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10 Celebrities with Amazing Hidden Talents

Shashank Nakate
There are many celebrities in the world of showbiz who are multi-talented. Their talents and skills act as a means for them to express, unwind, or just survive in this competitive world. Let's find about celebrities who possess some amazing talent.
In her school days at Campbell High School in Smyrna, Julia Roberts used to play the clarinet, and was even a member of a band.
Celebrities are known for the glamorous lifestyle that they lead. However, more than this, it is their work and skills which drive and keep them going in their respective professional world. There are many celebrities who possess some really amazing skills which most of us are not aware of.
For example, Pierce Brosnan is a fire-eater. He has performed in a circus for 3 years. Leslie Mann can ride a unicycle, and Halle Berry plays the flute.
We take great interest in the lives of celebrities. In fact, we gorge on every bit of information and love to discuss the minutest piece of details related to them. So, for all those who are interested, here are a few interesting facts and details about talents possessed by celebrities.

Justin Bieber (Canadian Singer, Pop Musician, Actor, Songwriter)

Hidden Talent: Rubik's Cube Champion
Solving the Rubik's Cube is a difficult exercise for many of us, however, not so for Justin Bieber. He has got this ability to solve the Rubik's cube in less than 2 minutes.
He was once able to solve the cube in just 1 minute and 23 seconds. Well, that is quite an achievement! Justin Bieber exhibited this talent of his when he appeared on a talk show.

Jennifer Garner (American Actress, Film Producer)

Hidden Talent: Saxophonist
Jennifer Garner used to play the saxophone when she was in high school.
She had once tried to impress a boy with her saxophone-playing skills on Valentine's Day. The boy's mother was not amused, and asked her not to disturb them with all the noise made by the saxophone.

Danica McKellar (American Actress)

Hidden Talent: Math Whiz
Acting and math are things that don't go with each other. However, Danica McKellar is one such actress who has been a math whiz from her school days.
Unlike most of us who are scared of the very word 'math', Danica absolutely enjoyed learning mathematics at school. She began her acting career while she was still a school kid.
The author of the book Math Doesn't Suck: How to Survive Middle-School Math Without Losing Your Mind or Breaking a Nail, Danica appeals to middle-school students and especially girls to take interest in studying math.

Neil Patrick Harris (American Actor, Singer, Director, Producer)

Hidden Talent: Magician
We all know Neil Patrick Harris from How I Met Your Mother. But did you known this guy is also an awesome magician.
Performing magic tricks has been his hobby for quite a long time. He has performed in many shows, and is considered as one of the best in the business. He has also performed at the Magic Castle nightclub. Neil Patrick Harris also heads the 'Academy of Magical Arts'.

Leslie Mann (American Actress)

Hidden Talent: Unicyclist
Comedy Queen Leslie Mann is known for her roles in movies and TV shows. But did you know that she can ride a unicycle.
Leslie received a unicycle for Christmas when she was 10 years old. She has learned many different tricks that can be performed on a unicycle. Leslie Mann had made an appearance at the Ellen Degeneres show, where she displayed this amazing talent of hers.

Kristen Stewart (American Actress)

Hidden Talent: Juggler
The famous Kristen Stewart exhibited her juggling skills when she appeared on the 'Lopez Tonight' show.
However, it took a while for her to juggle the 3 little balls smoothly. Stewart admitted she had learned juggling long back, and wished to improve. Her co-star from Twilight, Robert Pattinson encouraged to brush-up her juggling skills. Kristen had made an appearance on the show to promote her movie Twilight.

Geena Davis (American Actress)

Hidden Talent: Archer
Geena Davis, the Academy Award-winning actress for her role in the movie The Accidental Tourist (1988) is also a professional archer.
Justin Huish's gold medal-winning performance at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics inspired Davis to take up archery seriously. She practiced five hours a day to fulfill her dream of participating in the Sydney Olympics. Although she tried her best to qualify for the semi-finals, she did not attain success.

Halle Berry (American Actress, Former Fashion Model)

Hidden Talent: Flutist
Halle Berry used to play the flute in her school days. She learned to play the flute while she was studying at the Bedford High School in Cleveland. According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Music Merchants, Halle Berry was placed first in the list of America's Favorite Unexpected Musicians.

Steve Martin (American Actor, Comedian, Musician, Author, Playwright, Producer)

Hidden Talent: Banjo Player
Steve Martin started playing the banjo at the age of 17. In fact, in 2010, he created the Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass. Martin did this to promote bluegrass performers.
The multi-talented actor, in his early days in showbiz, used to play the banjo, perform magic tricks, and also do a bit of juggling.

Pierce Brosnan (Irish Actor, Film Producer, Environmentalist)

Hidden Talent: Fire-eater
Pierce Brosnan learned the trick of fire-eating at the age of 16, at an acting workshop.
Brosnan was hired by a circus company for a period of 3 years. Brosnan gave fire eating performances for television shows like Remington Steele and The Muppet Show.
The celebrities listed in this story are amongst the finest actors and performers in the world. It is not just the celebrity status which led them to greatness, in fact, skills and talent possessed by these people are the basic ingredients which make them great personalities.