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62 Cities With The Most Weird Names

Payal Kanjwani
"What place do you come from?" "Uncertain." "Nope, I meant, where do you stay?" "UNCERTAIN!" Imagine the situation of those who were born or had to stay in cities with such weird names. Here are some of the most hilarious, most unusual city names.

City Names That Make You Hungry!

  • Sandwich, Massachusetts
  • Sugar City, Idaho, US
  • Tea, South Dakota, US
Some town names make you feel as if they ran short of alphabets in the English language, while some names like Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch make you wish it was better if it had no alphabet.
Some names are so random, you feel they've been founded by lazy toddlers. To conclude it all, the world is full of freaky names, and consider yourself lucky if you don't happen to be a part of any such city. Here's a list of such unusual names that are sure to instill feelings of astonishment or embarrassment to its inhabitants, and for now, to the reader.
Accident: It is a town in Maryland, United States. The book Labels for Locals by Paul Dickson, the inhabitants of this city are called "Accidental".
Båstad: This town in Scania, Sweden has 4961 inhabitants (according to 2010 census) to mention this weird name in their interviews.
Batman: Do you believe it, the mayor of this Turkish city threatened Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros for using its name in their movies. So, the city came before the movie?
Bird-in-Hand: Unfortunately we are not sure about its etymology but this town in Pennsylvania, USA gets its economy from tourism (bird-in-hand logic?)
Bitche: Oops, a town in France.
Boring: This place near Portland, Oregon, got its name from one of its early settlers, William H. Boring. The amazing thing is, the people of this town cherish the uniqueness in its name and celebrate August 9 as Boring & Dull Day!
Climax: This one got its name for a reason―it's located at the highest point of the railroad that spans from Savannah, Georgia to the Chattahoochee River.
Cockburn Town: It is the capital city of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Come By Chance: This is a locality in New South Wales, Australia, and supposedly, it was named by two farmers who surprisingly could purchase a farm in this locality.
Dildo: Chillax, it's a town on the island of Newfoundland, Canada. The origin or its name is obscure.
Dull: This is a sibling of Boring, Oregon, located in the county of Perth and Kinross in Scotland.
Eek: This city has population in the same ratio―296 (2010 census). This Alaskan city's name is derived from an Eskimo word that means 'two eyes'.

Eureka: Eureka is a city in California. Don't be surprised if the patent of wealthier inhabitants comes out to be, "Eureka, I'm rich!"
Embarrass: A place in Minnesota, United States. Another French derivation that lost its meaning in translation. It tends to mean a place that hinders with obstacles.
Fingringhoe: This one has a high frequency of being named in most unusual names of places. It is a village and civil parish in Essex, England.

Gogogogo: Don't go, wait! This is a town from Madagascar, which had a population of around 1000 inhabitants in 2001. Now, you can go.
half.com: This town is in Baker County, Oregon, United States.

Hell: It's an unincorporated community in Michigan, U.S. One theory says, the name was proposed by the early explorers owing to its hell-like conditions (wetlands, forest cover, etc.).
Hospital: A town in east County Limerick, Ireland, but we aren't sure if they have hospitals around.

Humpty Doo: This town is 40km from Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. It's origin is maybe related to the lad who kept falling all our kindergarten days.
Hot Coffee: A theory relates it to being associated with the signature beverage of an inn in Mississippi. This name leans toward being refreshing than unusual.
Intercourse: It is a town in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania, quite popular for its tremendously 'Oops' name.

Kill: Fret not, they are not gonna kill you if you visit it. It's a village in County Kildare, Ireland.
Kilkenny: It is a city located in south-east part of Ireland. They killed Kenny!
Little Rock: Contradictory to its name, it is the capital and largest city in Arkansas.
Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch: This 58-character long city is situated in Wales. It's the longest name for any city or town in Europe.
Medicine Hat: This is a city in Alberta, Canada. There are several legends behind its etymology; one being associated with the 'Medicine Man's headdress'.
Miass: This is a city in Russia.

