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Famous Superhero Families in Comics

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Families are important not just for us mere mortals, but for superheroes as well. Comic superhero families work together and fight the badasses trying to take over the world. Ardent fans of comic characters will enjoy learning about some of these famous superhero families in comics that were created to add twist and excitement in storylines.

Fantastic Four Family

Dubbed as Marvel’s First Family, Fantastic Four is one strange family. You have Mr. Fantastic and his wife the Invisible Woman along with her brother The Human Torch, and The Thing. This family bickers a lot and has their share of differences, but they love each other enough to lay down their life for each other.

Batman Family

Batman is supposed to have fathered children with Selina Kyle as well as Talia al Ghul. He even went on to adopt many children such as Tim Drake, Cassandra Cain, and Dick Grayson. Our Dark Knight has done his best to provide a home for his biological as well as adopted children. He trains them to work for the common good of Gotham city.

Heroes for Hire Family

Heroes for Hire is a fictional family of team members published by Marvel Comics. They may not be blood-related, but they share a bond stronger than biological ties. All the characters have each other’s back under all circumstances. This is one of the cool, famous superhero families in comics you need not overlook.

Superman Family

There is always a doubt if Superman can father children as Kryptonian DNA does not match with Terran DNA. There have been many instances of DC comic families having a storyline about Superman's progeny. Superman has fathered children with Lois Lane, Wonder Woman, etc. Superman has also adopted children and raised his own cousin, the Supergirl.

The Incredibles Family

The Incredibles Family can be called as the pureblood superhero family of the comic world. Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl have three superpower kids: Violet, Dash, and baby Jack-Jack. Together, the Incredibles family fights any evil harming the innocent human race.

The Spider-Man Family

Peter Parker aka Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson have a daughter Annie aka Spiderling in the alternate-reality series Renew Your Vows. Annie has retained her father’s spidey-sense and reflexes, which proves our dear Spidey can pass down his superpowers to his biological kids.

The Wolverine Family

It would be difficult to grasp our loner Wolverine as a family man. Cloning leads to three kids Laura Kinney (X-23), Daken, and Jimmy Hudson who have all their father’s abilities such as healing powers and retractable claws. Wolverine was definitely not the regular lovey-dovey father, but he trained them well to become the gen-next Wolverines.

Superhero Families are Power Strongholds

These are some of the famous superhero families in comics. These families may not always be tied by blood ties. But they stand together as one saving the world and overcoming unbelievable fantasies churned out by comic writers.