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Catchy Campaign Slogans

Shashank Nakate
Here we have included campaign slogans which could prove to be useful for readers. The slogans used for presidential campaigns, schools, etc. are also included.
The campaign slogans are meant to publicize or in today's world, 'market' the views of a candidate contesting an election. Slogans are used to make people aware of the candidate's basic ideology and views about the need to contest elections. Slogans allow candidates to express their ideas and thoughts with respect to the change they wish to bring about.
Slogans listed here present an idea of how leaders think and also the way they handle their election campaign. Different leaders have different ways of addressing and motivating the masses. Each leader has a unique style that is reflected to through slogans.
Ideally, a slogan should capture the essence of what a leader has to express; Words that form a slogan exude a force that captivates and motivates the masses to follow a certain goal. It is said that words used in slogans should stick into the mind of listeners just like glue. The slogans should touch the heart of listeners and relate to their lives.

Interesting Campaign Slogans and Ideas

Ideas about such slogans could be obtained through information contained here. Here we have included inspiring as well as funny slogans. Some of the slogans typically used for campaigns are enlisted. Few of these slogans listed here may sound to be clich├ęd however, the thought behind them has stood the test of time.
  • "New leader. New vision. New direction."
  • "Time for change."
  • "Secure your future."
  • "Be the change."
  • "Vote for tomorrow."
  • "I win, you win."
  • "Citizen, not politician."
These catchy slogans could be used alike in political campaigns and college elections due to the generic and wide appeal they incorporate. Creating slogans that are based on existing conditions would add much more meaning and thought to them.
Slogans used by Barack Obama were relevant to the socio-economic condition of USA and exhibited his knowledge about the crisis faced by this country. The campaign slogan ideas used by Mr. Obama were thus, the product of time. The core principles or ideas used for college election slogans need not be any different from these.
Although leaders are known by their work and deeds, slogans do the job of reflecting those deeds. The slogans which exhibit concerns associated with solving localized problems prove to be highly effective. This is because slogans give the public a ray of hope to come out of a crisis or difficulties by following a particular brand of leadership.
If the cause for which a persons fights is strong enough, he/she becomes capable of creating an inspiring and thought-provoking list of slogans.

Campaign Slogans by Famous Leaders

Here are few inspiring slogans by famous leaders of the world. Slogans and catchy phrases play an important role for breathing life into a campaign. Let us have a look at some of the interesting slogans.
  • "It's morning again in America." - Ronald Reagan
  • "Patriotism, protection and prosperity." - William McKinley
  • "Yes we can!" - Barack Obama
  • "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow" - Bill Clinton
  • "Government of, by, and for the people... not the monied interests." - Ralph Nader
  • "A leader, for a change." - Jimmy Carter
  • "Real plans for real people." - George W. Bush
  • "Building a bridge to the 21st century." - Bill Clinton
  • "Putting people first." - Bill Clinton

Funny Campaign Slogans

The presidential campaign slogans and those which could be used in any form of election are presented here. Now, here are few of the slogans which add fun to the college/school elections.
  • "Pardon me. Can you spare a vote? "Name"."
  • Make someone happy. Vote for "Name".
  • "He's not popular and he's not handsome. So he has time for student government. "Name"."
  • "Just do it. Vote for "Name"."
  • "Thank "Name" It's Friday."
  • "Vote for "Name". We've all done something stupid."
  • "Making the world better since "Birth Year". "Name"."
The ideas for slogans, need to exhibit concerns of leaders pertaining to problems of their 'subjects'. To make the election campaign enjoyable, school children could resort to funny campaign slogans. There are many ways to create slogans and make the campaign a success. Ideas and slogans presented here should therefore prove to be useful to the readers.