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10 Best Slice of Life Anime

Sai Kardile
When an Anime doesn't harbor any aspiration of becoming the greatest Ninja or doesn't nurse any grudge against anyone, he is most likely to sprout wings. Lol, not really. That means that the Anime has real dreams, understands relations, and is in good touch with its humor.
Slice of Life is a popular Anime genre that deals with vanilla concepts like romance, friendship, comedy, school, work, etc. They are very relatable and possess some semblance of reality.

Slice of Life Anime genre is based on perceptible likeness of reality. It is a genre that observes life and tries to reflect mundaneness. The ambiance of this genre is uncomplicated and leisurely slow, and this gives the viewers the time to loosen up with the characters.
Characters are fleshed out really well but are often portrayed as unremarkable (for reality strictly). What is good about the storyline and characters, to be more precise, is that they gravitate more toward the present moment and spares the viewers from complicated character build-ups and plot furtherance.
Slice of Life has two more likable elements - comedy and cuteness (twee girly things). Comedic interstices can really give you a good laugh, which also blends well with cute characters.
So, if you want to unwind and have some pleasant escapism from goriness and twisted stories, get yourselves seated on the bed with a bowl of your favorite ice-cream and watch any of the following best slice of life Anime.

1. Aria

Watching this slice of life Anime can be likened to basking in balmy sunlight on a serenaded gondola ride. The story is based in the city of Neo Venezia (imagine Venice set in 24th century) which affords idyllic beauty and pleasurable gondola rides. The show is sluggishly paced yet has a mellifluous flow to it.
The show revolves around the central character, Akari's learning experiences as a trainee gondolier. This show has an amazing feel-good element and teaches small lessons in relationships and social interaction that are relevant to real life.

2. Lucky Stars

You have experienced this phase in your life - when you twaddled about the most random things of the world for hours on the trot and yet showed no signs of boredom. Lucky Stars will refresh those memories.
Lucky Stars is about quotidian activities of four high school girls. Characters in this Anime are so associable - remember that rich and beautiful girl in your class or that friend of yours who would duck out of homework and play video games for hours?
You will meet them here again. Meaningless discourses and mundane high school life make Lucky Stars a funny and enjoyable slice of life Anime, even when things aren't remotely close to sensible.

3. Bunny Drop

How would you react if you found out that your dead grandpa has sired a 6-year old illegitimate child? Well, now such circumstances are a rarity in real life but for a 30-year old Daikichi, this is a reality. Bunny drop is a slice of life Anime that is heartwarming with perceptible hints of comedy.
What instantly draws you in, is the soft art style and the plot which gives its viewers many cute and sensible moments. This Anime is about selflessness, fears of being a single parent, and captures spontaneous moments between a confused yet altruistic Daikichi and the innocent Rin without being cloyingly sentimental or profane. A must-watch we say.

4. Hanasaku Iroha

It's usually the kids who fly the coop. But what if a mother just decides to skedaddle with her boyfriend to evade paying off her debts? We feel bad for the kiddo. But 16-year old Ohana Matsumae is one strong of a girl and though she has been left in the custody of her grandmother and has to slog her guts out for the hot spring inn,
she won't just give up like her mother. Hanasaku Iroha is a good story, though there are times when the story slightly veers off but it still has band of likable characters who offset the imbalance.
The animation is an outpouring of cuteness, right from the young to the old, every character is presented really well with individual foibles and usualness, and yes there is lot of romantic quandary to give you tender moments. We warrant you, you will thank us for bringing this on the list.

5. K-On!

It can't get more simple than this. You have this jumpy girl named Yui Hirasawa who impetuously signs up for a music club without any iota of musical talent. However, she finds herself in a group of aspiring girls who retain her in the group despite her lack of knowledge.
With the girls' cheerful personalities, girly interactions, their progress as a band while coping with their studies is all very relatable, and will make you feel good with its simple plot without any kind of conflict.

6. Maison Ikkoku

Godai is cerebrally challenged as he has failed his college entrance exams thrice. He is down on his uppers as a result of which is forced to move in the dilapidated boarding house that is larded with eccentric tenants. He instantly falls for the widow Kyoko Otonashi, who becomes the manager of the Ikkoku boarding house.
However, she has another suitor striving to get her attention, so our hero Godai has a competition. The strength of this Anime series lies in its main characters who are human to a fault.
It beautifully demonstrates the transition of adolescent infatuation to mature love. A romantic comedy, Maison Ikkoku has perfect ingredients of drama, comedy, and romance to make you fall in love with it.

7. Kids on the Slope

This Anime has bro-mance in it. It has three main characters, first- a nerdy Piano player, Kaoru Nishimi who becomes introverted from cumbersome family expectations (we all understand this). Second - Sentarō Kawabuchi, a Jazz lover with ruffian appearance and big heart.
Third - Ritsuko Mukae, a charming girl who has feelings for Sentaro but later finds herself attracted to Kaoru whose feelings she initially unrequited. Kids on the Slope has all elements of a good slice of life Anime - bonding, friendship, relaxing music, romance, and yes some unforgettable jamming sessions.

8. The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

We won't repeat the name again, so this Anime series is about this certain Kazunari Usa who moves into the Kawai complex as his parents are transferred (one lucky kid). Kawai Complex houses some peculiar characters (you don't even have to guess that) and the story revolves around Usa and the boarders of the complex. This Anime show is more like a sitcom,
it will give you slews of comedic moments which comes with the characters insane conversations. Animation is beautiful, we say, especially the rainbow-like color style. Romantic awkwardness seeps continually, which is very adorable; there are moments that are capable of inspiring strong emotions, there is wide spectrum of emotional exhibition.

9. Toradora!

This Anime has bonhomie characters and you will find yourselves rooting for all of them. We all have played match-makers for our friends and though it doesn't really behove us to do so we still do it. Okay, the story revolves around a thug-looking Ryuuji Takasu who secretly adores Minori Kushieda.
One fine day he runs into a feisty Taiga Aisaka, who has a crush on Ryuuji's good friend, Yusaku Kitamura, teenagers! After discovering soft spots of each other they decide to play match-makers. Tadora mixes the archetypal slice of life elements of comedy, romance, and drama but it will not bore you, surprisingly.
Character development is really good; you are taken to the characters past and background which laces the story with sensitive and endearing moments. Toradora is very relatable, all those who are teenagers or those who have been through that phase will feel strongly for this one.

10. One Week Friends

This story is analogous to 50 First Dates except that Drew Barrymore loses her memory every day and Kaori Fujimiya's memory gets erased every Monday morning. The plot is simple- Yūki Hase is charmed by the reticent Kaori and wants to be friends with her.
However, she refuses his friendly overtures due to her memory affliction. But Yūki won't budge, so she finally agrees to have lunch with him on the school roof. She then tells Yūki of her condition who finds it difficult to believe. But Kaori acts frigid on the following Monday and Yūki is pretty shocked.
The story is pretty sensitive and we are glad that it has been treated sensibly - with the color palette and animation style. Yūki's persistent efforts to stick in Kaori's memory and Kaori's inner conflict make One Week Friends, an endearing slice of life Anime.
The previous slice of life Anime selection will activate the emotional side of your brain with their strong characters and verisimilitudinous situations.
Whether with plot or plot-less, all the stories have something or the other to teach. So, the next time you feel a little low or out of your element, sit down with a bowl of popcorn, and watch any of the above slice of life Anime.