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18 Famous Anime Couples

Namrata Phatak
Longing to see the most perfect form of love? Well, anime couples do depict the ideal kinda love. Anime has given some of the most famous couples to the cartoon industry. This story lists a few popular couples.
"On that day, you taught me that solitude is painful! I understand that so well right now. I have family, and I have friends but if you're gone... To me... It will be the same as being alone."
― Haruno Sakura (Naruto)
Anime couples are very expressive. When it comes to showing their love, the passion is clearly visible through their actions. Their huge eyes do all the talking. Their cute looks can make anyone fall in love with them easily. More than words, their body language expresses their feelings.
These couples are very passionate about each other and are possessive too. They are also extremely committed to each other. We give you a list of famous anime couples, who portray the above attributes of love.

Top Anime Couples

Asuna & Kirito

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is a novel series with a plot of a virtual reality multiplayer game. In the novel, a player has to wear a helmet, which transfers him/her into the virtual world. Kirito and Asuna are protagonists of the series. They fall in love with each other when Kirito struggles to rescue Asuna.

Hitagi Senjougahara & Koyomi Araragi

Monogatari Series: Second Season

It is a series where Koyomi, a vampire-turned human, helps Hitagi to solve her problem of being weightless. They first become friends, and later start dating each other. Many girls seem to have crush on him. He turns down their proposal and stays loyal to Hitagi.
For her love's sake, Hitagi asks for help from the person she despises the most in order to help Koyomi.

Mikoto Misaka & Touma Kamijou

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Touma is unaware about his feelings and his love for Mikoto. But he cares a lot for her. He is cautious about not making her angry. He also saves her when she is about to harm herself with her own powers. Mikoto has a crush on Touma and feels responsible to help him in his difficult times.

Mitsuba Okita & Toshiro Hijikata


Toshiro is a vice commander of the Shinsengumi and a chain smoker. He is deeply in love with Mitsuba. But, he doubts himself of keeping Mitsuba happy with him. As a result, his behavior towards her is rude. Mitsuba also loves him, but their story remains incomplete as she dies of tuberculosis.

Other Popular Couples

Taiga Aisaka & Ryūji Takasu


Ryūji is a self-sufficient boy, who knows how to perform daily household chores. On the other hand, coming from a rich family, Taiga has never performed any household chores. She has moved out of her family and stays alone.
They both have crush on each other's friend, and decide to help each other. Meanwhile, they spend a lot of time together and end up being a couple.

Holo & Lawrence

Spice and Wolf

Holo is the wolf goddess of harvest. She leaves Pasloe as people living there desert her. She seeks the company of Lawrence, who is a merchant. She guides him with her wisdom. They travel together. He develops concern and care for her.
Though she is aware of their different lifespans, she falls in love with him. Lawrence, though, never mentions his feelings for her, but demonstrates them through his actions.

Kurenai no Gakushi & Shiro no Kenshi

Maoyū Maō Yūsha

Kurenai no Gakushi is the Demon Queen living in a village, disguised as a scholar. Shiro no Kenshi (or Yūsha) pledges to slay the Demon Queen and end the war between humans and demons.
But, she convinces Yūsha the importance of war and explains the adversities that might occur if the war ends. The hero stands by her side. He also saves her and promises to be with her.

Chitoge Kirisaki & Raku Ichijou


Raku and Chitoge are together to avoid the gang war between their families. However, Raku wears a locket, which is symbolic of his childhood love. He wishes to meet the girl who has the key to open the locket. Initially, he does get along well with Chitoge.
But, gradually he starts to know and like her. Chitoge realizes he is her childhood love when she finds out that she has the key to his locket. This changes her behavior towards him. However, Raku is yet to figure out his emotions for her.

Ran Mouri & Shinichi Kudo

Meitantei Conan

Shinchi suffers from side effects of drugs and, thus, has shrunk. He is secretly working as a detective. Ran is a black belt in karate, a regional championb and excels in household work. Shinichi and Ran are childhood friends and love each other. However, they never confess their love for one other because of the unfavorable conditions.

The Cute Ones

Rikka Takanashi & Yūta Togashi

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

Both Yūta and Rikka have delusions. Rikka starts having delusions when she witnesses Yūta deluding. They develop a connection and fall in love with each other. But Rikka's delusions do not allow their relation to grow.

Kōko Kaga & Banri Tada

Gōruden Taimu

Banri and Kōko are law students and classmates. Banri while waiting on the bridge for the girl he loved falls off. He forgets everything after his accident. Kōko is in love with her friend Mitsuo.
Mitsuo later explains to her that he does not feel the same for her. Later, she and Banri become friends and start admiring each other's company. They eventually end up together.

Yukina Himeragi & Kojou Akatsuki

Sutoraiku za Buraddo

Kojou is a vampire and Yukina is sent to keep a watch on him. She has been instructed to kill him if he possesses any kind of threat. While following him, she falls in love with him and also becomes his consort. Later, they are blessed with a girl.

Hiyori Iki & Yato


Yato is the God of Calamity, and Hiyori is a normal school-going girl. She rescues him from the situation created by Yukine, Yato's demon. During the action, her body leaves the soul. 
She prays to Yato to make her normal. During the process, she develops affection for Yato and claims never to forget him. But after becoming normal, she forgets Yato and feels very lonely. But when she gets the smell reminding her of Yato, she feels sad for the loss of her memory.

The Married Couples

Sango & Miroku


Miroku is a lecherous monk. Gradually, he develops affection for Sango while they are on the quest to destroy half-demon Naraku. At the earlier stage, Miroku gets slapped by Sango whenever he flirts with her.
But, later she accepts his proposal for marriage on a condition that he will stop flirting with other women. After destroying Naraku, they get married and have a family.

Nagisa Furukawa & Tomoya Okazaki


Tomoya is a delinquent, and Nagisa is a girl with low self-esteem. But both are loyal and possess a caring nature. While helping her to join back in the drama club, they fall in love. They get married after graduation. 
The future is revealed to him wherein Nagisa and her daughter will die through an illusion. Tomoya is able to turn back the time during which he finds Nagisa in labor. He takes care of her and his daughter, and they both survive.

Kagome Higurashi & Inuyasha


Kagome is a reincarnation of Inuyasha's love, priestess Kikyo. Inuyasha is a demon who is tied to the tree for fifty years for an unknown reason. Kagome is swallowed by a demon and sent into the past. Inuyasha tries to steal the Shikon jewel, which breaks into shards.
They both travel to find the pieces. Inuyasha falls in love with Kagome on their journey. After completing the quest, Kagome returns to her present. She completes her education and returns back to Inuyasha in the past, following which they tie the knot.

Videl Satan & Gohan

Dragon Ball Z

Videl is trained by her father in martial arts. She uses her skills to fight crime in the city. In the costume of Saiyaman, Gohan fights crime. She recognizes him and learns the technique of flying from him. Later, they both marry and get blessed with a daughter, who they name Pan.

Mizuo Kazami & Kei Kusanagi

Onegai Tīchā

Kei is a student, and Mizuo is an alien who has landed to survey Earth. But while getting down, Kei sees her. Mizuo joins Kei's school as a teacher. Upon getting caught by his uncle and principal, his uncle reveals that they were previously married. Later, they marry legally, but without any ceremony.