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10 Best Snowboarding Movies that are a Must Watch

Priyanka Athavale
Snowboarding is a dangerous yet awesome sport that is thrilling, chilling, and spectacular to watch. And as with any awesome concept, the movies are not far behind. This story lists the top 10 snowboarding movies that everyone must watch.

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The Name's Bond!
Snowboarding came into the limelight after the James Bond movie, 'A View To A Kill', showed Roger Moore escape Soviet agents using a snowboard. The board is actually a makeshift, an undamaged part of a blown-up snowmobile!
Snowboarding has become a popular sport in today's time. It is not easy to do, but is simply amazing to watch. The jumps, glides, flips, slides, all that adrenaline-pumping action gets anyone in the mood to get out and do something.

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It is a beautiful sport that requires a great deal of control and calculation; one little slip can cause someone their life. Then why do so many people do it? Because it is exciting, it is freeing, and it is non-judgmental.
And for those who don't know how to snowboard, there are the movies. These films are inspirational, motivating, and just go to prove that there will be failures and problems all throughout life, but nothing is impossible to achieve if you just put your heart into it. The following paragraphs list 10 of the best snowboarding movies of all time.

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These movies are fast, engaging, indulging in comedy, but memorable. These movies are really good, and everyone must watch them at some point of time. However, remember that this list has not been made in any order.

First Descent

Directed By - Kevin Harrison and Kemp Curly
Year of Release - 2005
Starring - Shawn Farmer, Nick Peralta, Shaun White, Terje Haakonsen, Hannah Teter
Packed with a superb star cast featuring real-life pro snowboarders, First Descent is a documentary that follows the five stars through a 12-day boarding adventure in the Alaskan mountains.

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It shows three generations of boarders, who indulge in some seriously amazing stunts on steep slopes and dangerous terrain. It follows their journey through the mountains, along with some candid moments with some of the pros, wherein they talk about what the sport means to them.
It is interspersed with some fantastic and well-shot scenes from many popular boarding events from all over the world. A really good movie to watch for everyone who loves the sport, and the legends who star in it.

Let It Ride

Directed By - Jacques Russo
Year of Release - 2007
Starring - Craig Kelly, Jake Burton, Keith Wallace, Tom Sims, Dan Donnely, Tex Devenport, Jason Ford
This popular award-winning movie is about two things: snowboarding and Craig Kelly. Craig Kelly was the legendary snowboarder, who changed snowboarding forever.
Earlier, it was looked down upon and not considered a real sport, but thanks to Kelly, today snowboarding is not just a fun pastime, but a respected sport. The movie is dedicated to this remarkable person whose unfortunate death in an avalanche left the world in a state of mourning.
It follows him from his early days on the board to winning many awards for his amazing skills. He was the first ever accredited mountain guide to ever use a board! He was known as the 'Godfather of Freeriding'. An inspiring and motivating documentary, it is.

The Ultimate Ride: Shaun White

Directed By - Erich Lyttle
Year of Release - 2008
Starring - Shaun White, Pat Moore, Heikki Sorsa, Zach Leach
This movie features two-time Olympic gold medal winner and world-famous snowboarder Shaun White, as he goes to Japan to explore the mountains. He wants to board where no one has dared to venture before.
He is also trying to get away from all the paparazzi and attention, to be able to focus solely on his passion. The end of the movie shows a very important boarding event coming up, about which White is very tense and uncertain.
The movie contains interviews given by White, where he talks about his fame, the perks, the drawbacks of being in the limelight at such a young age, and why he loves snowboarding so much.

That's It, That's All

Directed By - Curt Morgan
Year of Release - 2008
Starring - Travis Rice, Terje Haakonsen, Kyle Clancy, Brian Iguchi
This popular documentary is one of the greatest snowboarding flicks ever made. It follows the internationally acclaimed boarder Travis Rice and a team of his friends and associates on their journey in the snowboarding world.
It shows the challenges they face, the blocks that come their way, and how they strive to make it, coming up with newer developments in the sport, on the way. The movie is shot in many locales including Munich, New Zealand, Tokyo, and Valdez.
The filming is superb, the actions are breathtaking, and the stunts keep you on the edge of your seat. Watch this movie now if you still haven't.


Directed By - Rob Bruce, Steve Winter, Scott Gaffney, David Zieff, Murray Weis
Year of Release - 2008
Starring - Shane McConkey, Jim McConkey, Glenn McConkey, Sherry McConkey
The movie follows the life of legendary free skier and free-BASE jumper Shane McConkey right from his early days to becoming one of the most influential figures in the sport, to his tragic and untimely demise during a jumping accident.
Some of the greats of the sports industry, like JT Holmes and Travis Pastrana have also contributed to this film in the form of interviews. The movie also stars his parents, Jim and Glenn, and his wife Sherry. A touching and inspiring movie of the unforgettable hero of the skiing world.

Into The Mind

Directed By - Dave Mossop, Eric Crosland
Year of Release - 2013
Starring - Callum Pettit, J.P. Auclair, Kye Peterson
This movie really does stay on your mind. From the studios of Sherpa cinema, who gave the world the award-winning movie All.I.Can, comes the stunningly filmed 'Into The Mind'.
It is about a novice skier who dreams of and attempts to ski from slopes that may scare even the strongest of hearts. The scenes are so brilliantly shot that there are times when it looks almost unreal.
It is gripping, fast, and will keep you locked on to it throughout. The skiing is awesome, the graphics are breathtaking, and it is a movie that you really should not miss.

The Art of Flight

Directed By - Curt Morgan
Year of Release - 2011
Starring - Travis Rice
This movie is made by the same people who made That's It, That's All. Travis Rice and his friends have embarked on a journey to explore and board through mountains that have not been discovered yet.
It has some mind-blowing action and amazing locations. It has been shot in Canada, Chile, Wyoming, Alaska, Columbia, and Colorado. A visual treat for the viewer both ways, with the boarding stunts and the beautiful venues.


Directed By - Patrick Armbruster, Justin Hostynek
Year of Release - 2002
Starring - Some of the best snowboarders in the world!
Filming with 5 different camera crews at different locations all over the world, this short documentary follows 18 professional snowboarders to capture them in action.
The filming is superb, and the viewers are treated to stunts on the half pipe, a lot of freestyle boarding, and amazing descents from some ridiculously huge mountains. It is completely adrenaline-filled and will keep the viewers engaged throughout. Plus, it is another chance to see the greats in action; who wouldn't like that?


Directed By - Nick Waggoner
Year of Release - 2013
Starring - Billynaire Cruz
A creation of Sweetgrass Productions, this feature film follows one man who sets out to get back his freedom in life, and the carefree time that he enjoyed when he was younger. He runs off into the woods, and his journey from there onwards forms the crux of the story.
A very well-made movie with a strong plot and beautiful picturization. It follows the lead actor on his path towards attaining an understanding of life and the reason behind everything, eventually rediscovering himself on the way. Watch this movie not just for the excellent snowboarding, but also for the moving story.


Directed By - Todd Jones, Steve Jones
Year of Release - 2010
Starring - Jeremy Jones
This movie is the first in the Deeper, Further, Higher trilogy. It follows Jeremy Jones and other snowboarding pros over unexplored and dangerous terrain as they battle it out to do what they love.
This movie shows the entire cast brave the cold, the storms, the hikes, and the difficulties that they face along the way to achieve their goal. The viewer will get an up-close experience, making it seem like the movie is actually taking place in reality rather than on screen. A wonderful film to watch.
These were the 10 best snowboarding movies ever made. Do not miss them. As mentioned here, this list is just a compilation of 10 really awesome movies.