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Best TV Shows of All Time

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Many critics voted for 'Seinfeld' as the best TV show of all time, but this is only from the comedy genre. However, there are many shows that have debuted before and after Seinfeld and have managed to gather universal acclaim from audiences and critics alike. Here we enlist some of those amazing shows.
For over 50 years, TV shows have captured our imaginations and got us hooked on to their stories. Their storylines have captured almost all genres of show business including drama, thriller, mystery, suspense, comedy, horror, terrorism and even music.
The most recent of them all are reality shows that involve people like you and me fighting for their life and winning over a million dollars.
These TV shows have churned out something for the whole family and catered to the needs of a wide range of audience. The following lines cover some of the best TV shows and help you reminisce the wonderful days of American TV history.

The Simpsons

This is one of the best TV shows that has won awards for best animated series, best sitcom, best family show, best comedy TV show, best drama series, the list is endless. This is one of the best shows to watch as it continues to entertain us in its third decade.

I Love Lucy

The classic sitcom had a female star and was an interesting and funny show to watch. The husband was an urban Latino who had a thick Cuban accent and played conga drums. This show went on to become the most popular TV shows of all time.


This was a show that trod on a thin line between comedy and drama. This military doctor drama series had the right doses of slapstick comedy and dark drama. This was one of the best TV shows to watch that proved to the world that drama can have a lighter feel and comedy is serious business.

Star Trek

This was one of the top TV shows of all time that had a path breaking storyline that was based on a galaxy far, far away. The intergalactic interactions, the pointed ears, the Klingon honor, the advanced technology, all made Star Trek of the best TV shows to watch. The sci-fi plot still hopes to go on boldly where no one has gone before.

The Sopranos

The Sopranos changed TV the way no one would have ever thought. This mafia saga was about a declining family business, a controlling mother, maddening wife and reckless kids.


The storyline of this most popular TV shows of all time was about friends who was there for each other. It was about the generation next people who had their share of failed marriages, kids, cross-dressing and plenty of problems to worry about. This show was about living like a family with friends. This is probably one of the best TV shows to watch.

TV Guide's Best TV Shows of All Time

TV's Guide came up with their list of 50 best shows of all time. Of these 50 best shows, we have enlisted 10 greatest shows that the audience never failed to watch. These TV shows in no particular order are as follows:
• Seinfeld- NBC, July 5, 1989-May 14, 1998
• The Mary Tyler Moore Show- CBS, September 19, 1970-March 19, 1977
• The Honeymooners- CBS, October 1, 1955-September 22, 1956
• All in the Family- CBS, January 12, 1971-April 8, 1979
• The Dick Van Dyke Show- CBS, October 3, 1961-June 1, 1966
• 60 Minutes- CBS, September 24, 1968-present
• Late Show with David Letterman- CBS, August 30, 1993-present
• Hill Street Blues- NBC, January 15, 1981-May 12, 1987
• The Andy Griffith Show- CBS, October 3, 1960-April 1, 1968
• Saturday Night Live- NBC, October 11, 1975-present

Best TV Shows Ever

The following table contains a list of best TV shows ever produced. Do find your favorite series in the following list. So, some of the best shows on television in no particular order are:
• ER
• Rock
• Lost
• Bones
• House
• Chuck
• Fringe
• Scrubs
• Heroes
• Spaced
• Castle
• Cheers
• Medium
• Dexter
• Numbrs
• Frasier
• Bonanza
• Charmed
• Futurama
• Gunsmoke
• The Wire
• Survivor
• Donahue
• Roseanne
• Full House Bewitched
• Smallville
• The Office
• Happy Days
• South Park
• CSI: Miami
• True Blood
• Nightline
• Twin Peaks
• Ugly Betty
• Family Guy
• Playhouse
• Big Brother
• Gossip Girl
• The X-Files
• Prison Break
• Breaking Bad
• Supernatural
• Wonder Years
• The Bachelor
• American Idol
• The Defenders
• The Fugitive
• Gilmore Girls
• The Mentalist
• St. Elsewhere
• The West Wing
• One Tree Hill
• The Cosby Show
Grey's Anatomy
• Criminal Minds
• Taxi (ABC/NBC)
 The Apprentice
• Pushing Daisies
• Ghost Whisperer
• Law & Order
• The Golden Girls
• Private Practice
• Sex and the City
• The Amazing Race
• The Twilight Zone
• Thirty Something
• An American Family
• The Rockford Files
• I Dream of Jeannie
• Two and a Half Men
• Your Show of Shows
• Sesame Street (PBS)
• The Big Bang Theory
• The Ed Sullivan Show
• Beverly Hills, 90210
• Legend of the Seeker
• Desperate Housewives
• Brothers & Sisters
• Rocky and His Friends
• Fresh Prince of Bel Air
• The Bob Newhart Show
• How I Met Your Mother
• The Carol Burnett Show
• The Oprah Winfrey Show
• The Larry Sanders Show
• Buffy the Vampire Slayer
• The Bold and the Beautiful
• Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In
• The Mary Tyler Moore Show
• Star Wars: The Clone Wars
• Star Trek: The Next Generation
• The Secret Life of the American Teenager
Networks have produced some of the best TV shows and will continue to do so. This was our list of the best TV shows ever. We may have missed out many more of the top TV shows of all time. But, We are sure you will have a few more names to add to this list.