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10 Famous Male Anime Characters of All Time

Sai Kardile
Suave, edgy, and downright popular, the land of Anime houses some irresistibly hot specimens whose appeal and adulation is even frowned upon by real life actors. In this story, we bring to you 10 famous male Anime characters of all time who are awesome and date-able.
Manga (Japanese comic) is so popular in Japan that most of the paper is consumed in printing them.

There are some things that every Anime and Manga buff in the world would want to know - Why are Anime characters so Caucasian-eque? Why Anime and Manga male characters look so feminine?
The answer to this can be found in the early form of Manga called Shoujo, which was targeted for girls between the ages of 10-18 years.
Female Shoujo Manga artists, whose leverage began to thicken during the 1960s wanted to set a new trend in Shoujo scene that involved Western instilled concepts like inclusion of action genre, character development, and ambitious portrayal of female characters, (rather than the syrupy romance stories which the earlier Manga was known for).
This formed the artistic canons for Shoujo comics that led to the depiction of Manga characters with ludicrously large dewy eyes, which were impressively emotive.
As far as effeminacy in male depiction is concerned, this also has its roots in Shoujo Manga along with an added influence of Takarazuka theater (a theater that attended to the female adolescent concepts). Takarazuka theater was known for its cross-dressing actresses who used to be doted on by female teenagers.
Since these male characters (actually male impersonators) made non sexually threatening characters, they gained acceptance from parents. This was then translated into Anime, which was lapped up even more vehemently.
Now that we almost know how the Manga and Anime characterization was molded, let's now turn to our topic of interest - the most famous male Anime characters of all time.
Anime Character: L

Anime Show: Death Note
He may try to beguile us by his childishly silly demeanor, but he is one hell of a dab at espionage. Many of the things that he does like squatting down while snacking on cakes, biting his thumb or garbing up in the same outfit may not appeal to women who expect men to maintain certain codes of hygiene and civility.
But L is an exceptional sleuth, and what he lacks in his disheveled and reclusive exterior, he more than makes up for it in his exceptional case-solving techniques.

Anime Character: Edward Elric

Anime Show: Fullmetal Alchemist
Those with an intense inclination toward guys with long tresses can watch Edward Elric and imagine shampooing his perfect golden locks.
He is someone who literally risked his life and limb to restore his mother to life and continues to engage in unrestrained daredevilry in pursuit of the Philosopher's stone. His character achieves an entertaining equilibrium of winsome charm and stubborn boyishness.
Edward exhibits commendable courage in the face of danger and is very loyal (a quality valued high by women).

Anime Character: Naruto Uzumaki

Anime Show: Naruto
Naruto is a goofy-haired, aspiring Ninja with three token whiskers on his face which serve as a reminder of the nine-tailed fox that is fastened onto his body.
But it is for that very sealed demon that our otherwise slow-on-the-uptake Anime hero becomes a valorous Ninja with incredible power. Naruto can actually spawn himself as he has mastered a special technique that allows him to make clones of himself. He is one lovable softy who deeply cares for people who mean important to him.
Anime Character: Kakashi Hatake

Anime Show: Naruto
Kakashi is our whiz-kid with active male hormones (he is seen reading "Make Out" tactics). He is quite a celebrated figure in the Naruto world and is an alumnus of the elite ANBU unit. Kakashi is apathetic to the mortal concept of time and is often found unpunctual.
However, he is phenomenal for possessing the Sharigan, which affords him the ability to simulate other's movements and skills. He also does some sexy maneuvering with his lightning blade and is also a proponent of teamwork.
Anime Character: Lelouch Lamperouge

Anime Show: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
See, when you happen to have some aristocratic blood coursing in your vein, you tend to get influenced by it and act hoity toity and that exactly defines our next Anime character, Lelouch Lamperouge.
Lelouch is endowed with an incredible intellectual faculty (probably an IQ above 175) and is conferred with the power of Geass in his left eye that enables him to graft commands in others minds. He acts selfish most of the time but genuinely cares for his younger sister, Nunnally and good pal Suzaku. Some girls do fall for mean guys.
Anime Character: Sebastian Michaelis

Anime Show: Black Butler
Sebastian Michaelis is perfect to a fault. He is a butler who reminds us of gentlemanly conduct and propriety. He is suave and smooth and does all tasks with Victorian élan. But what if we told you that this just a specious cover and that there's more to Sebastian than it meets the eye.
Behind that cultivated persona lies a Demon who has promised to aid Ciel (his master) to avenge his parent's death. Girls are also known to have a certain proclivity toward bad guys, so here's one well-bred and layered Anime for you.
Anime Character: Death the Kid

Anime Show: Soul Eater
Now that is one formidable name to have. Death the Kid, known as kid (thank god) is the son of the Death Lord and is a powerful Shinigami (Grim Reaper). He suffers from a weird form of OCD of symmetry as a result of which he acutely feels the need to have every thing in a certain symmetrical configuration.
So crippling is his obsession that the three white streaks on his hair unsettle him (now that is really something). Forget that, he will even stop in the middle of a combat to check if the pictures on his mantle are adhering to his symmetry standards.
However, Kid is one good kiddo, who values his morbid parents, has a moral compass that points north, and a kind heart. Aww.

Anime Character: Astro Boy

Anime Show: Astro Boy
America got its Anime fixation through Astro Boy. Ask your father and he will speak vehemently about him (our fathers were kids too at some point of time).
Yes, so Astro boy is a robotic hero who is seen in modest togs that include underwear and a belt to hold it in place and red knee high boots that serve as personalized jet packs, Wow!
Astro boy is capable of doing unique things like firing volley of bullets from his posterior (quite a gift), ability to speak in more than 60 languages, super sensory heart that can detect evil intentions, et al.
He may be a little young to date but he is our cute version of Edward Cullen, he won't age, but he is very smart for his age; so he deserves consideration.

Anime Character: Speed Racer

Anime Show: Speed Racer
A hero always gets to drive a snazzy car, just like how James Bond gets Aston Martin. Speed gets to drive a custom-designed supercar, Mach V.
Speed has a thing for danger for he will race through precarious routes and treacherous people. Speed is a swashbuckler to the extreme as he won't think twice before racing blind or without brakes. He takes his name rather seriously and is seen driving at incredible speed.
He has a girlfriend named Trixie who follows him in her helicopter, how cool is that. Speed has a chimpanzee pet Chim Chim and a younger brother Spritle, who have this annoying habit of sneaking into Speed's car trunk.
Anime Character: Son Goku

Anime Show: Dragon Ball
When people fall on their head they lose their memory and that's exactly what happened with Goku. Goku was sent as a toddler to annihilate earth. But after the head injury, he transforms into a good person and vows to save the planet instead.
He is quite a rage for his spiked hairstyle, which changes as he slips into different Saiyan forms. He is affable, boisterous, forgiving, and believes in calling a spade a spade (we are honored to have him in our list). Despite being a great warrior, Goku has one fear that he cannot overcome - his wife's anger.
He is also a noob and doesn't quite understand the ways of the world. Goku is a rough diamond and looks incredibly sexy in his super sinewy avatars, and we like him.

From eccentric to idiotic, intelligent to powerful, Anime male characters are funny and just lovable.
And if you thought only adolescents dote on them, you are wrong. Your mother may have her personal favorite from the above list.