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Best Werewolf Movies

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Looking for some interesting howlers and fur ball movies that scare you out of your wits? The movies listed in the following story will give you a dose of frightening visual experiences of the wolf-man.
Although, we are scared out of our wits after looking at some of the best horror movies, we always find ourselves coming back for more screams and bloody entertainment. There are different genres of the horror movies, of which Draculas, vampires, and werewolves are front runners of the gut-wrenching game. Let us have a look at some of the best werewolf movies in the following paragraphs.

Top 10 Werewolf Movies

10. Silver Bullet (1985)
Loosely based on the storyline of a book by Stephen King Cycle of the Werewolf, this was a story about a man who struggles with his curse as a werewolf. The protagonist was a good man who was cursed to live a life of a werewolf. He tries to control himself and his urges to go on a rampage with his killing spree.
9. Dog Soldiers (2002)
Dog Soldiers is about a special forces unit that vanishes in the Scottish highlands. When another group of soldiers go ahead to find them, they encounter the unthinkable. An entire family of werewolves that attack these soldiers on the rescue mission. This is one intense horror movie that you should not miss. Find some spine chilling horror movies that have scared the audience out of their seats.
8. Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001)
This movie is set in 18th century France. People are being terrorized by a beast much larger than your average wolf. A knight arrives in town to capture the beast and discover the truth behind the fable of the werewolf.
7. The Wolf Man (1941)
This movie is based on an old classic tale of the beast. It is a story about the protagonist who tries to rescue his girlfriend, killing a suspecting wolf. He is bitten by the wolf during this encounter and this transfers the curse of werewolf onto him. Soon he tries to overcome his curse, but is killed by his father instead who is not aware that beneath the body of the beast lies his own son.
6. Wolf (1994)
Wolf is about the protagonist who is bitten by a wolf when he is driving home. Soon, his personal and professional life takes a backseat. In his frustration, he begins to show characteristics of a wolf. He inadvertently bites his competitor who too turns into a werewolf. What happens next is interesting to watch.
5. Wolfen (1981)
This is one of the best movies that is about bizarre murders that seem like animal attacks. A NYPD detective sets out to uncover the mystery and learns about an old Indian legend about wolf spirits and shape shifters.
4. Ginger Snaps (2000)
Ginger Snaps, is a move that lets you on a gory whirlwind ride of werewolf transformation. This is about two sisters who were obsessed with death. This is a bloody movie that highlights originality as well as versatility on the subject of werewolves.
3. The Howling (1981)
Watch this movie for the special effects as well as the excellent scenes of transformation of man to beast. This is one of the best werewolf movies that has 6 sequels attached to it. Must watch for all werewolf fans.
2. Teen Wolf (1985)
Teen Wolf is a fantasy film about a 17-year-old kid who wants to be special. He finds himself turning into a werewolf and discovering his father too suffers from this 'condition'. Soon, he begins to use his powers and creates a balance between his normal self as well as the Wolf self.
1. An American Werewolf in London (1981)
This is the top grosser in the list of werewolf movies. It contains all the ingredients of comedy, romance, horror and the surprise factor that make a movie successful. It is about two boys who are attacked by a wolf. One of the boys is unfortunately killed and the other is doomed for life with the curse of werewolf.
These were some of the movies about claws and fangs. The movies keep the heart rate racing makes you jump at every howl from your neighbor's dog. Enjoy these movies with a bag of hot popcorn and chilled coke. I am sure these movies will send a chill down your spine.