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Famous Cartoon Dogs

Aparna Jadhav
We are sure all of you are excited to read about some of the famous dogs which we all enjoy watching in cartoon shows on TV and in movies. Read more about all your favorites here.
When a cartoon character is designed, there has to be sidekick dog designed for its company! No adventure in the animation industry is complete without these fictional dogs, who have been around, since Walt Disney came up with the early cartoons.
Some of these dogs are legends because they personify the most perfect characteristics of a loyal and affectionate friend. Some of them are heroes in themselves and battle the bad to save the world! And some of these famous cartoons simply make us laugh with their unique styles, which we enjoy no matter how old we get.
Ever since cartoons became popular among fans across the world, the relationship between humans and their dog partners have been famous. This pair is always a delight to watch even in reality, from which most of the well-known cartoons are inspired.
Therefore, if you too are one of those who loves to watch these dogs with their adventurous owners in animated movies and TV shows, surely you must have a few favorites!
Astro: Who can forget the multi-talented gray Great Dane from the future, cast as one of the main characters in the Jetsons.
Bandit: He's a fast and courageous Terrier, who manages to save Jonny Quest whenever he's in trouble. A great TV series by Hanna Barbera.
Charlie B. Barkin: If you've seen this amazing animated movie "All Dogs Go To Heaven", (surely a legend among cartoons) you will surely fall in love with this fancy German Shepherd-Collie mix, who goes by the name Charlie!
Dollar: When you have a lot of money, you need to have a pet dog who can carry it off as well! Well, that's what Dollar the Dalmatian, from the comic books and an animated TV series Richie Rich does. He's surely a hit!
Droopy: Can you imagine a detective with a cute snout and long drooping ears and eyes? If you haven't, watch this detective mutt, who is definitely one of the best sleuths as he's got a strong sense of smell for crime.
Goofy: How can we not mention our dear Goofy among the most-loved! He stole the show then and steals it now, being one of the most famous Disney characters, originally called Dippy Dawg.
Huckleberry Hound: He's the star of his own show, "The Huckleberry Hound Show". He will keep you glued to your TV sets with his unique sense of humor!
Krypto the Superdog: If you ever see a white Great Dane flying across your city skies, don't forget to wave at him, as he's Krypto the Superdog! Alright, you might not witness any such thing in reality but you will on Cartoon Network.
Odie: Sometimes you feel bad for him, but most times you would enjoy him being bullied by Garfield! Such is Odie, from the famous cartoon comic strip, Garfield by Jim Davis.
Otto: Another cute little comic dog would be Otto, who resembles his owner, Sarge in the comic strip Beetle Bailey by Mort Walker. He's fun and dreams about food all day long!
Pluto: Most of you must be either very young, or babies when Pluto came into existence. He featured in the animated movies with Mickey Mouse by the Walt Disney Studios.
Scooby-Doo: You all love Scooby Doo's laughter, don't you? He's the only chocolate colored Great Dane who can probably pick his owner up and run like no other dog in the world!
Snoopy: How many of you wear snoopy pajamas or carry a snoopy backpack? Most of you! Well, that's how funny, cute, and adorable Snoopy the Beagle from the comic strip Peanuts and animated TV specials "Charlie Brown Christmas" is.
Snowy: If you own a Fox Terrier, you can pretty much count on him being an adventurous little pet, who can be funny and heroic at the same time.
Spike: Given a chance, Jerry wouldn't dare to miss ticking Spike off with Tom standing in front of him! Can you imagine the situation? With Tom being one of the famous in the list of cartoon characters, Spike has to be the biggest Bulldog among the cartoon dogs!
Underdog: Well, last but not the least, we are very happy to present to you UNDERDOG, from one of the most popular TV animated series - Underdog. He's one happy and silly personification of the word.
With this interesting information, surely you have come across a number of your favorites. There are many other dogs which can be included but, these are some of the most popular entries. So, if you can think of any more, feel free to add to the list and till then enjoy rolling in laughter with these funny little doggies!