate dead marines goes wrong, and affects the female strippers in a famous strip joint. As a result of this, the dancers at the club willingly turn into zombies because the customers start preferring zombie strippers to live strippers. The results are amusing, to say the least, but the club is eventually overrun by the zombie strippers.
All of these movies are unique in their own regard, and they show the extent to which the zombie culture has infiltrated Hollywood today.