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Best Sports Anime Series of All Time

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Sports anime series are thrilling, inspiring, and keep anime fans curious for the next drama. The list of sports anime series is endless. The stories of the best sports anime series will keep you engaged with their brilliant animations and full-on entertainment factor.

Ping Pong The Animation

Aired: 2014

MAL Rated: 8.64

Ranked: 64
'Ping Pong The Animation' is about two strong leads Peco & Smile. It shows the competitive atmosphere that exists in the world of table tennis. The leads find their way through this competitive world and even reach the stage of self-discovery.

Slam Dunk

Aired: 1990

MAL Rated: 8.54

Ranked: 91
This classic sports anime has every right to be featured on this list.

'Slam Dunk' is a basketball anime about Sakuragi Hanamichi who joins the basketball team at school to win his love’s heart and beat the popular Kaede Rukawa.

It was such a popular series that it improved the popularity of basketball in Japan.


Aired: 2014

MAL Rated: 8.64

Ranked: 59
If you are a true sports anime fan, then it would be impossible for you to not know about Haikyu!

The story is all about becoming Japan’s #1 volleyball team.

Hinata and Tobio are the key players of the team who have to beat all odds to test their skills and their friendship. This is one drama that will inspire you to take up volleyball for sure!


Aired: 2014

MAL Rated: 7.83

Ranked: 845
'Free!' is about Iwatobi Swim Club which does great in different competitions.

The team members need to make the right decision for their future. Will they be able to find the right path for themselves or give up on their dream? This is an interesting, a must-watch sports anime that depicts perseverance needed to make the dreams come true.

Air Gear

Aired: 2006

MAL Rated: 7.62

Ranked: 1328
Itsuki ‘Ikki’ Minami, a street fighter stumbles upon ‘Air Trek’, a futuristic version of roller skates.

The skates belong to Sleeping Forest, an Air Trek gang. With this discovery, Ikki’s life takes a sudden turn and he is propelled into the exciting world of Air Trek racing.

Big Windup!

Aired: 2007

MAL Rated: 8.04

Ranked: 524
This binge-worthy sports anime follows the story of Ren Mihashi and his team.

Ren is an annoying pitcher who keeps you hinged to this baseball sports anime. He is polished into a shining diamond by a selfish catcher Abe. Will the characters be able to achieve their dream of competing at the legendary Koushien Stadium or not? Worth a watch!

Eyeshield 21

Aired: 2005

MAL Rated: 8.03

Ranked: 533
This is one football team's journey to fame you don’t want to miss.

It is no ordinary football anime. It is a humorous, exciting, and intriguing football anime drama about Sena Kobayakawa who has to work with the eccentric and sadistic Captain Hiruma.

Hajime No Ippo

Aired: 2000

MAL Rated: 8.79

Ranked: 31
The gentle and quiet Ippo Makunouchi is frequently bullied in High School. He is saved by Takamura Mamoru, a boxer who brings him to the hard-hitting world of boxing.

Will the boy come of age and grow into a man with the grit and determination to become a boxer?

This is a popular sports series of all time which will definitely knock you out of your senses.
These are some of the best sports anime series of all time that are worth binge watching. The animation is spectacular, each and every human emotion is portrayed with perfection. Do watch these sports anime series and get motivated to give your best in whatever you do.