Middelfart: Hilarious! Imagine someone say, I'm from 'Middelfart'. It's a town in Denmark.
Moneymore: It's a place for spendthrifts in Northern Ireland.
Mooloolah: It is a small town on the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Queensland, Australia.
Moose Jaw: You might have started imagining enormous antlers and jaw. Well, that isn't the logo for this city. It's situated in Saskatchewan, Canada.
Monkey's Eyebrow: This one's my favorite. "Where have you reached?" "I'm halfway through Monkey's Eyebrow." OK, on a serious note, it's a unincorporated community in Kentucky but we felt the need to mention it in our list. And oh, they used to have an Old Monkey and a New Monkey.
Nice: It's a beautiful city in France. The city is named 'Nice la Belle', meaning 'Nice the Beautiful'. The inhabitants are Nice people you see. Don't wanna span this by feeding 'nice', but it sure felt nice to talk about Nice.
Nothing: The ghost town from Arizona, literally has nothing to talk about.

No Name: Apparently, people of the city weren't in their creative moods to find a name that attracts residents and tourists. They eventually gave up and named it as No Name! It's in Colorado.
No Place: It is actually a place in County Durham, England. The drafts for this town's naming involves North Place, Nigh Place, Near Place.
Needmore: Needmore is a community in the U.S. in the state of Indiana. We figure out the name to be suggested by a resident who said the town "needed more of food."

Once Brewed: Once Brewed/Twice Brewed is located in Northumberland, England. Don't hesitate to answer if people there ask you, "How do you like your coffee?"
Oatmeal: Oatmeal is a community in the state of Texas. They have a water tower that appears like a box of oatmeal.

Piscataway: It's a township in New Jersey.
Pity Me: This village is in Durham, England. When finding its origin, we got this data: The Oxford Dictionary of British Place Names guesses it to be "a whimsical name bestowed in the 19th century on a place considered desolate, exposed, or difficult to cultivate."
Rottenegg: It's a town in Upper Austria.

Sexbierum: This concatenation-of-three-strings city is in the central north of the Netherlands. Seems, we have three frailties at a place!

Slaughterville: This butcher-named place is in Oklahoma, named after James Slaughter's grocery store.
Sweet Lips: This fascinating place is in state of Tennessee, U.S. Settlers asset the name to be derived from its creek whose waters render a "sweet taste on the lips."

Taylors Mistake:
It's a place in New Zealand popularly known for dual placenames.
Te Puke: This New Zealand town is specially known for kiwifruit cultivation. Darn! There's no reason to associate it with puke!

Two Egg: Two Egg is a community in Florida. Rumor has it that it's got the name from a town's general store, where two kids would often trade 'two eggs' for a sugar package.
Truth or Consequences: It's a spa city in New Mexico. Formerly named Hot Springs, it changed its name for promoting a radio show with the same name.

Ugley: It's a town in Essex, England.
Unalaska: It's a city in the U.S. state of Alaska. Named as if they feel dysphoric belonging to Alaska.

Uncertain: This is a city in the U.S. state of Texas.
Wagga Wagga: This is the largest inland city in New South Wales, Australia.

Walla Walla:
It's a popular city in Washington, U.S.
Waterloo, New South Wales: A suburb in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. We smelled it is quite famous in city names 'cause we have one each in Belgium, New Zealand, Canada, Antarctica, and so on.. and we aren't intending toilet humor here.

Weed: This city is located in California, U.S. We bet, the inhabitants are in a state of elevation most of the time.
Woolloomooloo: It's an harbor city in Sydney, Australia. We didn't get into the Aboriginal culture to know their history, 'cause we were busy counting on the Os in Woolloomooloo.
Worms: Sounds creepy, right? It's in Germany.
Why: What when someone says, "Let's move to Why." The only response that can be thought of is, Why?? It's a town in Arizona.
Whynot: So, the response to your earlier 'Why' is "Whynot"! It is situated in North Carolina, United States.
Zzyzx: Former names Camp Soda and Soda Springs were changed to Zzyzx by Curtis Howe Springer who claims it to be the last word of the English language. It's located in California, U.S.
Disclaimer: The information given here in no way means to offend any of the residents of these places, or for that matter, anyone in general.