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How to Choose Duet Acting Scripts?

Rujuta Borkar
If you're looking for some duet acting scripts for a school play or the annual day, then read and take note of some of the best duet acting script ideas from here.
There's nothing that dampens the spirit and enthusiasm more, than sitting at a child's annual day function and having to witness the same monologue over and over again by 5 different kids in pairs.
Every second pair chooses the same script and then goes on to put it forth. Unfortunately though, the audience cannot maintain the same enthusiasm till the end of the function. The reason why this happens is pretty clear - The script is so popular, that they don't think of any other choice for a duet acting script.
So even though the kids might be talented, it gets overshadowed because of the choice of the duet acting scenes that they choose to portray.
Let's take the question of auditions now, since duet acting scripts are a popular choice to make when it comes to giving auditions, people end up choosing the same type of acting scripts either funny or dramatic, from popular plays or movies over and over again.
To avoid this problem, let's try and understand the basis of choosing a script. Then we'll follow it up with some simple ways in which to get some of the most perfect acting scripts that are right for your partner and you.

Comedy Scripts

There is no need to sell the idea of a good script in the performing arts. Especially if it's a pair performing a scene - the script really does say it all. More so in the case of humorous scripts because humor is much more difficult to portray than any other emotion. That's the reason why, finding good acting scripts takes prime importance.

Know Your Partner

Before you start the exercise of finding the perfect duet acting scenes, it is important that you know who your partner is, what his style of working is and related things like that. If you know this, you will have a clear idea about the kind of script you are looking for.
If you've acted together before, then you'll be well aware of your individual styles as well as how you work together. But if you haven't, it would do you good to get to know the person a little. Start by discussing the projects he has done before so that you'll get a clearer idea of the task ahead of you.
Sometimes, you might have to give up on a script because the kind of acting skills that are expected for that script might not be possible either for your partner or you. That is why choosing the right kind of partner is important.

Know Your Script

This is not always possible but it helps if you have some idea of what you are looking for. For example - some might not want to foray into slapstick at all; others might want a script that has less dialogs and has more action oriented duet acting scenes. Keeping all this in mind, looking for the script that is close to perfect becomes easier.

Sift, Sift, Sift!

Here's the tough part. You'll be tempted to get on the net and download a script that is listed there, and that might work too, but there is also no denying that others might do the same and you'll will end up mimicking a sizable number of hopefuls again. The solution to this problem? Do it the hard way.
Find the literature books at your school or local library, then armed with a flask of tea (or whatever takes your fancy) start sifting through the books of plays and dramas. It'll take time, but you will find several instances and examples of good duet acting scripts for both, two males and two females. Put these aside.

Find and Choose

Now take the scripts that you had put aside and start looking through them more closely. Discard the ones that you feel are not suited for the two of you depending on the difficulty of dialogs or an element of slapstick.
Here's an acting tip - always choose a script that is less known because that will have more impact, than a script that is performed quite often.

Author's Lane

Here's another way that you can approach this. After you spend sometime looking and shortlisting certain scripts, you'll find that there are some authors and writers whose style appeals to you. So take it a notch further and exclusively look through more plays by them. These will yield better results.

Write Your Own

This is probably not an option for many out there, but some of you might still want to try it out. There may be times when you find that try as you may, you just can't find the script that you are looking for. So? Write your own. I know it's not as easy as it sounds, but here's your chance to try.
Have a sit with your acting partner and sketch out some of the ideas that you want to incorporate into the script then start writing. You could even take the help of a fellow classmate or someone who writes scripts for the school. What more does one want?

Tips for Writing Scripts

Not everyone can take to writing scripts just like that, we know. But that does not mean that one cannot experiment. One of the simplest things to do is to observe people around you and the way in which they interact with each other.
For example, if you're taking the elevator to your floor and two people enter, notice what they talk, how they say it and then formulate a script on real life incidents like these. As you get adept at this, you will begin to make notes of these encounters.
You will also become quite the expert at filling in the details of the conversation that takes place between the two people instead of depending exactly on what they said. You can also tweak the details of that conversation and change the characters to suit your needs.
Always remember that the characters need to be very interesting, because that is what will make your script more appealing.
Great duet acting scripts that help you showcase your talent is what you should be looking to find. They may have come from old tattered English plays of yore, or they might be the product of your cursive writings, as far as those scripts bag you guys the coveted role, their origin really does not matter. Let the search begin.