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Childhood of Robin Williams

Kashmira Lad
Known for his power-packed performances, Robin Williams wowed the audiences through a variety of roles. Here's a look at his childhood, and how he scaled up the ladder in the field of entertainment.
Robin Williams was an actor of great repertoire, who stole the hearts of many with his sheer acting ability. This mind-blowing actor was the recipient of many prestigious awards. With a number of Hollywood hits to his credit, he was best known for his portrayal of the very humorous role as 'Mrs. Doubtfire'.
Apart from acting, Robin Williams spent a lot of time working for charity organizations, helping them raise funds. His first brush with acting began with his childhood days.
Robin Williams was born in Chicago, Illinois, on 21st July, 1951. He was the son of Robert Fitzgerald Williams and Laura McLaurim. His father worked as a senior executive at Ford, whereas his mother was a model. He was known as a quiet child during his early childhood days.
Although he loved to enact humorous scenes infront of others, his rather dramatic performances created a better impression upon onlookers. This side of his personality was revealed only when Williams shed all his initial inhibitions and joined the high school drama department.
He was brought up in Bloomfield Hills, Marin County, and Michigan. While Robin spent his days in Michigan, he attended the Detroit Country Day School. This was also the time when he befriended Christopher Reeve. This duo then remained to be the only students who were selected for the freshman class for the advanced program at school in 1973.
In 1973, Robin Williams was accepted into the freshman class at Julliard.
He had two stepbrothers but was raised alone during his childhood days. His parents worked during the day, and this left him in the company of the maid.
Comedy remained to be Robin's forte since his childhood days. He later expressed to the media about using comedy to be able to connect with his mother in his childhood days.
Yet another of his talent as a kid was his impressive ability to pick up various dialects. He picked up various languages with great ease, much to the delight of all his teachers.

Robin's Journey as an Actor

He first appeared in 'The Richard Pryor Show' on NBC. This was followed by a guest role in the television series, 'Happy Days'. It was only during the 1970s when Williams made a mark as a standup comedian. His comedy series aired on HBO won the hearts of audiences worldwide.
As a film actor, Robin Williams tasted success with the film 'Good Morning Vietnam' in 1987. This movie earned him a nomination for an Academy Award. Apart from this movie, he established himself as a fine actor with hits such as 'Good Will Hunting', 'Dead Poets Society', 'The Fisher King', 'Awakenings', 'Mrs. Doubtfire', etc.
In 1997, he won an Academy Award for 'Goodwill Hunting' for the category of 'Best Supporting Actor'. He bagged his first Grammy award in the year 1980 for the comedy, 'Reality, What a Concept'. He had been nominated and won several accolades since then.
Robin Williams also established himself as a powerful voice actor. He used his voice and skills of voice modulation for various animated characters such as 'Genie' from 'Aladdin'. He was also signed the movies, 'Fern Gully', 'Artificial Intelligence: AI', 'Robots' and 'Happy Feet'.

Robin Williams thus proved himself as one of the best actors and comedians.