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Know How to Get Your Child into Modeling

Child modeling has become a highly sought-after and lucrative business. Here are a few pointers for getting yours into the business.
Rita Putatunda
Do people always tell you how attractive your kid is? Perhaps, a career as a child model could be just the thing for him or her.
Children these days are earning in millions appearing in commercials that can be seen on TV, film, fashion shows, billboards, and print, endorsing a vast array of products, right from trendy outfits to toys and diapers, to footwear.
Whether GAP, Gerber, Huggies, or Pampers, these professionals are in high demand by a whole gamut of businesses dealing with children's products. However, it is important to keep in mind that the child modeling business is as tough as any other.
It usually requires a fair amount of tenacity to make that first break into this business. It does help if your kid has a playful and outgoing disposition, which will help him to find long-lasting success. However, it could even mean just a couple of ads in the print media and perhaps, a few fashion shows, and nothing more than that.
Hence, it is important to keep your expectations realistic and understand that this business can be the most fickle of all. Here are some of the things you can do if you want to get your child into this business:

Start Locally

One of the best ways to start with it is to get jobs at local boutiques and stores. They usually need models for the advertisements they put out on TV commercials and print ads and sometimes, even to appear on fashion shows.
This will be a good way to get your kid used to what is required, giving him the exposure and experience. You can find out about the businesses that use such models by flipping through local publications. Once you find a few, make an appointment with them, and take your kid's photographs and even his resume if he has had some previous experience.

Enrolling in Modeling Classes

Professional children's modeling agencies usually provide training, hence enrolling your kid in classes may not always be necessary. However, enrollment in a good class can be a good way for him to learn the basic techniques while also familiarizing both yourself and your child about how to get into the business.

Check Out Modeling Agencies

A good way is to submit photographs of your kid to agencies, in the hope of being called for an interview. You need not spend a fortune to get him photographed by a professional in order to do this. Just send a few good snapshots, along with a resume if he has done any previous work, and your contact number.
However, you need to keep in mind that this doesn't always work because agencies are usually inundated with such photographs each day. But, there are chances of it paying off, so why not give it a shot?

Enter Beauty Pageants

Taking part in beauty pageants can be the threshold for bigger things. It can be a great way for networking and getting to know about opportunities.
One of the best things about taking part in such pageants is the invaluable exposure your child gets, which will get him comfortable about appearing before crowds. Also, many pageants even offer scholarships.

Take Part in Photo Contests

Another great way of breaking into the business is entering photo contests. All you need to do is send your kid's picture in any photo contest that is advertised.
The photos are often published. Sometimes, the photographs are also sent to agents by these contests. Entering national photo contests will provide the widest exposure and hence, is the best for your child.
But, local contests sometimes provide tear sheets that can be added to his portfolio, and these can result in more work in the print media, and often even commercials and runway appearance.

Get Your Kid into Fashion Shows and Expos

Fashion shows and expos are another way of getting him in front of an audience, and often also agents and other people in search of models. Again, the best way to boost your kid's career is to get the widest exposure possible.
When you find out about an expo, get in touch with the fashion coordinator and tell them that your kid is a model who would like to take part in the show. Sometimes, local shows require payment, although this is not always the case.
Whatever may be the case, taking part in such shows will give him just the kind of exposure he needs, plus you can also get the photographs of your kid in action, which you can add to his portfolio.
Remember, there are dishonest people in all industries, including the modeling industry. Hence, taking care of your child's welfare should be your topmost priority. Beware of scammers by conducting a thorough research before calling an agent or allowing anybody to take his pictures.
Also, keep in mind not to pressurize your child into doing anything he simply doesn't want to do. While some of them enjoy this work, others just do not. And sometimes, the kid may not be cut out for it and hence, not find the kind of success you may be hoping for. So, keep it light and let your kid have fun.